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    75 Words Parents Need to Erase From Their Vocabulary

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 25 June 2021.

    Parents, watch your words! Children are all ears when you speak - you utter one swear word and they pick it up immediately. Make sure you erase this list of words from your vocabulary.

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    75 Words Parents Need to Erase From Their Vocabulary

    "Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well." - Robin Sharma

    25-year-old Jai had a pet parakeet. It had the habit of mimicking him by repeating his words. Occasionally, much to his amusement, it would even mimic his swear words. Of course, it would sometimes be embarrassing when the naughty pet decided to put up a show and flaunt his offensive vocabulary in the presence of guests. The guests would take it lightly and pass it off with a giggle or two. Sometime later, when Jai got married and became a father, a similar instance happened. This time, it was not the parakeet, but it was Jai's adorable toddler. He happily reeled off the swear words he had heard from his dad. Jai was stunned. What was amusement earlier, in the case of his parakeet, turned to shock and a hard-hitting realization that he had to watch his words.

    What we learn from Jai's case is the importance of parents being good models for their children. Therefore, you will need to hit the 'Shift+Delete' buttons for your bad or wrong habits, if any. For, children imitate parents in most ways. They pick up both the good and the bad from their parents. One of the most important things you will need to 'Shift+Delete' is offensive, swear and taboo words from your vocabulary. Remember, the lexis of parents plays a major role in building their children's word-kit.

    Here's a list of 75 words/phrases that you would need to completely erase from your vocabulary.

    Inappropriate Slang, Offensive and Disapproving words

    1. What an idiot you are

    2. How stupid!

    3. Don't be such a fool

    4. You moron!

    5. Don't you have brains

    6. Rascal!

    7. Blockhead!

    8. When will this ever get into your thick skull

    9. You are a nincompoop

    10. What a good-for-nothing fellow you are

    11. Shameless creature

    12. Go hang (yourself)

    13. Get out of my sight

    14. Who cares

    15. As if I care

    16. I couldn't care less

    17. I don't care two hoots

    18. He's a complete nut

    19. He's such an emotional cripple

    20. It sucks!

    21. How dumb!

    22. Shut up!

    23. What kind of female is she

    24. Filthy female

    25. Such a filthy guy

    26. What a sissy you are

    27. He's a complete wimp

    28. She's such a freak

    29. It's freaking awesome

    30. This is so freaking impossible

    31. I hate the very sight of him

    32. Arrogant pig

    33. Don't be such a pig

    34. You dirty dog

    35. He's mental

    36. You lazy beggar

    37. Such a useless fellow

    38. Worthless creature

    39. Hey, fatty

    40. Hey, beanpole

    41. It costs a hell of a lot of money

    42. It was one hell of a party

    43. It's all one hell of a mess

    44. He's a half-breed

    Swear words

    45. Oh, hell!

    46. What the hell!

    47. Get the hell out of here!

    48. Life is hell!

    49. What the hell is wrong with you

    50. To hell with her!

    51. Go to hell!

    52. Damn you!

    53. Damn it!

    54. Goddamn you!

    55. I care a damn for it

    56. I just don't give a damn

    57. It's none of your damn business

    58. Where are the damn keys

    59. Damn good!

    Taboo words

    60. Bl**dy fool

    61. What the bl**dy hell

    62. That was a bl**dy good lunch

    63. What bl**dy awful weather

    64. Oh, sh*t!

    65. Bull-sh*t!

    66. Sh*t-faced creature

    67. Why are you sh*t-scared

    68. Cr*p!

    69. He's full of cr*p

    70. It's nothing but a bunch of cr*p

    71. P*ss off!

    72. He just p*sses me off

    73. I feel so p*ssed

    74. He's a stupid b*st*rd.

    75. She can be a real b*tch.

    When parents resort to using offensive and abusive language it conveys the following messages to the child:
    1.That it is acceptable to express negative emotions such as anger, rage, fury, hostility, aggression, and sarcasm through words.
    2.That it is alright to use derogatory and foul language.
    3.That it is alright to show disrespect for others by the way we address them. As a result, children will use similar language with friends, classmates, and with others in various social spaces. Also, they will use offensive language to defend themselves in conflict situations, to bully others, or just be mean. - Arundhati Swamy, Family Counselor 

    Well, choose yours well so that your children too would do the same.


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