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    How To Buy Healthy Foods for Your Toddler

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 23 July 2021.

    The first step to eating healthy is buying healthy food. We help you make the right choice for your child by showing you how to shop healthy.

    How To Buy Healthy Foods for Your Toddler

    There can be no denying how eating healthy is important for your child. The first step to eating healthy is buying healthy food. Unfortunately, buying food that is not nutrient-dense has become the practice now, especially because of its ready availability. And, with the busy lifestyle you lead today, it has become all the more easy to rely on junk food to fill the tummy. But you can make it a norm for your child to pick healthy options over junk, if you shape her choices early. So, take your child along and encourage her to pick her favourite food from what you consider healthy.

    Here's how you can go about buying healthy food for your family.

    Make a list

    The supermarket is a vast sea of delectable goodies some of which may be very tasty but are not good for you in the long run. If you go into such a store and wander around without a game plan, your chances of filling up your shopping cart with junk are high. So, make a list before you head into a shop to purchase your groceries.

    Here are some of the items you can pick up and add to your child's diet without worrying about the consequences.

    ? Vegetables

    ? Fruits

    ? Low fat dairy products

    ? Eggs

    ? Whole grain products

    ? Lean meats

    ? Seafood

    ? Grains and cereals

    ? Nuts

    ? Seeds

    When you go shopping, head to these sections first. This will leave less room for the junk food items. Be mindful of your child's allergies while shopping. Don't include products that she may be allergic to even if they are healthy.

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    How To Buy Healthy Foods for Your Toddler

    Make healthy choices

    Healthy foods may not be as attractive to your toddler as all the colourful and tasty junk foods. But the fact is that his food has to be laden with vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein for him to grow up into a healthy adult. Keep this in mind when you take your toddler grocery shopping. You can talk to him about the products you are picking up and explain why they are good for health. As he grows older, you can read out the labels on the food containers and explain what to look for and why it is good for him. By educating him thus, you are empowering him to make smart choices.

    Avoid the junk food aisle

    Try your best to avoid the junk food aisle. But you can't keep junk food completely away from your child because it will make her over indulge when you are not around. So, give her a treat occasionally. Go for low fat, low sodium options and sweets that have been made with brown sugar. Put sugary drinks at the bottom of your list, if you do want to pick up a few.

    Food habits learnt at an early age will remain with your child for the rest of his life. So, start as early as when you are transitioning your infant from baby food to adult food.

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