10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers

Who says you need to spend lots of time and money in parlours to look good? Here are 10 simple and natural face packs you can make at home to give your teen a healthy and glowing skin.

By Rashmi Prithviraj  • 8 min read

10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers
Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life — Renée Rouleau, well-known aesthetician and skincare expert

It’s that time of the year again where we all are waiting to dance our worry away during the Dandiya nights and Diwali celebrations. Dresses, jewellery  are all laid out, however, your teenage daughter is not happy and she worries that her lifeless, dull skin will prevent her to look her best.

Teenage years can be quite tough on the skin for many, but it’s not impossible to keep it healthy and fresh. Apart from the regular beauty care, it is equally important to,

  • drink lots of water 
  • have tender coconut water and
  • get good amount of sleep, rest and exercise.

Taking care of the body is always an internal and external effort. Taking good care of your skin early on will prevent long-term complications and you can retain your youthfulness for a long time.

How to use a face pack at home

10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers
  • Always use fresh ingredients when making these packs.
  • Make the packs for the day you use only. Do not keep this for the next day. If you are using a pack regularly, make it fresh again for the next day.
  • Wash your face before you apply a pack. 
  • When applying a pack, avoid the areas around the eyes.
  • After applying the pack, lie down and relax. By doing so, you avoid gravity pulling down on your skin.
  • Rinse with regular tap water or lukewarm water to remove the pack, pat dry and finish with a spray of rose water.
  • If you feel the skin is too dry after a face pack, apply a small amount of moisturiser (just virgin coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil is adequate too.)

10 Simple homemade face masks for teenagers

Here are a few simple and natural face masks that will revitalize your teenager’s skin and make it appear glowing and fresh.

1. Gram flour (besan) with curd

10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers

Mix one tablespoon of gram flour or chickpea flour with curd and a pinch of kasturi haldi (wild turmeric) and apply on the face. Keep it on till just about dry and then rinse, pat dry.

How it helps: This is great to unclog pores and clean up the face for a fresh look.

2. Almond flour with honey

Mix one teaspoon of honey with two tablespoons of almond flour and one teaspoon of thick curd. Apply on the face evenly. Rinse after 15–20 minutes, pat dry.

How it helps: This helps to remove tan and nourish the skin.

3. Tamarind with chickpea flour

Mix one teaspoon of tamarind paste with 2–3 drops of lime juice and equal amounts of oats and chickpea flour. Apply this and wash off after 15–20 minutes.

How it helps: This helps reduce and eventually remove marks and pimples.

4. Curd with glycerine

10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers

Mix one tablespoon of curd with half a teaspoon of vegetable glycerine. Apply this onto dry skin and wash off after 20–30 minutes. This will make the skin feel soft and supple after the application.

How it helps: This is especially good for dry skin conditions and dry areas like the cheeks.

5. Strawberries with honey

10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers

Mash two strawberries and mix with a little honey and milk cream. Apply on a clean face and leave on for 20–30 min. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

How it helps: Your daughter will get a wonderfully silky, nourished skin.

6. Cucumber with buttermilk

10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers

Mix one tablespoon of cucumber juice, a pinch of turmeric and one teaspoon of buttermilk. Apply and leave it on for 20–30 minutes. Apply it daily for seven days. Ensure you use fresh ingredients each time.

How it helps: This pack helps reduce tan and gives the skin a radiant glow.

7. Milk with rosewater

Mix two tablespoon of milk with ¼ teaspoon of glycerine and one tablespoon of rosewater. Massage this mixture nicely into the skin and leave it on for about 30 minutes to one hour. Rinse and pat dry.

How it helps: This makes the skin supple and smooth, and helps clear marks.

8. Bananas and honey

10 Natural And Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers

Mash one small banana, and mix with one teaspoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice. Apply on clean face and rinse after 30 minutes.

How it helps: Helps nourish, hydrate and adds a natural glow to the skin.

9. Rose and cardamom

Take petals from two paneer roses (these are the fragrant light pink roses, with loose petals), wash well and dry them on a tissue. Blend this with half a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of cardamom powder and 3–4 saffron strands. Apply this on the face and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse and pat dry. 

How it helps: Helps bring out the natural glow, hydrates and lightens the skin.

10. Jasmine and honey

Take half cup of jasmine petals, wash it well and tissue dry. Mash well and add 1 tablespoon of thick curd and half a teaspoon honey. Apply on a clean face and wash off after 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How it helps: It helps to even out the skin tone and add a natural glow to the skin.

Personal grooming will make your teenager daughter confident and skin care is just a part of it. Help your teenager get over any anxiety about her looks, and teach her to relax and enjoy the festivities.

About the author:

Written by Rashmi Prithviraj on 19 October 2018; updated on 22 June 2020

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