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Technology And Cognitive Development


Technology is an inseparable part of children’s lives today. Children now have access to a variety of gadgets and thus get exposed to technology from a very young age. This has led to increasing parental concern as to how technology might be affecting the cognitive development of their children. According to dana.org, “A central tenet of neuroscience, for example, is that the brain continues to develop its ‘wiring diagram’ at least well into a person’s 20s. The frontal lobes, regions critical to high-level cognitive skills such as judgment, executive control, and emotional regulation, are the last to fully develop. It is also well accepted that during this extended developmental period, the brain is highly adaptable to and influenced by external environmental circumstances.” 

Research is ongoing on the various aspects of how technology affects the brain functions of children. But it is yet to be determined as to how much technology exposure is too much for the developing brains of children. An article in Forbes says, “It has been suggested that the developing brain and central system may in fact be more vulnerable to radio frequency exposures.” But this doesn’t necessarily mean that exposure to technology harms children.

In fact, research has indicated that appropriate and moderate use of technology may be good for the intellectual and social development of children. Video games have been shown to improve motor skills, problem-solving capabilities and hand-eye coordination in children. It is up to the parents to decide how much technology exposure is appropriate for their children.

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