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    3. Take the 14-day challenge: Day 10 - Spill the Beans

    Take the 14-day challenge: Day 10 - Spill the Beans

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 15 November 2021.

    Take our 14-day challenge and discover fun ways to connect with your family. Today is ‘Spill the Beans’ Day. The secret beans are hidden deep inside each of us

    Toddler to Parent
    Take the 14-day challenge: Day 10 - Spill the Beans

    Remember those childhood secrets you never dared to share with anyone because you didn’t want to get into trouble? Well, today’s the day you can safely spill the beans—simply because you don’t have to be afraid anymore. And great connections start with listening and forgiveness!

    What you will need

    • An empty bottle
    • A strip of paper to make a poster
    • A marker or sketch pen

    What you will do

    • Have the family sit together in a circle
    • Spin the bottle in the center
    • When the bottle stops spinning, the person it is pointing to shares a secret with all the family members
    • It could be a little lie you told long ago, or the way you bluffed your way out of something you didn’t want to do. For example, how you quietly removed the veggies from your plate and hid them under the plate.
    • Try not to take the secrets seriously, especially if they are playful. Just look at the lighter side of life and have a good laugh
    • After everyone’s turn, write on the strip of paper, ‘We have spilled the beans.’ Your poster is ready!

    A reminder

    At the end of the activity, click a Spilled the beans family picture as you pose with the poster, and share it here.

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