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Devotee of Lord Ganesha? Here are baby boys names inspired by Ganapati with meanings

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Looking for Lord Ganesha names for your baby boy? You may like one from this list of Sanskrit names of the Elephant God. We have also included some modern and unique names of Lord Ganesha as well

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Devotee of Lord Ganesha? Here are baby boys names inspired by Ganapati with meanings

We call Lord Ganesh by several names in different regions of the country and all auspicious occasions start with the invocation of his revered name. Lord Ganesh is one of the most loved deities in Indian culture and parents are often inspired to give stylish and modern Lord Ganesha names for baby boys.

According to the scriptures, Ganesh has as many as 108 names and each one of them has a meaning based on his numerous virtues. Ganesh, Ganpati, Ganesha, Vinayagar, Gajanan, Pillayar, Bappa, and Shree are popularly used names of lord Ganesha.

If you are looking for Lord Ganesha names for a baby boy, with meaning, let us help you out. Here is a list of modern and unique monikers for Ganpati or Vinayaka, the God with different names, to make your work easier. If you believe in numerology, you can choose the name that matches your child's date of birth.

Lord Ganesha names in Sanskrit for baby boys

1. Aadideva

The word aadi in Sanskrit means first among all and deva stands for lord or king. Lord Ganesh, who is supposed to have many virtues, is addressed as the 'first among all Gods' or 'the first God we offer prayer to.' This is a name that invokes tradition while also being offbeat.

Numerology total 23

2. Akhuga

We all know that the elephant-headed God is depicted in Indian culture with the mouse as his vehicle. This name means 'the one who rides on a mouse.' This is an unusual name and apt for those looking for something different and yet, divine.

Numerology total 18

3. Ambikeya

Lord Ganesh's mother Parvati is also called Ambika, which means 'from the mountains.' So, the lord is named Ambikeya, which translates to 'son of Ambika' or 'of Ambika'.

Numerology total 17

4. Avaneesh

Lord Ganesh is believed to be the most superior god in the universe. Avaneesh means 'the Lord of the world' and is a nice name for a baby boy.

Numerology total 31

5. Avighna

In most Hindu households and temples, Lord Ganesh is the first one to be offered prayers because according to mythology, he has the power to remove barriers or obstacles. Avighna means 'remover of obstacles' and is a lovely name for your little one.

Numerology total 22

6. Balesh

This name means 'the one who heads or leads an army'. It is one of the many names of Lord Ganesh and makes for a cute, traditional name for your baby.

Numerology total 19

7. Balachandra

In Sanskrit, bhala stands for forehead and chandra is the moon. So the name translates to 'the God with the crescent moon on his forehead.' Lord Shiva is also referred to by this name.

Numerology total 33

8. Eshanputra

Another name for Lord Shiva is Eshan and therefore, the son of the blue-throated God is called Eshanputra. This is a lovely and culturally aesthetic name for a baby.

Numerology total 40

9. Gajakarna

As children, most of us would have heard the story of how Lord Ganesh got the head of an elephant. Gaja means elephant in Sanskrit and karna stands for ears. So, this name means 'one with the ears of an elephant'. It might be a slightly unusual name for the little one but definitely a beautiful one.

Numerology total 17

10. Gajanan

This name translates to 'one with the face or visage of an elephant'. Other similar names include Gajanand and Gajamukh.

Numerology total 17

11. Garvik

This is another name for Lord Ganesh that is connected to mother Parvati and means 'Son of Gauri.' This is a great one for parents who want a traditional name that also sounds contemporary. Garvik also means 'one with a positive attitude'.

Numerology total 15

12. Gaurinandan

The elephant God's mother Parvati is also called Gauri. So, the son of Gauri is lovingly called Gaurinandan. Another name that has the same meaning is Gaurisuta.

Numerology total 34

13. Heramb

This is a slightly offbeat name but if you want your child's name to be unique, this is the one for you. It means 'calm and composed'.

Numerology total 19

14. Kavish

The word kavi means poet and Kavish stands for 'king of the poets'. Since Ganesh is known to be the learned one, who is accomplished in all the arts, including poetry, he is also called Kavish.

Numerology total 23

15. Lambodar

The meaning of this name is 'one with a large belly.' But, it also has a deeper meaning — 'one who carries the knowledge of the world within his belly or within himself'. This refers to Lord Ganesh being a scholar. You can try this one for your bonny baby.

Numerology total 24

16. Pragnesh

Culturally, when the deity is captured in idols or other artistic representations, he is shown as someone with multiple qualities — a scholar, a poet, a warrior, a leader, and so on. That is why, he is also named Pragnesh, which means 'someone with all the qualities of Ganesh'.

Numerology total 32

17. Shubhan

This means 'auspicious'. This name is used to refer to the deity because he is invoked by his devotees on all auspicious occasions. A sweet and short name, which also sounds modern.

Numerology total 27

18. Vignesh

The ultimate remover of all obstacles is called Vignesh. Vighna stands for obstacles and distress and there are many stories in holy books that talk about Ganesh's power to clear obstacles for those who pray to him. He is often invoked before the start of a religious ceremony. Another similar name is Vighnaharta.

Numerology total 28

19. Vikat

This is a unique name for your baby. According to the holy scriptures, Ganesh is known as the one who offers moksha (salvation) to his devotees. That is why he is called Vikat, which means 'one who creates waves and gives salvation'.

Numerology total 14

20. Vinayak

This might be a slightly common name but is still a beloved one. Nayak means leader and the lord is called Vinayak because he has all the qualities of a true leader.

Numerology total 17

Unique names inspired by Lord Ganesha for baby boys

1. Vishwanetra

This is one of the 108 names of Ganesha. It means the 'Eye of the Universe'.

