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Celebrating your little one's 1st birthday? We bring you 5 wonderful ways to make the occasion truly memorable

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Your little munchkin's first birthday is here! Looking for ways to make it truly special? Here are some simple yet unique and thoughtful ways to make this a day to remember, for everyone

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Celebrating your little one's 1st birthday? We bring you 5 wonderful ways to make the occasion truly memorable

Your baby is turning one soon! It's a big milestone and a special moment for you and the entire family. You must be excited and delighted, yet anxiously looking for creative ways to celebrate it with family and friends to mark the momentous occasion.

Well, what are you waiting for? You have come to the right place. Here are a few pointers to nudge you in the right direction and help you plan this special day. So, it remains a cherished memory, for years to come.

1. Give back to the community

 A birthday is a great reminder for each of us to count our blessings and feel grateful for what we have. What better way to do this than give back to the community. Use your baby's first birthday as an occasion to thoughtfully treat the underprivileged street kids in your locality to some good food, school stationery or, clothes. Or maybe you could sponsor the meals for the day at an orphanage or nearby temple. This is a great way to share comfort and kindness with those who need it.

2. Throw a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) party

Sometimes, a grand first birthday party can feel completely overwhelming, for the little one in question. If this is not your style, then why not opt for a less flamboyant option, such as a house party. Nothing beats the warmth of your own home and the idea of inviting friends and family over, to share in the celebration.

You can decorate your home with balloons, streamers and some self-made birthday decor. Scour the Internet for fun-filled and theme-based DIY ideas. You can even have a collage of baby pics, marking milestones from her first year in this world. A photo booth, perhaps? Click away and make cherished memories. There are lots of creative ideas waiting to be explored online.

Have your own little dessert stand. Add a cherry to the cake literally, by planning some fun party games for the adults so that everyone gets a chance to have a good time. DIY parties always leave a lasting impression on everyone. What's more, they make the party personalized and unique.

3. Have a fun birthday picnic

This is a great option for a birthday celebration! Planning a picnic at a scenic spot or relaxing park is a wonderful idea especially if there are many kids on your invitee list. However, remember that you will need to keep a constant watch to ensure the kids' safety and that no one wanders away from the group. To keep your tiny guests occupied, you could have some exciting and engaging kiddie games in your kitty. Also, choose a central venue so that your guests don't have a hard time getting to the party. And of course, the park mustn't be too crowded and there should be enough space for kids to run around and play games. Add to this, a delectable menu of delicious treats and you are good to go.

4. Add a costume themed-party

To make things more exciting, why not add a costume theme to your baby's first birthday party? Trust us, it will lead to pure and unadulterated entertainment! The theme could be cartoon characters, superheroes or even, funny vegetables. But that aside, the idea is to let people get creative and involved in making the event stand out.

Whether it's a picnic or a home party, this option of having everyone come in innovative costumes based on a theme can add to the fun, frolic and laughter. It is bound to make everyone have a good time! The return gifts could be part of the theme as well.

5. Include magic shows, tattoo artists and fun activities

Small kids (and older ones too) are always fascinated by magic. Even toddlers will enjoy some of the tricks. Add a flavor of fun to the birthday by having a magician over, or a tattoo artist. Arrange a song and dance activity for parents and kids, and see excitement levels touch the roof. Including a little fun element to the party, is always bound to liven it up!

Some clever planning, thoughtful gifts and activities, a limited yet yummy menu and finally, the warmth of a small and cozy group of loved ones, can make your baby's first birthday a landmark event. So, go ahead, get creative, follow your heart and make this into a beautiful, memorable celebration.

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