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Gadget Free Hour 2021

Gadget Free Hour 2021

Day 7 - #GFH2021 Challenge 7 | Move with Groove!

Today is ‘Move with Groove’ Day. So, make it a moovin’ groovin’ day for your family.
Remember your childhood days when you were bursting with energy and your parents felt tired just watching you play endlessly? Well, how about pumping up the family energy quotient with a fun workout? A workout is a good way to get your heart pumping and burn those calories—and you can show off your crazy moves. Let the energy flow into a synergy. What a great way to build long-lasting family bonds!

What you will need:
● Clear space to move about freely
● Music to match your energetic moves

What to do:
● Assemble your family members in a room with clear space
● Play the music and lead your family in a mix of movements—crawling, hopping, jumping, twisting ...
● For more fun, speed up and slow down your groovy movements
● When you’re all done, flop down on the floor together to spend a few moments of slow, deep breathing. Feel the togetherness as you breathe together in rhythm
The challenge is just for 5 minutes, but we know you all are going to bond for much longer! 😊

A Reminder:
At the end of the activity, click a Flopped Down family picture and share it here
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  • Nov 12, 2021