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TOPIC: How does Technology Help your Child Learn? Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! ... more

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  • May 6, 2019


Suresh Menon Jul 16, 2019

Rashi Goel May 24, 2019

The technology indeed is playing a crucial role.in my child's development. Instead of direct watching mobile phone, I always connect television through screen mirroring. This way he enjoys his favourite rhymes without too much screen time of mobile. I can play my required rhyme and he starts to enact and dance.
Secondly Alexa is our all time favourite. Be it animal sounds, weather, rhymes, songs I can play anything anytime.
The writo pen is an awesome speaking tool. It gives us answers to the questions in his book.
Lastly skype video session with our parents feels like sitting with them.

Meenu Ojha May 18, 2019

Technology help kids to learn in many ways. For example I have two little kids 1 is 6 year old 2 nd is 2 years old. Both were playing with mobile n see you tube video ryem , poems , colours name counting video etc which benefits my both kids learn many poems n no counting , alphabets etc. N learn very easy with fun.
So technology improve child learning power , ciryocity to about things. Technology improve child creativity. If parents & teachers are involved than technology can help kids in learning. Few benefits of technology.

1. Expressing creativity. Many apps allow kids to express their creativity with photos, music, coloring, making funny voices, or creating their own movies.

2. Advancing educational opportunities. Technology allows kids to access a variety of learning materials involving everything from letters and numbers, to states, spelling and learning new languages. Some sites, like k12.com, even allow kids to attend online school. Children with special needs and other disabilities can especially benefit from apps and tech-based devices because they help improve communication skills and change how the kids interact with others. Technology also makes it easier for these kids to focus on specific subjects they may be struggling with .

3. Developing mental muscles. Some research indicates that specific apps and games can enhance kids ability to concentrate. Other apps help kids to meditate and focus on mindfulness. If these apps do what they claim, then they not only boost brain power but can be very beneficial for children with anxiety or attention deficit issues.

4. Preparing for the future. Most of todays jobs require the use of technology Regardless of our ambitions for our children or their own goals, technology will likely be a part of their career. Kids who learn to type, communicate in online settings, and have a basic understanding of navigating and troubleshooting online problems can have a real advantage in the work force..

5. Learning (and teaching) something new. As parents, we know that when were doing something new its much easier to show than tellespecially with our kids. Technology is great for this! Whether were exploring a new language, trying a science experiment, wondering what whale poop looks like (Thank you, potty training book, for making my kids wonder that.), baking something fun, or failing horribly at a craft, tech can be a great tool to help. With parental supervision of course, weve learned how to look up video tutorials, explore Pinterest, and download apps that help us learn all sorts of new things. When we were little, we had to pile into the car, drive to the library, and check out books to learn this stuff. Now our kids have it all at their fingertips. Our kids are wired to look for information this way, and once they figure it out they can teach the rest of us parents and grandparents who might be so savvy at accessing these things.

Manjusa Ratha May 15, 2019

Technology reflects in our kids in a very positive way only when we guide towards the matter.

Deepika May 15, 2019

Technology added that extra effect in a child's learning process.

There are a lot of online apps and pages which are providing each & every information with the relevant sources.

They have to choose and click only & the content is available to read. Children can read books online and understand the concepts with the help of today's technology.

Even you can clear your doubts and get the correct answer too. For the kids, who don't have proper guidance available at home, can also understand & enhance their knowledge.

I appreciate the effect of technology on a child's learning.



We live in a competitive world, education is not the same that it used to be 20-30 years earlier. we can't deny the fact that technology has made learning easy, interesting and time saving. Technology in form of laptops, computers, videogames etc. has brought a revolution in the education system.
Concentration power of every child is not the same. He/ she may not walk pace to pace with the classroom. For these children e-learning apps are very useful. They can go through the same topic again and again till they are confident.
3-D technology and designing helps to visualize the imagination.
Technology broadens the thinking and imagination power of the children.
Projects and assignments can be made with ease.
We want are children to excel in academics, attend extra curricular activities, take part in sports and so on. They can't afford to loose time. Technology helps them to do smart work. Gain more knowledge in many area within short time.

Gyan Priyanka May 12, 2019

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Deepika May 13, 2019

Over 60-80% of all children are visual learners, technology makes it easier to supplement verbal content with pictures, graphs and videos.
The trick is to take the youngest generations addiction to technology and use it as an educational advantage. Technology based living provides a multitude of benefits to the students, they can learn at their own pace, gain technological literacy and skills useful beyond school and in the real life.
Several benefits of incorporating technology into the classroom for children include:
*engaging students to learn
*bridging gap between academics and the actual workforce
*diversification of the teaching methods
Technolgy helps educate children in best ways but free access to technology is not advisable.

