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Gadget Free Hour 2021

Gadget Free Hour 2021

BONUS CHALLENGE - #GFH2021 | Bottled Memories!

Today is the day to make ‘Bottled Memories’—memories that last forever!
As a grand finale, we’ll show you how to get pleasure from a family treasure—all the moments of bonding with your family during these last two memorable weeks. Did you know that a simple drawing with a small message stored in a bottle can bring back warm memories a year later?

What you will need:
· Sheets of blank paper
· Sketch pens
· A wide-mouthed bottle

What you will do:
· Let the family members sit in a circle, far apart from each other
· Give sheets of blank paper and sketch pens to everyone
· For one minute, take a good look at each one’s face
· After a minute, turn outward so that your backs are facing each other in the circle
· Draw a picture of each family member and write what you love most about spending time together. Do remember to sign your name on it. Use a separate sheet of paper for each family member
· When the drawings are done, collect all the sheets, roll them up together (no peeking), put them into a bottle, and seal it
· Label the bottle with a lovely/whacky/funny name or caption
· Keep the bottle somewhere safe
· A year from today, open the bottle and enjoy the memories and the messages

A Reminder:
At the end of the activity, click a Bottled Memories family picture. Don’t forget to pose for the picture with the labeled bottle, and share it here 😊
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  • Nov 20, 2021