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    Pre-schooler to Parent • 5 Mins Read • 7.2K Views

    8 Most engaging screen-free activities that will keep you and your child occupied

    Do you worry that your child spends too much time with his gadgets and does not engage much in outdoor activity? Don't fret. We give you interesting ideas to spend a day away from technology with kids

    Vani Venugopal + 1 more have read this

    Pre-teen • 7 Mins Read • 4.6K Views

    The Parents' Guide To Understanding Preteens, Their Attitude and Their Behavior

    Early adolescence is a period of confusion for both preteens and parents. Here's how you and your preteen can understand each other better

    Sushma V.V.L + 1 more have read this

    Toddler to Parent • 4 Mins Read • 16.3K Views

    Making Memories With Your Child: Why Family Bonding Is Important

    Memories last a lifetime. And, parenting is all about making those memories with your child. Here are some emotional moments and family bonding activities to create those special memories

    Vani Venugopal + 1 more have read this

    Pre-teen • 13 Mins Read • 2.6K Views

    The Preteen Series: A Parent’s Guide To Puberty, Plus How To Help Children Cope

    As your child enters their preteen years, their body starts to change and grow. For your child it could be a period of confusion and many questions. Here’s how you, as a parent, can help your preteen handle the physical and emotional changes with confidence

    Sushma V.V.L + some have read this

    Pre-schooler to Parent • 4 Mins Read • 46.7K Views

    Make hand washing fun for kids with these interesting activities and games

    Handwashing is the simplest way to prevent your child from falling sick. Our tips and list of fun handwashing activities can help kids, preschoolers and toddlers pick up this good habit

    Stefy Sebastian + 2 more have read this

    Pre-schooler to Primary • 6 Mins Read • 3.2K Views

    A Parent's Guide To Birthday Party Rules

    Do you sweat about your child's birthday party and how the kids are going to behave? Or what to do if your little one gets annoyed and throws a tantrum. Here are some tips on birthday party etiquette

    Jyothi Prabhakar + some have read this

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