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    Top 10 Games To Keep Your Child Active This Summer

    Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan 7 Mins Read

    Ashwin Dewan Ashwin Dewan


    Written by Ashwin Dewan and published on 23 July 2021.

    Is your child hooked to the mobile phone? Check out these creative games to prevent him from becoming a couch potato.

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    Top 10 Games To Keep Your Child Active This Summer

    Nowadays, most children prefer to idle for hours on end at home, gorging on ice-cream, colas and juices. And, before you know it, boredom drives them to mischief. We've compiled a list of summer games that will not only keep toddlers active but also set their minds working.

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    1. Treasure hunt

    Which child does not love hunting for hidden objects? Especially, when there is a prize involved! Treasure hunt is a game that can be played indoors, in the backyard or anywhere for that matter. Simple, fun and inexpensive, treasure hunt will also keep your toddler active as he will run around looking for the next clue to take him one step closer to that elusive prize.

    Tip: Simply write your clues on slips of paper with one clue leading to the next.

    2. A game of giant Jenga

    How will your child fare against the law of gravity? Challenge him to play this classic game to keep him engrossed for hours. Jenga is a skill-building game that makes for great family time. Children can stack the wooden blocks to make a sturdy tower. Then, they take turns among themselves to pull out the blocks one at a time till the tower crashes down.

    Tip: Clear furniture in your living room to create space to arrange the blocks.

    3. Ring toss game

    Normally, this game is played when there is a carnival in town. But this game can be played outdoors during summer as well. It has several variations where the objective remains the same - toss a ring around a peg to win a prize. This game will keep your children active as it requires them to toss the rings from a distance.

    Tip: Use old gaskets as rings.

    4. Indoor basketball

    Who said basketball can only be played outdoors? During hot summer days, when playing outside is difficult, this game can keep children active. What's more, this game does not require much in terms of equipment. Simply put up hoops or even a simple basket and you are ready to go.

    Tip: Fix a basket permanently in the foyer of your apartment or in the garage.

    5. Hopscotch

    Hopscotch is a hopping game that children are familiar with. This game can be played with several people or even alone. It can be played on a bare patch of ground or on the floor indoors.

    Tip: All you require is a piece of chalk to make the game.

    6. Hide and seek

    A popular game for decades, hide and seek makes your children active as they run from one place to another to find the hiders. This game requires one player to cover his eyes and start counting while the remaining players hide. The former should find the hiders.

    Tip: To play a game of hide and seek, a minimum of two players is needed.

    7. Chess

    Chess is a great game to keep fidgety children engrossed for hours. Chess combines elements of creativity and puzzle-solving and can hold the child's attention. It also contributes to the mental development of the child.

    Tip: Chess can be played anywhere and also makes a great travel game.

    8. Sack race

    Although a sack race looks silly, it is a lot of fun. It is a classic outdoor game that has been around for a long time. This game simply requires a sack or a pillow case and a marker.

    Tip: Have your first-aid kit handy because injuries are common in this game

    9. Hot potato

    The hot potato game is a goofy but activity-filled game. Players sit in a circle and toss an object when the music starts. The object of the game is simple - players must make sure they are not holding the object when the music stops or when they are called out.

    Tip: The object can be a tennis ball, an orange, a doll or even a potato.

    10. Backyard bowling

    Although it takes a while to set up this game, it provides hours of fun to your child. A simple game that improves concentration, bowling uses pins and ball to knock them down with.

    Tip: Empty bottles can be used instead of branded bowling pins.

    Try these games and fun activities and you can be rest assured your children are getting enough activity this summer.

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