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    10 Tips To Boost Your Child's Immunity Naturally

    Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan 7 Mins Read

    Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan


    Written by Ashwin Dewan and published on 23 July 2021.

    Does your child fall sick too often? Is there a way to make her less vulnerable to illnesses? Thankfully yes! There are several ways to keep your child healthy and build her immunity. Read on.

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    10 Tips To Boost Your Child's Immunity Naturally
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    Do you wonder, when your child is sick, just how many times it is normal for your child to fall sick in a year? Well, the experts tell us that there is no fixed number. Changes in season may cause the onset of infections, and preschoolers who are exposed to infections from other children at school are at a higher risk of falling sick.

    There's not a more opportune moment to start thinking about boosting your child's immune system than now. A strong immune system helps fight disease-producing organisms such as bacteria, virus, and fungi. On the whole, it creates a shield that protects your child against diseases. We look at 10 simple ways by which you can boost your child's immunity.

    1. Breastfeed your baby

    Colostrum, the initial milk that is provided by the mother to the baby, is rich in nutrients. It is very important for immunity development as it enables the formation of immunoglobins in the body. Micronutrients further provide adequate immune factors.The immunity of breastfed children is better than that of bottle-fed children because of its protective nutrients. Also, the bottle may have germs and there is always the risk of the formula or milk being contaminated. A healthy baby grows up into a healthy adult. So, do breastfeed your baby.

    2. Avoid unnecessary antibiotics

    If your preschooler is suffering from a bacterial infection, your doctor will probably prescribe an antibiotic, which may kill germs but do not boost immunity. Excessive use of antibiotics results in antibiotic resistance and decreased immunity in preschoolers.

    3. Boost your preschoolers sleep time

    Adequate sleep is helpful in keeping the immunity levels high by providing adequate rest to the body. Sleep deprivation can make a child more susceptible to illness by reducing his immunity and the body's natural ability to fight diseases.

    4. Give her nutritious food

    A balanced diet which is rich in fibre and fluid will help boost immunity. Limit the intake of junk. Only adequate nutrition can keep the immune system healthy and strong.

    5. Engage her in regular exercise

    Regular exercise and activity help boost your child's immune system. An article in FITDAY states that moderate exercise a few times a week can drastically reduce the number of colds one gets in a year. Doctors have found out that exercise boosts the cells in the body that are assigned to attack bacteria, thus improving the immune system.

    6. Include five servings of fruits and vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables should be an essential part of your preschooler's diet. Green beans, carrots, oranges, and strawberries -- all contain immunity-boosting phytonutrients like vitamin C and carotenoids. Ideally, your preschooler should consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

    7. Teach your preschooler hygiene

    Preschoolers spend most of their time with children their same age playing. Germs are often transferred through dirty hands, which can result in illnesses. Teach your preschooler to wash her hands after sneezing, playing, coughing and going to the bathroom. Ideally, hands should be washed with warm water and soap.

    8. Don't skip immunisations

    Make sure you are responsible and punctual with your preschooler's vaccination schedule. Immunisations begin in infancy and continue into adulthood. This will also strengthen your child's immune system and equip it to fight with diseases like measles, chicken pox, and other infections better.

    9. Provide a non-toxic environment

    Poor quality of indoor and outdoor air, contaminated food and water, and exposure to smoke and other pollutants all contribute to weakened immunity in your child. Buying organic and healthy foods and reducing your preschooler's exposure to harmful pollutants go a long way in strengthening her immunity.

    10. Decrease stress

    Stress is bad not only for your preschooler's health but his immunity as well. Elevated stress hormones in your child may lead to decreased immunity. For instance, going to school may seem a minor thing to you but for your preschooler, it may be a daunting task as it is a experience. Make sure he takes time off to unwind and relax.

    Try these natural immune-boosting methods and watch your child grow up into a healthy, happy and successful adult.

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