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    Here Are 8 Important Values Every New-Age Dads Must Embody

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    As the world changes and evolves, there is a need to devise new moral codes to keep up with the times. As new-age dads, here are values you must strive to embody as role models for your children

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    Here Are 8 Important Values Every New-Age Dads Must Embody

    Until a few decades ago, bringing up children was considered the responsibility of mothers, while fathers were supposed to be the breadwinner. However, with changing times, these traditional roles have also undergone a change. This Men's Day, we take a look at how fatherhood has undergone a profound shift.

    For instance, most new-age fathers are hands-on parents. They have begun to take an active interest in the upbringing of their children and are also very conscious of what they are teaching them. As you know, one of the topmost priorities of parents is to instil values in children. While the fundamental moral values that parents should teach their children remain the same, changing times also call for newer standards of behaviour.

    As a new-age dad, here are eight values that you must embody and strive to teach your child:

    1. Drive responsibly: Driving safely is not only about safeguarding the lives of your family but also, of others on the road. Moreover, it requires you to always be calm and manage your stress better. Along with following traffic rules, some of the things you should do as a responsible driver include, stopping the vehicle if you see pedestrians trying to cross the road; blowing the horn only when necessary and not out of frustration, and never using swear words if another driver cuts you off. Remember, your children are watching your etiquette on the road and they're likely to follow your example when they are themselves old enough to drive.
    2. Care for Mother Nature: In the 21st century, where Mother Nature is suffering the consequences of excessive exploitation, the world needs environmentally conscious individuals more than ever before. It's important for every one of us to care for nature. So, roll up your sleeves and get involved in projects that are aimed at restoring our fragile ecological balance. For example, you could set up a waste segregation system within your building, neighbourhood and teach others how to use it on a daily basis. Or you could participate in afforestation drives or clean the nearby park of plastic debris. Even better, take your child along when you engage in these activities.
    3. Stay fit: There is an old saying that 'A healthy mind resides in a healthy body'. To stay fit and healthy, you should focus on at least three areas: sleep, nutrition, and activity. Try to make sure you get restful sleep regularly because a lack of sleep can cause multiple health problems; eat nutritious food; and stay active, whether it's by taking quick walks or playing your favourite sport. Doing these will not only keep you healthy but also show your child how to stay fit and take care of himself.
    4. Learn new skills: One is never too old to learn something new. And, changing times also demand acquiring newer skills. So, be prepared to learn, whether it's about learning to play a new sport or earning a professional certification or, listening to podcasts. Become a lifelong learner by trying to learn something new every day. This will also ignite the love of learning in your child.
    5. Respect women: Women are an integral part of every man's life and their contribution to the development of the world is no less than any man's. So, treat every woman around you with respect and set a good example for your child. Also, add your might to the cause of women empowerment.
    6. Avoid materialism: With increasing prosperity levels, the culture of materialism is also expanding. However, material gains don't contribute much towards making us feel happy in the long run. So, practise restraint. Buy only what you need and in such quantities that you don't end up wasting any. Discuss with your child the pros and cons of buying an item to help her understand how she can decide whether or not to buy something.
    7. Build resilience: You can't control everything in your life. Naturally, this sometimes means that you may face unpleasant situations and setbacks. However, you can certainly decide on how you will respond to such situations. If you notice that your thoughts regarding something are negative, change course and begin thinking about how you can sort things out and bounce back. Your child will be inspired by your attitude towards life.
    8. Express your emotions: Expressing emotions is an important part of being emotionally and mentally health. So, feel free to express your emotions. Remember, it is a sign of strength, not weakness. Moreover, your child will benefit from the same. She will learn that it's okay to talk about her feelings with others and how to deal with difficult emotions.

    Being a good dad requires putting in hard work every day. It also entails being an actively involved and interested parent. So, understand what your core values are and practise them regularly. This is the surest way to impart them to your children.

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