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    Here are 7 simple ways your child can express gratitude for her teacher

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    Apart from parents, your childs teacher also plays a vital role in her life. On Teachers Day, help your little one show her appreciation and respect for her teacher in these thoughtful ways.

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    Here are 7 simple ways your child can express gratitude for her teacher

    Teachers play a special role in our lives and as parents, we realise that they don't just teach our children, but also expand their horizons and nurture them. Just as we respect teachers who have impacted our lives growing up, we must inculcate a sense of gratitude in our children for their teachers. After all, apart from parents, children spend maximum time at school with peers and teachers, and often look up to them for inspiration.

    As we celebrate Teacher's Day across schools in the country on September 5, it is the perfect time to acknowledge the effort and commitment shown by teachers. They are the ones who enlighten young minds and open up worlds of knowledge to them.

    So how can you, as a parent, help your child make this day memorable for her teacher? Here are seven thoughtful ways your child can show her gratitude:

    1. Make a handmade card or gift 

    Though a lot of ready-made souvenirs and 'thank you' cards are available in the market, a handmade card or small gift will always be extra-special. Even a small sapling that your child has planted herself will do wonders. It shows that your child has taken the effort and time to make something for her teacher. In fact, you can help your child incorporate something she has learnt from her teacher — like a poem or a painting — into her gift. That will be the best way to showcase her love and respect for her teacher.

    2. Volunteer 

    For most teachers, a school day doesn’t end with the ring of the final bell. There are innumerable tasks to complete such as keeping books in order, stacking them in cupboards, making last-minute corrections, replacing school supplies, teaching remedial classes, making the study plan for the next day and so on. You could urge your child to volunteer and help out his teacher with after-school tasks. This will lighten her burden and put a smile on the teacher’s face. If your child is in middle or high school, encourage him to lend his teacher a helping hand.

    3. Post on social media 

    In our world today, social media is a great tool to convey positive messages to a large group of people. If your child is old enough to handle the Internet, then a heartfelt post about her teacher is the perfect way to say 'thank you' and show gratitude. The message could be a simple note of appreciation for her hard work or an anecdote that emphasizes the teacher's dedication towards her students. It is even better if the post is shared with all students or ex-students, to prompt more appreciative messages and heart-warming stories.

    4. Be good 

    Children often misbehave, forget to do their homework or quarrel in class. Make your child understand the important role educators play in his life and the need to show his gratitude to them. And what could be the best way to do that? By being a well-behaved and motivated student, of course! Encourage your little one to put in that extra effort to become a good student. A teacher will feel special and respected when she sees a child consciously trying to do his best.

    5. Prepare her favorite food 

    Everyone gives flowers and shop-bought gifts such as pens and mugs on Teacher's Day. How about something she will truly remember for a long time? Make the effort to know your child's class teacher, and find out her likes and dislikes. You and your child can together and prepare a simple dish that is the teacher's favorite, as an act of appreciation.

    6. Write a note 

    Remember the long essays that you once wrote for your exams! Well, it would do a great deal of good if you encouraged your child to write something, even a short note, to thank her teacher for all that she has done. Often, parents do not encourage their children to openly show their gratitude to their teachers for the little and big things that they do for them. Writing a simple note and putting it on the teacher’s desk is a heartwarming way to show that the routine things done by the teacher are noticed and truly appreciated.

    7. Be well mannered

    Being respectful to the teacher, exhibiting good manners and imbibing traditional values are ideal ways to honor her. A big smile, a namaste, a ‘good morning or afternoon’ wish even when outside the classroom or a thoughtful query about the teacher's health, will go a long way in establishing a warm relationship between teacher and student.

    Teachers are an essential part of your child's growing-up years. A committed teacher can be a wonderful influence and make a huge difference in your child's life. At the same time, the respect and dignity a child accords to her teacher reflects the values she has learnt at home. So, make sure this Teacher's Day is a special one for your child's teacher.


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