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Gadget Free Hour 2021

Gadget Free Hour 2021

Day 14 - #GFH2021 Challenge 14 | Wiggly - Giggly!

Today is ‘Wiggly-Giggly’ Day. A day to check your flexibility, focus and FUN quotient!
Remember all the impossible twists and turns you could do so easily as a child? Well, today you can impress everyone with your moves once again. And as you all wiggle-giggle your way through the challenge, encourage everyone with loud cheers and applause for their effort.

What you will need:
· A few straws or pencils/pens
· A ball of string
· An empty bottle with a narrow mouth

What you will do:
· Family members take turns to do the challenge
· Measure a length of string long enough to tie around the waist and hang down to the knees
· At the loose end of the string, tie a straw or a pencil/pen
· Place the bottle on the floor
· Without using your hands, bend forward and try to suspend the straw inside the bottle
· To make it more fun, you may track the time. So, to get started, all yell ‘GO!’ and watch the fun flow!
· Whoever completes the challenge in the shortest time is the most focused player

A Reminder:
At the end of the activity, click a Wiggly-Giggly picture of your family and share it here 😊
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  • Nov 19, 2021