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Take the 14-day challenge: Day 9 - Science Smart

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Take our 14-day challenge and discover fun ways to connect with your family. Today is ‘Science Smart’ Day. A day to experiment together

Toddler to Parent
Take the 14-day challenge: Day 9 - Science Smart

Remember how certain things would capture your imagination when you were a kid? The world felt like a gigantic laboratory, and you would carry out your little experiments on anything and everything? Today, bring out the scientist in you, even as you discover the glue that bonds your family together. And have fun impressing everyone!

What you will need

  • A list of simple fun experiments, such as making bubble solution from soap, magnet tricks, water tricks or card tricks
  • Materials required for each of these experiments

What you will do

  • Write the names of the experiments on separate slips of paper. Fold them and put them in a jar
  • Let the youngest person draw a slip from the jar
  • The experiment on the slip is what everyone in the family will do as a team. The experiments will fill you with awe and wonder
  • Make family fun a more frequent occurrence by selecting one experiment per day

A reminder

At the end of the activity, click a scientific family picture and share it here.

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