Best Fitness Apps For A Home Workout For Women

Being mindful about their health and fitness helps busy mothers stay happy and help their kids imbibe healthy habits. Here are some fitness apps to help moms get started at home.

By Aditi Sheoran Chhajta  • 8 min read

Best Fitness Apps For A Home Workout For Women

As many busy women juggling a packed work schedule and their duties at home will tell you, sticking to a fitness routine is more difficult than starting on one. These days, mommies are exploring yoga, pilates, zumba, running or cycling in groups, to get rid of their post-pregnancy fat or just to stay fit. They also have access to gym facilities. 

Most women are aware that they need to take care of their health. However, it requires effort and time to do all these activities. That is where the challenge lies! 

But, it is not a lost battle. You do not need to enrol into an expensive gym to get into shape or meet their health goals. Fortunately, there are many fitness apps that can help busy mothers to make time for a workout, and stay fit and happy. 

Health and fitness apps

Over the years, fitness apps have become widely popular. According to research by mobile analytics firm Flurry, health and fitness app usage in the United States has seen a sharp spike over the past few years, growing by 330 per cent between 2014 and 2017. The Flurry Analytics research also shows that engagement is high, with three quarters of active users opening their health and fitness app at least two times a week. More than 25 per cent of users access their fitness apps more than 10 times a week, the study said. 

Why women should use fitness apps

The best thing about fitness apps is that they are convenient, especially for women who want to work out at their own convenience and as per their schedule. These apps also enable women to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to go to the gym.

Further, most fitness apps help the user make customised workout plans as per their current fitness levels. They also record and track their fitness regimen on a day to day basis.

Popular fitness apps for women

  1. Aaptiv: Aaptiv combines high energy music beats with recorded instructions of a personal trainer that caters to a variety of classes like running, weight training, yoga or meditation. If you like music, then this app is sure to keep you motivated to work out.
  2. All Day: This app is designed especially for women. It looks at your movement, nutrition, mindset and rest. The app considers them as the four key drivers of athletic performance. It covers not just workouts but also gives tips on eating habits and sleeping patterns. You can even play a custom music mix to help you sleep more soundly as well.
  3. Yoga Studio: This app focuses on ready-made yoga sessions for strength, flexibility, relaxation, and balance as per the fitness level. There is a teacher commentary to facilitate movement from one pose to the next and learn the poses in easy and clear ways. However, it is advisable the user gets trained in yoga and then begins her individual app-based practice.
  4. Sworkit: This app focuses on a variety of customised workouts. The best thing is that all sessions are equipment free and each workout offers video demos, verbal cues and instructions.
  5. Nike+ Training Club: Is the ultimate app for fitness enthusiasts who want to explore high-intensity interval training drills. Choose from drills and audio guides from a professional Nike trainer, athletes like Serena Williams, or even stars like Ellie Goulding.
  6. Keelo: The app is all about cross fit-level training and includes high-intensity workouts with a virtual coach who responds to questions and gives feedback on your workouts to keep you all charged up.

Apart from the above, other running apps like Couch to 5k, Runtastic, Fitso and Charity Miles are popular these days. Each of these focuses on running plans specially designed for the user, with reminders that keep the trainee on track, literally, whether it's running or simply walking.

Apps like Charity Miles that are paid, help the trainee support a good cause when she is adding the miles. 'Sleep better' with Runtastic is a feature that helps track sleep cycles and the quality of sleep as well. Now, that's as important as running, isn't it?

Similarly, Freeletics Bodyweight app and Qinetik app have similar features. Qinetik allows you to stream classes from famous names in the fitness industry to jazz up your workout sessions.

Meditation apps

If it is mental wellness that you are interested in, then meditation apps like Calm or Headspace will work best for you. Each of these apps has free beginner’s courses that introduce you to the essentials of practising mindfulness daily. They help to battle insomnia, reduce stress, anxiety and increase productivity at work and happiness in general.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using these apps. The best part is these apps require just a few minutes of your day. Over time, you will see a marked improvement in your health, both physical and mental.

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