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Activities for preschoolers: Fun and educational activity ideas for your little one

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While your child learns in school, there are quite a few things you can do at home to support his learning. Here's how you can do it.

Activities for preschoolers: Fun and educational activity ideas for your little one

Young children go to school only for a few hours. They spend the rest of their time at home. Parents can utilize the time their children spend at home to engage in some fun activities to help them learn more. After all, it is a proven and accepted fact that children start doing better in academics when parents involve themselves in their child's education.

Fun educational activities for preschoolers

Here are a few fun educational and learning activities that you can do with your preschooler to encourage them to learn and develop an interest in academics.

1. Ways to make reading fun for your preschooler

Teaching your child how to read is very important as reading plays a critical role in absorbing and assimilating information. Some of the ways you can encourage your child to learn to read are:

  • Give them a few old magazines and ask them to circle all the occurrences of any one letter of the alphabet on each page.
  • If you have an old mobile phone or a camera, you can ask them to click pictures of household items starting with the different letters of the alphabet.
  • Give them the pictures of the letters of the alphabet and ask them to stick them in the correct sequence in a notebook and then read aloud the same.
  • To teach phonics, give them worksheets that show how to blend consonants and pronounce various words.

2. Ways to help your preschooler practice writing lessons

Developing the ability to write helps us communicate our thoughts and ideas in a more detailed manner. The following activities will make learning to write an enjoyable activity:

  • Spread some sand in a tray and ask your child to trace the letters of the alphabet.
  • Form the outline of the letters of the alphabet using dots and ask your child to connect the dots and form the letters.
  • Encourage them to write on birthday cards or prepare a brief thank you note.
  • Give them crayons to color letters on worksheets or ask them to draw letters of different colors using the crayons.
  • Make them write the list of the groceries you need to buy.

3. Ways to teach counting numbers to preschoolers

Almost everything in our lives is connected to numbers. Here are some simple tips to teach numbers to your child:

  • Start at the dining table by asking your child to count the different food items on their plate as well as on the table.
  • Sing number rhymes together like 'Ten green bottles' or 'One, two, buckle my shoe' or 'Three blind mice'.
  • Give your child some old magazines. Ask them to flip through the pages and circle the page numbers.
  • Children love to speak on the phone. Teach your child important phone numbers to use during an emergency.
  • Give them chart paper and crayons and ask them to prepare a number chart using different colors.
  • When you go to the store, ask your child to read the labels and explain to them about weights and prices.

4. How to have fun with colors

The world is a colorful place and knowledge of colors is essential for a child to understand their surroundings in a better way. Some fun ways to learn about colors are:

  • Ask your child to point to objects of different colors and say aloud what color they are.
  • Make them go around the house and find out items of the same color.
  • While eating, ask them to name the color of each food item.
  • Make them group dresses according to their colors.
  • Have your child draw their favorite picture and color it.

5. Listen to music

Every child loves to listen to music and hum their favorite tunes. Sing along with your child or play their favorite rhymes or songs on the music system.

6. Explain the working of gadgets

While working around the house, call over your child and tell them how the pressure cooker works or why we boil water before drinking, or how the refrigerator keeps things fresh. This will help them understand the hows and whys of things we use in our everyday lives.

It is a misconception that children can be taught only with the help of books and while seated in a chair. This article suggests only a few ideas; however, you can come up with your set of innovative ones to help your child learn more.

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