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    Fun And Fitness For The Entire Family

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 23 July 2021.

    We bring to you an exciting 'Surprise Jar' activity that smartly combines fun and fitness together. Are you ready for some spontaneity in your daily life? We bet it has peaked your interest. Read on!

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    Fun And Fitness For The Entire Family

    Christmas has just gone by. And devouring all those yummy cakes and treats is bound to have mounted up those calories for the entire family. Here is a great fitness regimen idea that the whole family can be actively involved in. It promises to add a whole load of fun and an element of surprise too!

    Introducing the 'Surprise Jar'!

    What you'll need:

    • A glass jar or box
    • Marker pen
    • Label (or a small rectangular piece of paper)
    • Glue
    • Several pieces of coloured paper, cut into 2-inch strips
    • A bell
    • Timer

    And, of course, your family!

    What to do:
    • Sit together, as a family, and think of fun fitness activities you can do together at any time of the day.
    • Discuss the ideas, write them down on the coloured strips of paper and drop them in the jar.
    • Ensure you add the duration and frequency of each activity.
    • For a personalised touch, give the jar a name, write it on the label and stick it on the jar.
    • Keep the Surprise Jar and the bell in a preferred location and call it the Jar Station.
    • When one of you feels energised to work out, ring the bell.
    • All the members of the family must assemble at the Jar Station, on hearing the bell.
    • Whoever rings the bell gets to decide who picks a slip from the jar.
    • That's it! Time to get fit!

    Add-on idea: You can also work out a treasure hunt map with commands like 'hop to the kitchen and find the red box'.

    Here are some fun fitness ideas to add to your jar:

    • Go cycling after dinner today (15 mins)
    • Play a family favourite song and dance (10 mins)
    • Do 15 squats
    • Go for Jumping Jacks (20 times)
    • Play the hula hoop to the tune of a nursery rhyme (10 mins)
    • Try skipping (3 mins)
    • March in your place (30 secs - pause and repeat 3 times)
    • Jog down a street (3-5 mins)
    • Jump like frogs (2 mins)
    • Go on a mini trek; would be ideal for weekends (1 to 2 hours)
    • Do 5 sit-ups (Pause and repeat 5 times)
    • Play badminton or volleyball (20 mins)
    • Take a walk (20 min)
    • Go swimming (30 mins)
    • Make a healthy snack or meal together (under 20 mins)

    Here are some basic rules the family should agree upon:

    • Anyone in the family can add new fitness activities to the surprise jar.
    • Be as creative as possible.
    • The fitness activity must have scope for everyone in the family and must be doable (relatively easy) for all members of the family.
    • The family should participate in the activities sportively.
    • Ring the bell at a time when family members are not busy or in a hurry to get somewhere.
    • Fix a minimum and maximum time that a workout activity or fitness session can ideally demand.
    • Increase the duration and complexity of the activity as your family gets attuned to the routine.

    How does the concept of 'Surprise Jar' help your family?

    Stay fit together:

    Being involved in a fitness activity together, as a family, motivates each member to stay committed towards a healthy lifestyle. Group workouts tend to drive you to push yourself harder.


    Laughter has the magical power to heal. When you indulge in an impromptu family activity with fun things to do, like those mentioned in the list, you are bound to break into giggles. This helps you relax, de-stress and have a good time.

    Bond well:

    Doing activities together as a family naturally helps you to spend quality time with each other and bond better. Moreover, the best gift you can give your child is an extraordinary experience. This fun activity can even develop into a simple family tradition and become a great childhood memory for your child.

    Make up for a busy life:

    Being present, attentive and spending time with your child helps her grow into an emotionally-stable adult. If your busy life doesn't allow it, these short sessions of fun workouts can definitely make up for it.

    Follow a healthy lifestyle:

    Children tend to observe and learn. When you do regular exercises and follow healthy eating habits as part of your everyday routine, you are leading your child to understand that it is a way of life. Watching you, he will be invariably motivated to choose a healthy lifestyle.

    Who doesn't love a surprise? This innovative idea is sure to raise keen interest in fitness in your family. The kids would be excited and eager to know and carry out the surprise activity of the day. With the year coming to an end and the new year approaching, why not make the 'surprise jar' an interesting addition to your fitness routine? You could burn all those extra calories too. Happy family time!

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