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7 Fun Night Activities For Kids To Make Their Summer Special

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Are the sizzling summer days keeping your children indoors and making them irritable? Look to the cool, quiet nights to indulge in fun activities with them

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7 Fun Night Activities For Kids To Make Their Summer Special
'We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.' - Winnie The Pooh

Families that encourage fun-filled activities which break stereotypes are often the happiest and healthiest. Agreed, it is reassuring and relaxing to see your children sound asleep in bed at night, but why not think a little out of the box? Wake them up and try out some special pursuits with them. For one, the summers are here, and the blazing heat of the day is not conducive to most kinds of activity. The nights are more pleasant, and you can indulge in a wide array of activities with your children. Also, if you don't get to spend much time with your children on the weekdays, you will find night-time activities a refreshing way to bond and interact with them.

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So, if you are all geared up to let your children have some fun at night since there are no strict bedtime rules during the holidays, take a look at these best 7 night-time activities that will keep them busy.

1. Stargazing

Probably one of the best ways to unlock the world of imagination and learning, stargazing is a great way to spend some early night hours with your children. Don't know anything about stars yourself? Don't worry, there are different apps you can use on your phones and information on the Net that will help you learn. Make sure it's a clear night or a full moon night and take your children to the terrace or any open space around your home. Point out the different constellations or phases of the moon.

What you'll need: A pair of binoculars and a telescope.

2. Night walks

You may have taken your children for evening or morning walks around your housing block or in the park. But, night walks can be a whole new experience for them. The silence, shades of darkness and stillness help in better observation and in giving them a better feel of the surroundings. They will get to see their familiar locality through a new lens.

3. Camping

It is always fun to do stuff that is different from the daily routine. The monotony of sleeping in the same bed and room every night can be broken with camping out at night. This may not necessarily mean going out of your city or visiting getaways; it could be as simple as camping out in the terrace or your own garden.

What you'll need: Tents, torches, sleeping bags, snacks to munch on and books to read.

4. Night safari at the zoo

You may have taken your children to the zoo during the day. But, to go for a night safari and see the animals in their natural habitat at night is a different experience altogether. There are a few zoological parks in different cities that offer night safaris. The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust & Centre for Herpetology in Chennai are two.

5. Concerts/movies

There are night shows of movies and many concerts and games that are organised at night or in the late evening. Keep a look out for these plays, concerts and movies in your city and go through newspapers and online information to help you choose the ones most suited to your child.

6. Walk along the beach/river

The beach is one of the best natural settings for night walks and strolls if you live in a coastal city. Take your child to the different beaches in your city for a holistic experience that includes not only walking but also stargazing and identifying crabs or collecting sea shells. Even if your town or city doesn't have a beach, it is sure to have its own natural landscapes that will provide for some or the other activity for children to do at night.

What you'll need: Torches, walking shoes, binoculars and something warm to cover you up.

7. Long night drives

With minimal traffic at night, driving is a pleasure. Take your children for long night drives and allow them to stop over for an ice cream, even if they are in their night suits.

The crux of these activities with your children is, however, spending quality time with them, while making them more aware of and knowledgeable about their surroundings in a fun way. Night activities - even simply playing shadow games in the dark, telling stories cuddled together or baking cakes and cooking in the late hours - break the routine of everyday living and make doing daily stuff interesting and fun. After all, it is little memories like these that our children are likely to cherish for life.

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