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    7 All-Time Favourite Cartoon Shows Your Kids Will Love Watching

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    Your children love cartoons but you are confused over which series they should watch? From Tom and Jerry to Popeye the Sailor, here are seven cartoon shows to delight your little ones.

    7 All-Time Favourite Cartoon Shows Your Kids Will Love Watching

    Remember Jerry setting a trap to trip Tom up or Popeye's muscles ballooning surely but steadily, as he gulps down spinach? And what about Scooby Doo engulfing Shaggy in a great hug? These and other priceless moments kept us glued to our TV sets as children. And continue to entrance children today.

    Cartoons have always been the pathway to fantasy, imagination and learning for generations of children the world over. More important, they bring children and adults closer together. Also, animation opens up a whole world of possibilities through stories that can touch and teach us.

    Through the decades, cartoons have remained favourites for children across different age groups. Here, we look at seven classic cartoon shows that never go out of circulation, and which your children too will love:

    1. Tom and Jerry

    7 All-Time Favourite Cartoon Shows Your Kids Will Love Watching

    Tom, who tries various tricks to capture Jerry, has been the delight of cartoon lovers for years. Even we parents too sit with our children and laugh out loud when Tom's tricks backfire. And similarly, we start worrying when Jerry is cornered. This American series, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, was first aired in 1940. And has been loved ever since.

    Why kids will love it: The series teaches children lessons about helping each other (Jerry and his other mouse friends team up to tackle trouble, meaning Tom!) and standing up for friends.

    2. Popeye

    7 All-Time Favourite Cartoon Shows Your Kids Will Love Watching

    Is a lovable sailor who eats spinach to turn into a superhero. Olive, the lanky female love interest, is also much sought after by Bluto, the bearded villain. Bluto looks for ways to woo her and often ends up brawling with Popeye. Created by Elzie Crisler Segar, the character first appeared in the King Features comic strip in 1929 but was aired as an animated series in 1960.

    Why kids will love it: Apart from the obvious conclusion that eating spinach (and any other vegetables, if you want to take more liberty) is a sure-shot way to gain energy and massive strength, Popeye teaches kids to stand up for what is right. To not be afraid to object when something is wrong.

    3. Chhota Bheem

    7 All-Time Favourite Cartoon Shows Your Kids Will Love Watching

    Was created by Rajiv Chilaka and first aired in 2008. The escapades of Bheem and his friends, Raju, Chutki, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu, Bholu and Rajkumari - while defending their village and fighting off cunning villains - is the main plot point of the series.

    Why kids will love it: Bheem is a strong protagonist. His courage, willpower and never-say-die attitude will help children understand the importance of standing up for justice, helping others and always doing what is right. The cartoon teaches kids the true values of friendship and how to overcome trials and tribulations.

    4. Motu Patlu

    First aired in 2012, this relatively new cartoon series featuring two friends, Motu and Patlu, has a massive fan base amongst children. Best friends Motu and Patlu (Motu stout and short, Patlu tall and thin) live in Furfuri Nagar and the series revolves around the hilarious problems that Motu creates and which Patlu resolves.

    Why kids will love it: The comedy is often slapstick but appeals to the children's sense of humour and imagination. It is a fresh approach and quite different from American cartoons as it is based in a fictitious Indian village.

    5. Mighty Raju

    Raju, a four-year-old boy, is a superhero who fights for the safety and betterment of the world. When she was expecting Raju, his mother accidentally consumed Neutrino, a compound created by his scientist father. This is the source of Raju's superpowers. Karti, his father's former science partner, is the main villain in the series. Written by Teja, Mighty Raju is a spin-off from the popular Chhota Bheem series.

    Why kids will love it: Raju displays integrity, ingenuity, courage and willpower. He is always ready to take on the evil and correct wrongdoings - other lessons that kids can imbibe while watching Mighty Raju.

    6. Spongebob SquarePants

    7 All-Time Favourite Cartoon Shows Your Kids Will Love Watching

    Created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, Spongebob SquarePants is a lovable sea sponge, living with his friends in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. He works as a cook at a restaurant called the Krusty Krab. First aired in May 1999, Spongebob SquarePants is today a beloved children's show. Spongebob and his other underwater creature friends including Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks and others, get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem!

    Why kids will love it: SpongeBob Squarepants, with his childlike innocence and positive approach to life, is dearly loved by all children. The series and the characters encourage children to retain a sense of wonder so that they are open to learning and discovering new things.

    7. Looney Tunes

    This is the cartoon and the short film series that introduced us to some of the most iconic and luminous cartoon stars, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Tweety. It began as a series of short films in 1930. Characters were added over the years as different directors and writers took up the mantle of expanding the Loony Tunes family and franchise. Bugs Bunny, who tries to stay sane with his goofy roommate Daffy Duck, their nave friend Porky and their neighbour Yosemite Sam, are the recurring characters in the series.

    Why kids will love it: Bugs Bunny and his friendships form the crux of the stories. His wit and quick thinking help them get out of tricky situations. Children enjoy the shrewd intelligence that their favourite bunny brings to the screen. The series also teaches them the value of teamwork and that, clever thinking can solve most problems.

    Different types of animation

    • Traditional animation, also called Cel Animation is the oldest form of animation where the creator draws every animation scene. The drawings are then screened in quick succession one after another, to make it seem like a moving picture or series.
    • 2D vector-based animation is done using software and computer programmes such as Flash, TVPaint, etc. Here, the animators do not need to draw every cartoon or animation scene separately but can choose to change or draw body parts or objects in different frames.
    • 3D animation is computer-based and requires technical skills and knowledge of software such as Maya. The animator only creates the skeleton and enhances the characters using the software. Only keyframes need to be filled with movement; the computer generates movements in between keyframes to create the full animation.
    • Motion Graphics animation or motion capture is entirely different from the above methods. Here an actual object or actor is filmed doing the sequences and, this is then translated into the digital characters.
    • Stop motion involves the setting of a character or object in a specific position against a background and taking pictures. The elements used are then modified slightly before taking the next picture.

    There are other cartoon shows such as The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Batman, Little Krishna, Adventures of Tenali Raman that children will love as well. Cartoon shows are not only entertaining but also help in improving the language skills.

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