Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

The hot, blazing rays of the sun pose a challenge to the health of children during summer. But, don’t worry. Here are some healthy summer drinks for kids that can help you tackle the situation.

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Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

During the summer months, people try various ways to beat the heat – wearing light outfits, drinking a lot of fluids including water and juice, staying indoors during the day, going for a swim, taking a vacation in the hill stations, eating light, and so on.

If adults find it difficult to bear the heat of summer, what about children? According to British Nutrition Foundation, the little ones are less tolerant to heat and get dehydrated soon. The best way to help them beat the heat is to make them consume cool and healthy drinks,and stay well hydrated.

Healthy Summer Drinks For Kids

Here are some tasty and healthy summer drinks for kids you can try during this hot season:

1) Lemon water: Nothing tastes more refreshing in summer than a chilled glass of lemon water. The prime ingredient of this drink is the humble lemon, which has been recognised for its endless health benefits.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, niacin, calcium, iron and protein, lemon water helps your toddler stay cool and refreshed. It also strengthens the immune system, cleanses the stomach and purifies the blood.

2) Coconut water: Apart from being a delicious and low-calorie natural beverage, coconut water is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamin C and other minerals. The various micronutrients present in coconut water help boost the immune system, making this drink an excellent thirst-quencher for children.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

Coconut water is easy on the stomach for toddlers and is used to soothe tummy troubles like indigestion, acid reflux, and gastroenteritis.

3) Gulkand milkshake: Capable of cooling the body and reducing the risk of heatstrokes, gulkand milkshake is a healthy drink for kids in summer.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

A rose petal jam, gulkand can easily be made at home and has numerous benefits such as reducing acidity, improving appetite and purifying the blood.

4) Aam panna: This is a light green-coloured Indian drink made from raw mangoes, sugar and an assortment of spices. It is a useful remedy that counters the summer heat and prevents heat strokes.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

Aam panna is rich in vitamin C, and prevents an excessive loss of sodium chloride and zinc from the body.

5) Salted lassi: Who does not love a tall, chilled glass of lassi? It is not only a great summer drink, but also one of the best health drinks that children can have to beat the heat.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

One of the key ingredients in salted lassi is ginger, which is known to aid digestion. It also functions as a general laxative loaded with vitamin B12, calcium, and potassium.

6) Buttermilk: Popularly known in North India as chaas, buttermilk is a well-known and inexpensive summer drink. Made from curd and spices such as jeera, curry leaves, ginger and salt, chaas has many benefits for children.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

It helps soothe the stomach, aids digestion, prevents vitamin deficiency, and prevents dehydration in toddlers.

7) Jal jeera: This tangy drink is a great favourite among kids. You can make this by adding roasted cumin, pepper, dry mango powder and black salt to lemonade. It can be garnished with mint leaves and boondhi before serving. Cumin is a rich source of iron and aids in digestion too.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

Jal jeera is not only a good refreshing drink, but also a great digestive stimulant and appetiser.

8) Neeraagaaram: This humble porridge made using leftover rice (soaked overnight in water) and curd is probably one of the best drinks your kids can have in summer. It has been a traditional drink of many families for generations.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

This easy-to-make drink is rich in probiotics, electrolytes and other nutrients, which supply loads of energy and also keep ailments at bay. The best way to have it is with shallots and lime or mango pickle as accompaniments.

9) Jigarthanda: What happens when you blend chilled milk, edible sea algae, nannari syrup, almond resin, basundi and dollops of ice cream? You get jigarthanda, that has a truly delightful taste!

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

This concoction of versatile ingredients acts as a great cooling agent to beat the heat-related ailments in kids. It also supplies vital nutrients.

10) Palm fruit sherbet: The ice apple from the palmyra tree, commonly known as Nungu in Tamil and Tagdola in Hindi, is a very tender fruit that is a natural coolant and has an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Make a sherbet using chunks of ice apple along with lemon juice and rose syrup, and your kids will love it.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

Apart from having an unbeatable taste, the sherbet quenches the insatiable summertime thirst and cools the body.

11) Nannari sherbet: Known as Indian Sarasaparilla and mentioned in Ayurvedic texts as Ananthamoola, nannari is a wonder herb that has great cooling properties. Just get a good brand of nannari concentrate, mix with some chilled water, and pep it up with somelime juice to prepare a divinely tasty drink for your kids.

Nannari not only cools down the body but also effectively maintains the health of the liver and kidneys.

12) Panakam: This simple household drink makes for a great summer drink with all its loaded goodness. Made using jaggery, cardamom, pepper and ginger, the panakam is easy to prepare and your kids will love it.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

It is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals, has zero calories, and functions as a wonderful body cleanser.

13) Pearl millet porridge: Here’s one drink that cools the body in the hot summer days and serves as a fulfilling meal too. To make the porridge or kambukoozh, pearl millet (kambu in Tamil and bajra in Hindi) is cooked and soaked in water overnight. The next morning, buttermilk is added to this and served. Your kids will love to have this cool drink along with chunks of raw onions or fried vadagams and mor milagais.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

Pearl millet is a powerhouse of nutrients such as iron, protein and antioxidants, and has amazing benefits. A summer drink can’t get healthier than this!

14) Rose milk: How can we ignore this pink beauty in this list of summer drinks? No kid will ever refuse a few chilled glasses of rose milk, any time of the day. Easy and quick to prepare, this flavourful drink quenches kids’ thirst, and keeps them hydrated too.

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

The protein in milk supplies all the energy your kids need for hours and hours of play in the summer heat.

15) Falooda: More of a dessert than a drink, the scrumptiously rich falooda is a combination of sabja seeds, vermicelli, rose syrup, chilled milk and ice cream, topped with chopped almonds and pistachios. Your kids will love its flavourful yumminess and ask for more!

Healthy Drinks For Your Kids This Summer

Sabja seeds are a rich source of minerals, fibre and antioxidants, and they cool the body.

During the hot summer days, your children need refreshing drinks that will keep them cool and hydrated. All these drinks mentioned above, along with an adequate intake of water, cool down the body and provide wholesome nutrients, unlike the fizzy drinks available in the market. So, go ahead and surprise your kids with these healthy sips!

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