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    3. Take the 14-day challenge: Day 4 - Fun Family Facts

    Take the 14-day challenge: Day 4 - Fun Family Facts

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    Take our 14-day challenge and discover fun ways to connect with your family. Today is ‘Fun Family Facts’ Day. A day to get to know a bit of family history

    Toddler to Parent
    Take the 14-day challenge: Day 4 - Fun Family Facts

    Remember how long it took you to learn the names of all your aunts and uncles and their children when you were little? Well, what better way to recall family details than by asking interesting and tricky questions and having them answered by everyone!

    What to do

    • Have the family sit together in a circle
    • Everyone takes turns to frame a question about a family member, and the others have to guess the answer

    Here are a few questions you can ask

    1. Who does dad share his birthday with?
    2. What was your great-grandfather’s name?
    3. Who in our family traveled abroad 3 years ago?
    4. Who is your mother’s brother’s wife’s daughter/son?
    5. Who in our family is named after their aunt?

    Go ahead and use your imagination … the list is endless!

    A reminder

    At the end of the activity, click your Family Selfie and share it here.

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