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Gadget Free Hour

  1. What was your #GadgetFreeHour Experience like?
  2. Would you spend Gadget-Free Time with your child again?
  3. All questions are mandatory

Tell us how you spent the one hour with your family. How did you and your family feel? We’d love to know!

Our Mission

Once a year, on World Children’s Day, we encourage all families in India to observe #GadgetFreeHour between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

During this hour we urge parents, children, and their families to switch off all gadgets and spend time with each other – laughing, eating, playing, chatting, and experiencing the joy of connection.

Our Mission

About #GadgetFreeHour

#GadgetFreeHour campaign was first launched in 2019 to help parents and children experience the MAGIC and JOY of connection without any distractions.

This year, we’re back with a new, bigger edition of #GadgetFreeHour on World Children’s Day, November 20, 2021.

Just 60 minutes of connecting with your children and family will help you create memories for a lifetime.

How to Take Part

Take the pledge to stay away from gadgets and spend time together on #GadgetFreeHour between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm on World Children’s Day, November 20, 2021

Spread the word Participate in activities
  • HahaHehe Challenge: Laugh out loud with your child and share that moment with us
  • 14-Day Challenge: Fun 5-minute activities for the entire family
  • Get ideas to disconnect to reconnect with your children
  • Join our community and share your experiences
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#HahaHehe Challenge

A fun engagement activity urging people to laugh out loud with their children and take videos of these hilarious family moments. We encourage them to post these videos on their social media pages with #HahaHeheChallenge and #GadgetFreeHour tags and spread the word among their friends to take up the challenge.

HahaHehe Challenge


Posted by ParentCircle


Posted by ParentCircle

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  • Take the pledge to disconnect from gadgets and spend time with your children on World Children’s Day, Nov 20, 2021 between 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm.
  • Join the movement and raise awareness about #GadgetFreeHour.
  • Download resources to help you spread the word.
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Schools under Tamil Nadu Government

Schools under Puducherry Government

Schools under Early Childhood Association

International Council for School Leadership (ICSL)


NASSCOM - Kerala

  • 180 Schools Participating

  • 26 Organisations Participating

  • 17 Corporates Participating

  • 13 Restaurants Participating

Celebrity Pledges

  • Kasthuri Andaal Saravanan(Radio Jockey)

  • Dr Partap Chauhan(Director, Jiva group)

  • Ajay Sharma(Filmaker)

  • Rishipal Chauhan(Director, Jiva group)

  • Gopa B(Parent Blogger and Entrepreneur)

  • Dr Srikala Prasad(Gynecologist)

  • Nishita Goswami(Actress)

  • Dr Vikram Kumar(Siddha Doctor)

  • Dr Ashoo Grover(Senior Scientist)

  • Sonalika - Srinika(Mother-daughter duo classical dancers)

  • Dr. R. Rajammal(National Best Teacher Award winner)

  • Talaivasal Vijay(Actor)

  • Sonali Khan(MD, Sesame Workshop India)

  • Rj Kay Kay(Radio Jockey)

  • Rj Aloysious(Radio Jockey)

  • Rj Toshila(Radio Jockey)

  • Swami Vimurtananda(Head, Ramakrishna Mutt, Thanjavur)

  • Mahathi(Carnatic singer)

  • Neelima Isai(Actor)

  • Dr Velu Saravanan(Children’s theatre artist)

  • Loganayaki(Journalist)

  • Sriranjani Sundaram(Anchor)

  • Saindhavi(Playback Singer)

  • Daboo Ratnani(Celebrity Photographer)

  • Dileepan(Actor)

  • Asit Kumarr Modi(Maker, Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma)

  • Rishi Piparaiya(Author)

  • T M Krishna(Musician)

  • Sonia Agarwal(Indian Actress)

  • Viswanathan Anand(Chess Legend)

  • Chinmayi(Playback Singer)

  • Anushka and Akanksha(Banerjee Beats)

  • A V Dharmakrishnan(CEO, Ramco Cements LTD)

