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Take the 14-day challenge: Day 12 - Emotional Connect

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Take our 14-day challenge and discover fun ways to connect with your family. Today is ‘Emotional Connect’ Day. A day to share your feelings without any inhibitions

Toddler to Parent
Take the 14-day challenge: Day 12 - Emotional Connect

Remember the times when as a child you felt so many feelings inside you but thought that no one really cared? Well, we show you how to get in touch with your inner self. So, let’s get started. And even if you feel a bit reluctant, give it a try anyway. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What to do

  • Have everyone sit in a circle
  • Share with each other how you felt during the 5-minute activities you have been doing together as a family, in the last 11 days
  • Now take turns to share with your family:
    • One thing that makes you HAPPY
    • One thing that makes you SAD
    • One thing that makes you ANGRY
    • One thing that makes you AFRAID
  • Next, take turns to name all the emotions you have felt through the day up until now. If you are up for it, you can also explain why you felt those emotions
  • Listen carefully to what each member shares
  • Try to be open-minded and accepting of everyone’s emotions. This sharing is all about becoming comfortable with everyone’s emotions, as well as building emotional bonds
  • End the activity with a BIGGG FAMILY HUGG!

A reminder

At the end of the activity, click an EMOTIONAL family picture and share it here.

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