Abhishek chauhan May 14, 2019

Technology can be a force multiplier for the teacher. Instead of the teacher being the only source of help in a classroom, students can access web sites, online tutorials, and more to assist them. Education doesnt stop at the end of the school day because students have access to teachers, resources, and assignments via the web and access these resources at any time. Students can also get help and tutoring at any time, whether from the teacher via email or online collaboration, or from a help web site.
Parental involvement is another factor that can increase student achievement. Most parents these days have extremely busy schedules, work different hours, and cant always help their child with homework or come to school for conferences. Technology can help. Parents can go to a class website and see what their child is working on, they can contact teachers via email and web sites, and they can even check their childs attendance and grades through online systems. They can also talk to their children from work via email and instant messaging.

Sheetal kapur May 12, 2019

My Mom is like Farida jalal
Of "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengay"
My dad being a strict Punjabi dad from a conservative family.
But my mom on every step helped me get permission from my dad
She is my super Mom she is my guide,mentor, inspiration more a friend with whom I share my secrets and always standing with me in my good and bad times.
My dad wanted me to get married after my graduation but it was my mom who stood firmly before dad and said no first she will study further be a teacher standing on her feet independent which my dad has to say yes.
Today I am whatever because of you mom.
Thanks so much for making me independent.
She is real strong women with always smile on her face seeing her positivity and energy gives me inner strength to be more strong.
Love you Mom.
You are the World best Mom.

Vidya. Shah. May 12, 2019

First & foremost with technology we become eco friendly by saving use of paper.
One can be in touch with relatives & friends, learn multiple things,search & research all that is needed without opening dictionary for spellings,google everything, a child can expand his knowledge regarding art,craft,science & everything. Technology helps a child to learn faster,become independent on tackling his problems in various subjects. Technology increases the childs knowledge too.

Muthamizh May 11, 2019

Today, May 11 is celebrated as National Technology Day. This day is vital for every Indian. The topic technology is refreshing subject to write on especially when it is in association with the child. In today's cut-throat competitive era, technology plays a crucial role in building child's lives easy and comfortable. Kids who are interacting with the screen get better, much faster, make fewer mistakes and learn quickly.
Technology aids child to learn in several ways as follows:
1. It helps in building child's Growth Mindset instead of Fixed Mindset.
2. A child can explore the world by just interacting on the screen
3. It aims to provide realistic and specific base knowledge. It's good to rely on technology source rather than human source who misguide us for their own benefit.
4. A child is able to analyze the problem and seek for the solution with the help of technology
5. A child is able to dig as much as knowledge of their passionate field to gain mastery and can survive happily in competitive era.
All in all, Use of technology in allotted time is beneficial for a child to progress sharply.

Tushar Patil May 11, 2019

I Feel, Technology has Broken Barriers for Kids. Today, We have many Success Stories of Small Kids under 6yr of Age Winning Singing, Acting, Dancing, Educational Competitions on National levels. How did they Learn ? - Via Technology (Youtube, Social Media,Internet). Today we Have Kids who can Write Complex Computing Codes Better than Engineers. Where did they Learn? From Technology. Before Technology invaded our Lives, we used to Run like Horses with Blinkers on. We got Education with Limitations. But Now, he World has Became our Oyster. No Wonder, he see so many Child Prodigies Making India Proud on a Global Stage. All Hail Technology

Tushar Patil May 11, 2019

@Tushar Patil

Loved the article

Muthamizh May 10, 2019

No matter how much we worry about screentime it's inevitable. A known evil, it does make our lives easier as mums. We do remain glued to our phones so can hardly blame our kids. However as far as learning is concerned technology seems most effective at times. While it holds attention of the child for longer duration it imparts knowledge that stays and the kids pick up navigation techniques much better than adults. I hope the negatives of technology are removed in the near future and the benefits outweigh them soon.

Sakthi Shenbagavalli May 10, 2019

When we were kids, there were so many questions in our mind which remained unanswered. For example, how far the sun is? Why cant we see penguins near our house? What is the lifespan of a dinosaur?Later we forgot that too. Some times, in order to clarify our doubts, our parents and teachers asked us some more time to refer books or other sources and meanwhile they forgot. But now, loads and loads of information available in the internet. Our kids can themselves find the answers just by talking to the Google :) If they can't find we can get it easily through technologies. Education became more interactive and entertaining when we use videos, pictures and mulimedia . Stories, rhymes, Games, Art, and Languages are made simple to learn and explore. So, without doubt, we can say,technology is a boon for our kids when we use it for learning purposes.

pooja Jayswal May 10, 2019

This era of technology cannot be denied, be it children or elders. The super fast world and moving times is the jet period where today's kids are growing up with gadgets surrounded by them. It would be bias to say that technology, specially usage of cell phones, laptops, tablets. etc ...are harmful.
Technology has its own pros and cons. Today's education system has Smart classes, many schools have total studying mythologies thru tablets. The child is exposed to gadgets from the learning place itself. So we can't deny the fact of not allowing them or ask them to cut down the screen time. As a teacher when I address my students they have quick answers, google baba has already solved their queries before they enter the class. Kids nowadays are more prompt and smart when technology is concerned. The TV flashes the adds of various apps to download for studying. But certainly kids are avoiding being outside and have play time outdoors.
So, technology is now playing an important role in children 's life.

