Incredibles 2 Movie: Exclusive Review by a Teen

Apart from stunning action sequences and breathtaking animation, the sequel to the much-loved movie about a superhero family, has some important lessons on family values and being true to yourself

By Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi  • 7 min read

Incredibles 2 Movie: Exclusive Review by a Teen
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The coolest family of superheroes is back with more stunning action and new problems to solve. The sequel starts a few months after the events of the first film. The Incredibles 2 follows a family of superheroes, The Parr family -- Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack – as they fight crime. This time, they are trying their best to regain the public’s trust in 'supers' (or superheroes) and get back their legal status, because the Government has decided to ban all supers. The film is written and directed by Brad Bird and, produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

I never watched the first Incredibles movie (which I should have), but I could still follow the story well, and this, I think is a feature of all good sequels. A lot of sequels I’ve watched in the past, seem like they could confuse first-time viewers. That isn’t the case for this film, as I was able to quickly grasp who does what, and how the events are unfolding.

The movie starts with an action-packed sequence between the Incredibles and The Underminer (who is a mole-like villain who wants to rob Metroville Bank). It looked like a scene from a stereotypical children’s movie, but I quite liked it. The typical family drama in the next few scenes is entertaining, and I couldn’t believe that a movie about superheroes could be so relatable. I love Jack-Jack’s character very much since he is adorable (and out-of-control).

Helen Parr is recruited by DEVTECH to openly fight crime and prove that supers deserve to win back their legal status. I connected with the film because it has a powerful woman character; a female superhero who also manages to raise a family. Another great message here is that men can take care of the house and be a stay-at-home parent, while women go to work.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bob try to be a good parent and found the whole baby-sitting montage hilarious. I usually struggle when I’m asked to take care of my five-year-old cousin -- I kept wondering how I would cope with THREE kids with superpowers (one of them can multiply!!!). Bob eventually discovers that Jack-Jack has an array of superpowers and hence, even harder to manage.

The main villain of the movie is the Screenslaver -- a villain who hacks into screens and shows hypnotic images designed to control people. Elastigirl (Helen Parr) tracks down Screenslaver and captures him in a fight scene. In the last part of the movie, I loved watching the Incredibles fight together as a family. There are lessons about doing good and being good to be learnt here. Also, the sequel, like the first Incredibles, is strong on staying together as a family.

The animation quality is breathtaking. Pixar has a knack for animating in such a way that every little detail looks life-like. The action sequences are beautifully visualised and a treat to watch. The scene where Helen tries to save the Monorail is one of my favourites. I also need to appreciate all the voice actors in the film. Catherine Keener, who voiced Evelyn Deavor, needs special mention for sounding ever-so-slightly cunning throughout the film. I also liked listening to Jack-Jack for no reason. He has been voiced by Eli Fucile. I find it hard to believe that a fully-grown adult voiced a little baby.

I never got bored while watching this film -- if one scene is filled with humour, the next is completely action-packed. The movie lives up to its name. How INCREDIBLE (s). Action-packed with subtle humour, this one is an apt weekend movie to go watch on the big screen with your folks. And some popcorn, of course! I would highly recommend this movie to everyone my age, although it seems to be a hit among the millennials (as the theatre was filled with them).

My 5 Takeaways From Incredibles 2:

  • Be good, even without a reason -- because that is the right thing to do
  • Spreading awareness about issues can really help the cause
  • Family always comes first and the family that fights together, stays together
  • If your mom has a big dream, support her and let her inspire you with her work
  • Don’t trust anyone at face value. Beware of overtly sweet people  

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