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    Pre-teen to 18+ • 6 Mins Read • 3.7K Views

    Want to make something special for your father on Father's Day? Here are 5 dessert recipes that will melt his heart

    Planning to impress your dad on his special day? Indulge his sweet tooth with these delectable treats and you are sure to win some brownie points!

    Jyothi Prabhakar + some have read this

    Toddler to Parent • 4 Mins Read • 26K Views

    6 wonderful moral values that children can learn from their favorite cartoon characters. Time to switch on the TV?

    Your child's favorite cartoon characters have important lessons to teach. Find out what moral values they impart, while entertaining the little ones with visual treats

    Jyothi Prabhakar + some have read this

    Pre-schooler to Pre-teen • 9 Mins Read • 1.2K Views

    Is your child a 'sore' loser? Know how to inculcate a 'healthy' attitude in your child with respect to losing

    Does your child sulk and get angry at losing? Does his poor attitude at losing affect the way he approaches play? Read on to find out what makes a child a sore loser and how you can help

    Jayanthan + some have read this

    Toddler to 18+ • 16 Mins Read • 1.4K Views

    Want to raise healthy, happy kids? Follow these 10 golden rules for parenting

    Meet Mitashi Pawar, the educationist and counselor who swears that parenting needn't be the enormous challenge it's often cracked up to be. Read her 10 rules of parenting

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    Toddler to 18+ • 8 Mins Read • 3.9K Views

    Do You Use Your Phone 52 Times A Day? Then It's Time For A Digital Detox

    Parenting isn't just seeing what's right in front of you, it is noticing the things that aren't being said. Sounds interesting? Hear more from Tanya Goodin, a digital detox expert.

    Sreeni + some have read this

    Primary to 18+ • 7 Mins Read • 1K Views

    Taking online classes: What parents can do to help their children learn from home

    The shift to online learning during the pandemic has created challenges for parents and children alike. Here's how you can help your child-and yourself-thrive in this new environment

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