Abhishek chauhan May 10, 2019

Theres a lot of buzz about how can technology help education. From toddlers to teenagers, kids today are more tech savvy and reliant on technology than ever before. Unfortunately, while this has its benefits, theres no denying the negative aspects. Technology overload can lead to social withdrawal, too many hours on the internet and addiction to games, smartphones and social media. So, wouldnt it be better to keep gadgets out of the classroom and stick to tried and tested teaching methods?

Well, not necessarily.

Experts agree that used the right way, technology can enhance the learning experience. And not just for students, either. But for educators, too.Of course, technology will never and should never replace flesh and blood teachers. That said, educators are steadily seeing the benefits of blended learning. And if new technologies enhance the learning experience, doesnt it stand to reason that teachers would be willing to embrace them? But how exactly does technology help teachers create a more productive and effective learning environment? And what do students stand to gain.

Riddhi Nath May 9, 2019

Technology is truly a boon for future generations.
When I say technology-I mean kiddy laptops, audio visual games, smart phones,
Different writing and reading learning apps, traditional computers and list goes long.
Using technology has interested my child to learning rhymes in different language.
She has an audio game which helps her to learn her alphabets and phonics. There are also the apps which encourage the children to learn different languages through interesting ways like story telling and develop multi linguistic skills.
Listed are only a few benefits but, if used wishfully, certainly technology has many benefits for the children.

Riddhi Nath May 10, 2019

@Riddhi Nath

Nice writing!!

Arpita Goel May 9, 2019

The moment we hear the word "technology" we start analyzing the ill-effects of technology on children. But as a mother of two kids, I understand that anything beyond a limit is harmful and the same stands for technology. Use it wisely and it will benefit you and your child immensely. Right from the basics (searching for project work, grammar or facts with google search) to advance technology usage (virtual learning through online tutions, learning apps and polishing your child's hobbies), you can use technology to your benefit to the extent you want. My daughter could actually learn Keyboard just by going through some videos.

Arpita Goel May 10, 2019

@Arpita Goel

Yes online learning is really a boon .A well written article

Sureka Eswari May 10, 2019

When our parents were young, only television was the challenge. When we were children, we had computer added to it. But now our children have mobile phones, laptop, ipad, etc.
Technology has many pros . We are able to surf any detail in it. Our children are able to hear and see stories which our grand mother told us to make us sleep.
Now we get e-books to read which saves trees and space. Our children are able to study difficult subject with easy explanations online. They no need to go anywhere, as they can study tuitions from home through online .
There are digital library for them to refer. There are lots of advancement in the technology.
But using too much of it , may crippe them too... Go out to get fresh air and play well outside, to recharge yourself to use the advanced technology.

Ishrat Khanam May 9, 2019

No denying the fact that technology has become an integral part of every individual's life. How technology affects our life that mostly depends upon us. If used wisely it will no doubt become a very good partner helping your child learn in a better way.
I am a mother of a 22-month-old son. My son is not able to use two syllable speech or language. Being parents we got concerned about this and discussed the issue with the doctor. Dr said it's normal as it mostly depends on the surroundings and how much time he spends with people using his speech and language skill. As for my child, he is left with no one at home the whole day to speak with and I am busy with my online job and sometimes with homely chores. So I got him a mobile phone where he talks with talking tom making and producing different sounds with him. Sometimes I download some videos of animals, birds, and babies. He picked up a few words from there and now he is learning letters and also he tries to pronounce it. He is also able to call the names of colors though not very clearly. He insists me using his speech trying to make me understand that he wants to see some particular video that he came across and liked. He is a child and if given a mobile phone or any other gadgets he won't feel to get part with them. So, being parents we need to look into this and allow our children to use technologies to some extent. We should put a limitation on its use. Then only technology can be useful and a helping hand for us otherwise it can affect adversely.
So I am using my brain by not making my baby completely rely on technology for each thing to learn. Yes, technology is definitely a mode that forms a part of my babies learning but not the whole! It plays a very important role keeping my son engaged while learning when we are busy with our chores.

