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    Simple Ayurveda-based skin care to keep pimples away

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    Monali Bordoloi Monali Bordoloi


    Written by Monali Bordoloi and published on 18 May 2021.

    Did you know that a good skin care routine can help you keep pimples away? Read on to find out how

    Teen to Parent
    Simple Ayurveda-based skin care to keep pimples away

    For the past few days, 14-year-old Aadya has been spending time in front of the mirror, fiddling with the newly formed pimples on her cheeks. Her mom notices that, of late, these pimples have distracted the otherwise studious Aadya from her studies. Now, the worried mom is looking for treatments to get rid of the pimples so that Aadya can focus on her studies again.

    Sowmya started getting pimples rather late in life after giving birth to her second son. She was surprised, as she had always believed that pimples were a teenage problem. She consulted many dermatologists but with no results. She is now losing hope that she will ever be rid of acne, and this is affecting her self-confidence.

    Do you relate to these situations? Acne is a common skin issue and contrary to popular beliefs, it can appear at any age. Here is how to deal with this irritating condition.

    What is acne?

    Commonly known as pimples, acne is the result of overactive oil glands. There are many factors that could cause oil glands to produce excess oils. Too much oil in the skin, as well as clogged or inflamed pores, could also lead to painful and puss-filled acne.

    The appearance of acne makes the skin uneven and leaves behind blemishes. Hormones play an important role in flaring up pimples. That's why teenagers and pregnant women are more prone to acne.

    How to get a clear skin

    Let's check out how to get rid of pimples with Ayurvedic methods.

    Complete prevention of pimples may not be possible, as hormonal imbalance takes its own sweet time to settle down. However, that should not make you lose hope. You can still achieve clear skin with a good Ayurvedic skin-care routine.

    Fast-acting Ayurveda

    There is a general misconception that Ayurvedic products do not show results sooner. However, Ayurvedic skincare giants like Medimix have research to back the fact that its anti-pimple products like face wash can show results in just three days.

    In a recent study titled, 'Consumer study for anti-acne face wash' for the test product, Medimix Anti-pimple face wash showed the fast-acting properties of Ayurveda. On Day 03, Day 07, and Day 10, a significant number of participants (17.5%, 24.5%, and 31.5% respectively) reported no oiliness on the face, as compared to baseline.

    Ayurvedic skincare for pimples

    Here are some ways to keep pimples at bay:

    1. Skin type matters: While those with oily skin are more prone to acne or pimples, all skin types can get pimples. It's important to know your skin type and treat your pimples accordingly. If you have oily skin, avoid using heavy cream-based cosmetics. Better still, avoid chemical cosmetics and go for Ayurvedic remedies.

    2. Good food reflects on your skin: What you eat also impacts the severity of your pimples. Avoid eating oily, fried, or spicy foods if you're experiencing skin breakouts. Also, it's best to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight.

    3. Reduce stress: When you're stressed, your body tends to produce more oils, which in turn produce pimples. So, managing stress and anxiety could help in containing acne breakouts.

    4. Keep your face clean: One of the best ways to treat your pimples is to wash your face frequently. However, ensure that you do not use any harsh cleansers on your facial skin, as they could worsen the condition. You can use a face wash like the Anti-Pimple Face Wash by Medimix which has all-Ayurvedic and natural ingredients, such as neem, turmeric, and aloe vera.

    Simple Ayurveda-Based Skin Care To Keep Pimples Away

    This special anti-pimple face wash is effective in removing excess dirt and oil from the face. It has been specially developed to fight environmental toxins all day. It keeps the face clean from within and improves the overall skin texture.

    Simple Ayurveda-Based Skin Care To Keep Pimples Away

    5. Resist picking your pimples: Popping a pimple can infect acne and leave permanent scars.

    Simple Ayurveda-Based Skin Care To Keep Pimples Away

    The trick is to keep your pores clean and oil-free using a gentle facewash with effective ingredients like besan (gram flour) and honey.

    6. Use an anti-pimple face pack: Despite your best efforts, sometimes pimples just refuse to go away. At this stage, it would be better to use a face pack to deep-cleanse your pores.

    Simple Ayurveda-Based Skin Care To Keep Pimples Away

    If the idea of using a face pack containing strong chemicals doesn't appeal to you, try the Medimix Multani mitti-based face pack, which has the natural goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients. Ayurvedic face packs for pimples are really effective to treat acne and they are gentle on your skin.

    Healthy skin reflects a healthy lifestyle and brings a positive vibe to your life. Feel beautiful from within with healthy skin. Do not let acne or pimples affect your confidence or distract you.


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