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    Primary to 18+ • 4 Mins Read • 2.3K Views

    Want to get your child to aim for the stars? These 6 books will inspire him to make the impossible, possible

    As parents, you want your children to think big but you also worry that their dreams may not come true. Here are six books featuring real-life people who inspire and, prove that anything is possible

    Subba Rao Kantheti + 4 more have read this

    Parent • 3 Mins Read • 119 Views

    My experiences after I returned home with a child prompted me to start a support group for single parents!

    Laila Zafar, Kochi-based lawyer and single parent, started the Village, a support group to address various issues faced by desi single parents. Read on to know, in her own words, what prompted her to start it and the stigmas faced by single parents

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    Primary to Teen • 2 Mins Read • 3.9K Views

    Introduce your children to these five delicious smoothie recipes that are not only tasty but pack a healthy punch too

    A glass of milk every day can boost energy and provide important nutrients to your little child. Try some of these amazing smoothies and serve up goodness at home to your child

    Karthick Muniasamy + 2 more have read this

    Toddler to Pre-teen • 4 Mins Read • 21.2K Views

    Importance Of Storytelling For Children In Today's Digital World Of Screens And Gadgets

    Storytelling is a practice as old as the hills. Stories have enchanted grownups and children through the ages. But alas, is the digital way of life depriving our children of the joys of this timeless means of communication?

    Vani Venugopal + 1 more have read this

    Toddler to Primary • 10 Mins Read • 7.8K Views

    Looking for ways to creatively engage your preschooler? Try these fun activities and games

    Do your children often refuse to play with their toys and complain that they are bored? These creative games and activities will encourage the little ones to be active

    psna emphatic fine arts + 5 more have read this

    Pre-teen to 18+ • 5 Mins Read • 6.7K Views

    Cybersafety know-how: 5 internet practices every parent must follow to keep kids safe

    Don't we all worry about keeping our children secure in the online space? Here are some things parents can do to ensure that the experience remains safe for children

    LOVE SPELLS + 1 more have read this

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