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    5 DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas For Kids

    Nabeela Mahboob Nabeela Mahboob 4 Mins Read

    Nabeela Mahboob Nabeela Mahboob


    Written by Nabeela Mahboob and published on 27 April 2021.

    What's Christmas without carols, bright lights, and shiny ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree? With these simple ideas and a little creativity, you can make these decorations with children at home

    5 DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas For Kids
    "The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other" - Burton Hillis, Author

    It's a season filled with songs, lights, treats and lots of decorations. And a time for all members of the family to get together from near and far, and bond with each other. With guests visiting us and sharing gifts with family and friends, Christmas sets the mood for joy and celebration.

    Getting the Christmas tree ready is a fun task that we look forward to but in the hustle and bustle of our lives, we often opt for readymade decor instead of giving a personalized touch to our houses. Here are some exciting DIY ideas you can make with your children to beautify your lovely tree.

    Twig stars

    These rustic looking stars bring a homely and congenial atmosphere into the house.

    Materials needed
    6 twigs of similar length
    Quick-drying adhesive or glue gun
    Jute cord/shiny string
    Thermocol balls (optional)


    1. Assemble three twigs and glue them to form a triangle.
    2. Do the same with the other three twigs. Overlap the two triangles to form a star.
    3. Tie the ends of the twigs with twine to secure them in place, and tie the overlapped twigs together.
    4. You can add thermocol balls for a snowy effect or glitter on the twigs. Customise it according to your choice.
    5. Attach the jute cord (or any string) to the top of the star so that you can use it as a dangler.

    Glittery light bulbs

    These are easy to make with any used light bulb you have at home. This beautiful ornament will add sparkle to your tree.

    Materials needed
    Any plain used light bulbs
    Sparkles/glitter powder in colours of your choice (golden, silver, red)
    A pair of scissors
    Craft glue/adhesive
    Gold ribbon
    Woollen string


    1.Apply craft glue all over the glass bulb, leaving out the mount/support at the end.

    2.Holding the support, sprinkle glitter all over the bulb while revolving it.

    3.Make sure the whole glass bulb is coated. Let it dry.

    4.Once dry, tie a string around the mount to hang the bulb. Then, create a bow with a ribbon and fix it to the mount of the bulb.

    5.Hang this sparkling decoration on the tree.

    Pom-pom ornament

    Pom-poms are decorative items easily available and are fun to use. They can be used on top of plain ornaments to make them look festive and cheerful.

    Materials needed
    Round Christmas ball ornament
    Pom-poms (in Christmas colors - red, white, green)
    Liquid adhesive/glue gun


    1. Apply liquid adhesive, section by section on the Christmas ornament.
    2. Stick all the colourful pom-poms on it.
    3. Let it dry. Your quick and easy pom-pom ornament is ready.

    Icecream stick danglers

    These are easy to make at home and even young children can try them during celebrations. These tree-shaped ornaments will add more color to your Christmas tree.

    Materials needed
    Ice-cream sticks
    Blings or buttons
    Liquid adhesive
    Paint in two colours
    Jute cord or twine
    Glitter paper/bright coloured paper


    1. Color all ice-cream sticks based on your choice of color
    2. Cut five ice-cream sticks on the sides; one smaller than the other
    3. Place an uncut ice-cream stick vertically, glue the topmost portion of the vertical stick and place the smallest of the prepared stick on it
    4. Leave a little gap and put glue on the next portion. Place the slightly bigger stick and repeat the process to make a tree-like shape.
    5. Once this is dry, put small drops of glue at random areas over the sticks and place either buttons, pearls, or tiny colored stones.
    6. Use the glitter/colored paper to draw a star. Cut it out and glue it to the top of the tree
    7. Add a jute cord/shiny string to use as a dangler.

    Photo Ornaments

    Now, this can bring back beautiful memories. Collect pictures of all the important occasions that had been spent during the year to make this fantastic dangler.

    Materials needed
    Glitter sheet (Card stock)
    Liquid adhesive
    Family photographs cut to the desired size
    Name tags (A piece of white paper cut into strips to write the name or occasion)


    1. Stick the photo on the glitter paper
    2. Cut the glitter paper leaving some space so it would like a frame
    3. Use the name tag to write about the picture
    4. Use a twine or jute cord to make it look like a dangler
    5. You can use other embellishments of your choice such as buttons or pom-poms on the frame to make it look more colourful.

    All of these ideas are easy to make and will not take more than a couple of minutes. These will add a personal touch to the Christmas festivities and also be a good bonding exercise for the family.


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