Anita Menon May 9, 2019

Technology, definitely, plays a very important role. The latest being Artificial intelligence- the happening technological invention. But all of these if used wisely and judicially would prove to be a boon or else a curse. V do gain a lot but there is tremendous distraction. I think it creates a zero tolerance level too. While reading a book, v concentrate on only reading that book. But with you tube videos, etc ,one has no patience, keep on surfing, fast forward information, thereby missing out on minute and reliable information. Ubiquitous Blackboards are being replaced by digital boards, which can only work in places with good infrastructure like no electricity failure etc. I strongly believe that total digitalization may not be a good idea.

Shalini May 8, 2019

My son is a fuzzy eater.I used to play educational videos from YouTube to divert him and make him eat.By doing so Technology helped my son to learn many things without my help.Even before he turned 2,he learnt,numbers,colours,animals,fruits and vegetable names,and recognised alphabets too.I was in cloud nine by looking at his learning abilities.Once he entered his regular schooling he was able to excel and perform well when compared to other kids.By the time he completed his jr.kg he was able to read small sentences.Now he's 6.Its vacation time,and it's extremely hot,so I didn't enrol him in any summer camps.He can't even go out and play as well.So what I do is play drawing tutorial videos from YouTube and he's learning how to draw.But what I would suggest is "Too much of anything is not good for the child".So I have set some limitations on using smart phones.I make sure he also sleeps in the noon and plays outdoor with his friends in the evening on a daily basis.

Simi Ramesh May 8, 2019

As the belief goes everything has pros and cons ! But only if overused and abused. Technology for one, has been a tremendous support in education for children. Where once upon a time kids had to read books or learn from schools, nowadays technology especially digital, has had kids explore everything on earth and beyond . Its has helped erase doubts in mind by a mere click of a button. It has made entrepreneurs out of kids. They can now find all answers they need and even can be coached in any area of interest through the connect that technology has brought about. No wonder kids are Super kids now. Inspite of all the negative effects , positive aspects far out weigh it. Without technology, I bet, any child can only be left out if not totally ruled out . Take the positive aspects of technology and build around it and the future has unlimited scope for our children.

Nandini aggarwal May 8, 2019

So many ways technology help.firstly when i not lnow any meaning i simply google it and know answer and help my children. Any home work left i consult his friend circle and easily solve this problem.this time i watch result online ,purchase online and save time ..we can trace any route and know anything just googling.so technology make me smart.

Karpagavalli Ramesh May 7, 2019

Technology, surely blessing for children' s education.
Now a days no missing out of home work.. everything through WhatsApp msgs and parents able to follow it up.
School teachers also guide through WhatsApp group.
Doubt in lessons??no worry, anyone can teach you through zoom, Skype. Sitting in home comfortably, lessons are being taught clearly through computer.
Videos are more effective and children learn Very easily.

Chanchal Rockzz May 7, 2019

Generally Children Always learn by imitation of older. But this time technology also a Successor of Proper care for a child. Few years ago children memories rhymes by listening from mother or guide person. But this time a parent learn his by Videos of Rhymes. It very useful because children get happy to watch it and listen it. Otherwise projector help to learn and make interested to children for learn. Digital book (Ebook) help students read his favorite book anytime anywhere. Students always search his thinks from book when he want. So, Technology Very important for every children this time for similar run with this generation.

lalitgaur26 May 7, 2019

Technology is a necessity of the modern lifestyle. Every day there are new ideas and advancements in the technology as the world becomes more involved in discovering and utilizing the potential of natural resources. Technology has improved human lives significantly by providing convenience and efficiency. It has made easily possible for us to access education, communication, medicine, transportation, sports, etc.

In this fast pace and ever-changing world, technological innovations take no time in becoming obsolete. However, today for any nations development technology plays a vital role in improving its economy and the lives of the people. Technology is the present and future of this era.

Ambi Sherpa Dcunha May 7, 2019

Its wonderful experience when a child learn things by herself before we teach them.Our daughter was keen on watching tv as usual something new for them..We added Baby tv channel for her, to our surprise she learnt so much from it...baby rhymes songs,Colours, names of the fruits vegetables etc.
But we always kept limited tv time for her.Though as a parents we were always been alert what she watching is helpful to her lil mind as well.Technology has its pros n cons but depends how we use it for our benefits.

Ramya Ramaswamy May 7, 2019

Money is always an issue in education and technology can help. Virtual field trips, electronic forms instead of paper, email instead of printed memos, virtual labs, electronic textbooks, and the thousands of free online resources can all save our schools money and give students excellent educational experiences. It can also give teachers and students great resources, new opportunities for learning, ways to collaborate and create besides saving money. Thus, Technology is a very powerful tool for education. #Your100WordStory