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Dussehra Special: We Bring You A Pick Of Short Stories On 'Learning' And 'Courage'

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Almost every Indian festival is linked to a legend that teaches valuable life lessons. Here's what your child can learn by celebrating Dussehra

Toddler to Primary
Dussehra Special: We Bring You A Pick Of Short Stories On 'Learning' And 'Courage'

'Saraswathi Puja', celebrated before Vijayadashami, is the special day when students offer their books and learning accessories like pens, pencils and geometry boxes in front of the idol of Goddess Saraswathi and seek her blessings. Students are not supposed to read on that day, since legend has it that this will help them learn throughout the year. This emphasizes continuous learning. Vijayadashami, meanwhile, is meant for celebrating the victory of good over evil, and courage over fear. We pray to Goddess Durga to make us brave and courageous and help us tackle all obstacles in life. So, this month, our central themes in 'short stories' are - learning and courage. Let's get started.

Dussehra Special: Short Stories On 'Learning' And 'Courage'

Keep learning

On a bright Monday afternoon, it is business as usual for the students of Class 8 of a school, until the class teacher makes a surprise announcement. She will be conducting a quiz competition after the lunch break and the winner gets to represent the school at an upcoming inter-school quiz event. Most of the students in the class look excited and equally nervous. However, Atul, the class topper, who is also the school's regular quizzer, looks completely relaxed (probably too relaxed). When all his classmates are preparing for the quiz and discussing it among themselves, he doesn't seem to care at all.

Vani, a close friend of Atul, comes to him and asks, "Aren't you preparing for the quiz, Atul?" "I have already prepared, Vani. I don't think there's anything more to do," replies Atul. Vani goes to the library to do some last-minute fact-checking from books and newspapers.

It's the first period after lunch, and the quiz starts. Atul and Vani forge ahead of others, and at the end of the quiz, their scores are level. It's time to choose a winner through a tie-breaker. The teacher asks, "Name the Indian woman athlete who won the gold medal in the heptathlon event at the recently-concluded Asian Games." Atul, who was giving out answers effortlessly so far, stands dumbfounded. He doesn't know the answer. Just then, Vani springs up and shouts out the answer, "Swapna Barman." She wins the quiz and qualifies to represent the school in the inter-school event.

Atul now realises his mistake of not preparing properly and staying up to date with the latest developments. Vani, on the other hand, spent that valuable preparation time by updating herself on the latest developments. Atul understands that one should never be complacent, but keep learning constantly.

Moral of the story: Learning is a continuous process. It should be an integral part of a child's life. There's a lot to learn apart from academics, and one should always be ready to acquire knowledge through multiple channels.

Be courageous

Dussehra Special: Short Stories On 'Learning' And 'Courage'

Moral of the story: The best way to overcome fear is by facing it with courage. If you try to run away from it, you are giving 'fear' the power to overwhelm you.

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