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    Pre-schooler to Pre-teen • 9 Mins Read • 6.3K Views

    Here Are 20 Useful And Effective Tips To Boost Parent-Child Connection

    A strong parent-child connection keeps the lines of communication between parent and child open and clear. It helps the child feel understood, loved, and secure

    Ravi Dulla + 5 more have read this

    Pre-schooler to Primary • 6 Mins Read • 3.9K Views

    A Parent's Guide To Birthday Party Rules: Here Are Useful Tips To Get Started

    Do you sweat about your child's birthday party and how the kids are going to behave? Or what to do if your little one gets annoyed and throws a tantrum. Here are some tips on birthday party etiquette

    Ashwin Dewan + 1 more have read this

    Toddler to Parent • 7 Mins Read • 11.3K Views

    Is Your Kid Bored? Try These Fun Gadget-Free Indoor Games And Activities For Kids

    Being cooped up indoors can be stressful for kids. Try out these fun indoor games and activities for children that will help keep your little one active and engaged

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    Primary to Pre-teen • 9 Mins Read • 11.1K Views

    Is your child interested in pursuing a career in sports? Here is all you need to know

    Is your child interested in a career in sports? And, you aren't sure how to go about it? Here's some helpful information on sports career options and jobs in this field

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    Pre-schooler to Primary • 3 Mins Read • 11.5K Views

    Balanced diet for children: 5 Nutrients for a child's growth and brain development

    Is your child getting enough nutrition to ensure a healthy life later on? As they get older, they need certain nutrients to meet the extra demands of growth. Check out these 5 recommended nutrients

    Ashwin Dewan + 1 more have read this

    Primary • 7 Mins Read • 4.6K Views

    You Did Win After All! How Parents Can Build Resilience In Children, Especially Boys

    How a simple act of empathy and kindness helped the boy become a resilient winner

    Jyothi Prabhakar + 7 more have read this

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