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Children Should Take Up Challenges: Vijender Singh

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Are you apprehensive that your child wants to learn boxing? Don't be. Encourage children to dream and take up the sport of their choice, says boxer Vijender Singh

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Children Should Take Up Challenges: Vijender Singh

He packs the perfect punch every time he is inside the ring. Ace boxer Vijender Singh has inspired many to take up boxing as a competitive sport. He says passion for the sport and willingness to take up any challenge, is what makes a true sportsperson. Read on to know his tips on teaching boxing to children.

1. Your family has been a big support for you. Tell us about the sacrifices your parents made in shaping your life as a boxer. How important is family support in making it big in a sport like boxing?

Family plays an important role in the life of a sportsperson. My decision to get into boxing was welcomed by my family. My father did a lot for me, not only did he work hard to provide me with good education to but also funded my boxing training. His support is something I will never be able to repay. 

My wife and son are equally important in my boxing career as they have supported me without questioning my capabilities and have full faith in me.

2. You have won medals at the Olympics and Commonwealth games. You have also held the WBO Asia PacificSuper MiddleweightChampion title. How do you prepare and motivate yourself?

Every fight is important to me. I make changes to my training depending on the opponent that I am going to face. My trainer plays an important role in motivating me and gives me step-by-step guidance to prepare for the fight.

3. What was your family's reaction when you decided to take up boxing as a sport?

I come from a small town in Haryana. When I decided to take up boxing, it came as a shock to my family. No one knew about boxing and the recognition and fame associated with the sport. Eventually, everyone in the family began to take an interest in boxing and, in time, began to appreciate and respect my decision.

4. In our country, boxing is yet to become as popular as cricket or football. What can we do to make the sport more popular?

I agree that boxing is not at par with other sports but I can see the sport becoming popular by the day. We need to create a  board for boxing, motivate more people to take up boxing, promote it heavily and make sure it reaches even the smaller towns of India.

We must also provide all the facilities for people to train in India so that they don't have to think of going out of the country.

5. Parents are scared that boxing can be dangerous, so not many encourage it. What can we tell parents whose children are interested in boxing?

All sports are dangerous. If you are playing you will get hurt regardless of what sport you are in, even cricketers suffer injury. Yes, I agree that in boxing you can directly get punched in the face but that's how the sport is.

All I want to tell every parent is, let your child live his dream, let him do what he feels like.

7. What is the right age for a child to start boxing?

I feel that for any sport, including boxing, children should start early. Since boxing involves more physicality, a child should begin boxing around 10-12 years of age. Parents can go to the respective Sports Authority of India training centres and the State Associations where trainers prepare young kids for boxing.

8. Does the sport of boxing teach any life skills to children?

Of course. Boxing teaches mental stability in life and how to control emotions. Every individual needs to be mentally strong to face various opponents in the ring where you have to make the right move at the right time.

9. How many hours of training and practice are required every day?

You can't really define a particular time slot for training, the more you train the better you become. I train 5-6 hours daily and when a fight night is coming closer my training hours increase.

10. What's your message for the readers of ParentCircle?

As a parent, support your child wholeheartedly in whatever decision he takes. Be there for him every step of the way and teach him to accept both success and failure with grace.

Qualities required for a child to learn boxing
  • Willingness to take up any challenges that come your way.
  • Be mentally stable as one cannot take hasty decisions inside the ring.
  • An ability to recover quickly after a setback or defeat.

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