ParentCircle Online Community Agreements:

    We, at ParentCircle, rely on you, our valued members, to help keep the community a safe place for you to contribute and view information. Together, let’s practice these five community guidelines that will underpin all your interactions and make us a SUPER value-driven Community :)


    We are here to share our knowledge, stories and experiences as we support each other through our successes, joys, and tough times.

    We encourage you to give and receive support by sharing your stories and experiences in times of distress and wellness.


    We appreciate unique content that comes from personal experiences, memories, and individual perspectives. Let’s listen to each other, have healthy debates, and be respectful of one another’s opinions.

    We encourage you to give and receive support by sharing your stories and experiences in times of distress and wellness.


    The personal details (contact information) collected during registration are never shared with any external sources.

    We also respect the privacy of sharing, learning, and expressing any viewpoints during our virtual parent meet-ups, so we don’t record any of these sessions.

    But remember that the Circles (community groups) are public. So, kindly refrain from sharing your personal information in a post.


    We empower our community parents to raise successful children through holistic parenting. At the same time, we encourage them to share their knowledge–it's very likely someone will find it useful or interesting.


    We encourage you to respect other fellow parents’ queries and doubts. So, when contributing to a discussion, we request you to stay 'on the topic'.

    We request you to maintain one account per person and avoid multiple identities in the community. Just in case you are unable to access your account, please drop in an email to rather than creating a new account.

    The ParentCircle community admin team maintains the right to remove posts

    We may edit or choose not to publish any content which we consider to be:

    • Potentially harmful to others
    • Disrespectful or derogatory remarks about any other member
    • Damaging or unhelpful to others
    • An infringement on the privacy of individuals or service providers
    • Posted for the purpose of advertisement of products and services
    • Personal information such as images displaying phone numbers, postal or email addresses, etc.
    • Methods or details of self-harm, suicide, or sexual abuse
    • A copy of another post posted multiple times elsewhere

    So, Join us and be a part of the largest growing online Parenting Community!