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Causes Of Unhealthy Lifestyle In Children


What is a healthy lifestyle? In general, it involves following a proper diet, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep. But, try telling this to your child who may be suffering from various lifestyle-related diseases like obesity and it will not be surprising if it’s brushed aside carelessly.

According to Regenerate Wellness, children live in a world where every day they are exposed to different kinds of pollutants. In addition, they are constantly consuming processed foods and fast foods in large quantities. Easy availability of electronic gadgets like the television and video games mean children are spending countless hours in front of these gadgets and living a sedentary lifestyle. All these factors have contributed to an increase in obesity among children.

In the article, The Effects of Children Eating Unhealthy School Lunches, published in Livestrong, writer Carly Schuna says that one major risk of eating unhealthy school lunches is that it gives rise to obesity and other weight problems in children. Over time, it can result in several chronic health problems.

Some causes of unhealthy lifestyle in children include:

• Lack of physical activity: Most children nowadays are not getting enough physical activity and the results are disastrous. Children spend most of their time hooked to their smartphones, playing games, watching TV or surfing the net. As a result, their health suffers.

• A poor diet: For children today, most their diet comprises fast foods and processed foods. They are constantly gorging on burgers, pizzas, sweets and carbonated drinks. They are deprived of nutrition that a good diet of homemade foods, vegetables and fruits provides.

Know about more causes of unhealthy lifestyle in children by going through this ClipBook.


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