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    Parent • 2 Mins Read • 15 Views

    Single-Use Plastic Ban Comes Into Effect In India: Here’s What That Means For Us

    India has announced a ban on all manufacture, sale, and use of single-use plastics from July 1, 2022, to tackle the plastic pollution problem in the country. Single-use plastics, also called disposable plastics, are mainly used as packaging items that should be thrown out or recycled after one-time use

    Ashwin Dewan + some have read this

    Primary to Pre-teen • 6 Mins Read • 12.2K Views

    Fun and engaging activities to help your child learn about reducing the use of plastic

    How can you teach your child to be sensitive and caring towards the environment? Here are five fun activities to teach your child how to reduce plastic use and ways to avoid plastic pollution

    Kerina De Floras + 1 more have read this

    Parent • 12 Mins Read • 26.2K Views

    Your ultimate guide for raising kids in a plastic-free home: Tips, alternatives and more

    Isn't it right to say life has become so plastic? Its time to become plastic-free. Not for us, but for our children. The future belongs to them. Find out what you can do today, for their tomorrow!

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    Parent • 8 Mins Read • 544 Views

    The good and the not-so-good things that people don't tell you about pregnancy

    Are you getting a lot of advice during pregnancy? Trust us, there’s more you need to know. Here are a few things nobody would tell you about being pregnant

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    Primary to Parent • 4 Mins Read • 49.7K Views

    Worried about your child's gadget use? Here are the advantages and disadvantages

    As a parent, it is important to manage your child's exposure to gadgets. Let's look at some advantages and disadvantages of electronic gadgets for your child

    Manikandan D + 4 more have read this

    Infant to Toddler • 4 Mins Read • 18.8K Views

    Banana for babies? Learn more about the health benefits and nutritional facts of banana

    Is banana the first solid food for your child? From being the perfect baby food to preventing kidney stones, eating bananas have many health benefits. Read on to find out nutritional facts about bananas

    Kerina De Floras + some have read this

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