  • Sarah Ali Choudhury(International Food Expert)

  • Juri Barman(Bank Official)

  • Kiran More(Former Indian Cricketer)

  • Dr. Mickey Mehta(Fitness Guru)

  • Shan Re(Painter and Sculptor)

  • Dr. Sunita Maheshwari(Founder of RxDx Healthcare)

  • Ranjani Indrajith(Co-founder, My Chapter One Reading Gym)

  • Kashmira Dubash(Mompreneur)

  • Gursharan Preet Kaur(Indian Wrestler)

  • Anju Bobby George(Former Indian Athlete)

  • Rashmi Navada(Freelance Writer)

  • Dr. Bhumika Patel(IBM Ambassador)

  • Raksha Changappa(Pioneer Dietitian, Complex Diseases)

  • Deepika Kumari(Indian Archer)

  • Ashwini Nachappa(Indian Athlete and Actor)

  • Manjulatha Kalanidhi(Journalist)

  • Priya Kathpal(Nutritionist)



My younger son was the teacher and we were all students during #GadgetFreeHour. I have never seen my wife laugh so much.



I am busy almost 365 days because of my business, but today our daughters asked us to play with them, on their teacher’s request. We enjoyed a lot and realized what we are missing out in our daily life. All credit goes to #GadgetFreeHour 2019.

Pasam NaveenkumarParent


We ate dinner on the porch and enjoyed the cool breeze. Then, my son played the guitar. Our phones, TV, and other gadgets were switched off. The hour flew by pleasantly. We had a good time.

Roopa MParent


My mother was very emotional. She said to specially thank you for this #GadgetFreeHour. We have not spent time like this together (my parents, my child, my wife and I), as a family, in at least 4 years



My son went from saying, ‘No Chance’ to #GadgetFreeHour, to saying, ‘Can we have #GadgetFreeHour again tomorrow?’ after we spent a fun hour of playing together.

Rex Savio FernandoParent


Thank you for this wonderful initiative by the ParentCircle team. Got to know about my daughter’s (1.5 years old) skills and her grasping power. We were amazed to see her talent. We played many interactive games.



What Experts Say (2020)

  • video

    Shreya SurajEducator and Artist

  • video

    Dr Nithya PoornimaClinical Psychologist

  • video

    Kakoli ThakurJournalist and Home Chef

  • video

    Shwetambari ShettyAuthor and Fitness expert

  • video

    Hon Dr. Chinmay PandyaPro Vice-Chancellor, Dev Sankskriti Vishwavidyalaya University

  • video

    Rishipal ChauhanFounder-President, Jiva Institute of Vedic Sciences

  • video

    Diana GraberAuthor of Raising Humans in a Digital World, and Founder of Cyberwise and Cyber Civics

  • video

    Dr Kalpana Bharani KumarConsultant Peaditrician and Neonatologist - Motherhood Hospital, Chennai

  • video

    Princess NaikFounder & Managing Director, Playcoop

  • video

    Sneha GeorgeCounselling Psychologist, Fortis Malar Hospital

  • video

    Dr Vasanth RConsultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Malar Hospital

  • video

    Dr Radhi Malar AnandConsultant Ophthalmologist, Fortis Malar Hospital

  • video

    Dr Nithya RamamurthySenior Consultant Gynaecology, Fortis Malar Hospital

  • video

    Dr Benny BenjaminSenior Consultant Pediatrician, Fortis Malar Hospital

  • video

    Dr Jayashree JayakrishnanLactation Consultant, Fortis Malar Hospital

  • video

    Dr Catherine Steiner-AdairAuthor, The Big Disconnect

  • video

    Dr. Manoj Kumar SharmaSHUT clinic

  • video

    Anya KamenetzAuthor, The Art of Screen Time

  • video

    Dr. Jamuna RajeswaranProf. Clinical Psychology

  • video

    Dr Madhu PurushothamanPediatrician

  • video

    Dr Debarati HalderCyber Expert

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