Numerology total 39

2. Viratpati

This is a rare name with a nice meaning. It is derived from the words Virat, which means big, and pati, which means Lord. So, Viratpati means the big god.

Numerology total 28

3. Shashwat

The meaning of this word is everlasting/perpetual/constant. Since the nature of Lord Ganesha is unchanging, he is also called Shashwat.

Numerology total 28

4. Aparajit

It means 'one who cannot be defeated'. With his wisdom and knowledge, Ganesha overcomes every obstacle. So, he is one who cannot be defeated, hence Aparajit.

Numerology total 19

5. Ekadant

When Vyasa was dictating the Mahabharata and Ganesha was writing it down, the pen broke. So, Ganesha broke one of his tusks and began writing with it. This left him with only one tusk. So, he is called Ekadant, which means 'one with a single tusk'.

Numerology total 22

6. Kapila

A smokey grey-colored cow is called Kapila. Just as ghee obtained from cow's milk nourishes us, Lord Ganesha provides us with knowledge for self-development. So, he is also called Kapila.

Numerology total 16

7. Vratapati

One of the meanings of vrata in Sanskrit is religious practices and pati means Lord. So, Vratapati means the lord of all vratas.

Numerology total 28

8. Devavrata

Before any ritual, Hindus pray to Lord Ganesha. He is the one who accepts all penances and removes all the obstacles.

Numerology total 30

9. Manomay

With his intelligence and actions, Ganesha wins the heart of everyone. So, he is also called Manomay which means the winner of hearts.

Numerology total 23

10. Tarun

Ganesha is not only a personification of wisdom but also of eternal youth. So, he is called Tarun, which means ageless.

Numerology total 18

11. Umaputra

Uma is another name for Goddess Parvati, mother of Lord Ganesha. Umaputra means the 'son of Uma'.

Numerology total 32

12. Varaprada

Ganesha is kshipra, which means easy to please, and grants the wishes of his devotees. That is why he is called Varaprada, 'one who all the wishes'.

Numerology total 26

13. Vidyadhar

The son of Shiva is learned and full of knowledge. So, he is also called Vidyadhar, which means 'one who is wise and knowledgeable.'

Numerology total 25

14. Ibhaan

Ganesha has a human body but an elephant head, which symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. He is called Ibhaan because it means 'one whose face resembles that of an elephant'.

Numerology total 15

15. Taksh

Ganesha is both strong and has a large head. However, his eyes are small and beautiful like that of a pigeon, which is why he is also called Taksh.

Numerology total 15

16. Svojas/Swojas

Parvati's son is strong and powerful and is full of knowledge and wisdom. All these qualities make him shine brilliantly. That's why he is called Svojas/Swojas.

Numerology total 21

Modern names inspired by Lord Ganesha for baby boys

1. Shivatmaj

After Lord Shiva killed boy Ganesha in a battle, he again breathed life into the boy. That's why Ganesha is called Shivatmaj, which means born from the soul of Shiva.

Numerology total 26

2. Swaroop

Ganesha is knowledgeable and has attained perfection in all spheres. He also loves beauty, which is why he is called Swaroop.

Numerology total 34

3. Sumukh

Before beginning any venture, the name of Ganesha is invoked as he removes the obstacles and blesses us with success. His face is the symbol of auspiciousness, so he is called Sumukh.

Numerology total 26

4. Tarak

Ganesh not only blesses us with wisdom and knowledge but also protects us from harm. Since he is the protector, he is called Tarak.

Numerology total 10

5. Shashivarna

This is one uncommon yet modern name. It means 'one with the complexion of the moon'.

Numerology total 33

6. Dharmik

This is another name of Lord Ganesha which we rarely come across. It means 'one who is righteous and charitable'.

Numerology total 19

7. Prathamesh

Because Ganesha is worshipped first, before all the other gods, he is also called Prathamesh, which means first among all.

Numerology total 38

8. Shwet (Shweta)

Ganapati is also shown as 'one who is dressed in white clothes and worshipped with white flowers on the shore of the 'ocean of milk'. Hence the name Shwet/Shweta.

Numerology total 23

9 . Skandapurvaja

Although Ganesha is considered the younger brother of Kartikeya, some believe that he is the elder brother. Skandapurvaja means the elder brother of Skanda (Kartikeya).

Numerology total 41

10. Ayan

Since Ganesha represents the two solstices, he is also called Ayan.

Numerology total 8

11. Ojas

Ganesha radiates wisdom and compassion. So, he called Ojas, which means brilliance.

Numerology total 12

12. Omkara

'Om' is the seed mantra and also the sound which emanated when the universe was created. Since Ganesha is worshipped first, he is also called Omkara.

Numerology total 17

13. Nirmal

This could be a suitable name for your innocent little one. It means pure and innocent/spotless.

Numerology total 16

14. Mrtyunjay

Ganesha is indestructible since he has conquered death. So, he is also called Mrtyunjay.

Numerology total 25

15. Karunya

Benevolent and merciful, Ganesha forgives the mistakes of everyone. That is why he is named Karunya.

Numerology total 18

16. Yagnakaya

This means 'one who accepts everything that is offered'. Since Ganesha accepts the offerings and is easy to please, he is called Yagnakaya.

Numerology total 16

17. Yogadeep

Ganesha has mastered the art of meditation and yoga, which is why he is called Yogadeep.

Numerology total 34

18. Haridra

If your baby has a fair complexion, this could be an apt name. It means 'one with a golden complexion'.

Numerology total 16

19. Ekaakshara

Of the 32 different forms of Ganesha, Ekaakshara Ganapati is considered the lord of the single letter "Gam". Ekaakshara means a single syllable.

Numerology total 23

20. Benak

This rare name symbolizes the two most sought-after qualities of Ganesha, creativity, and responsibility.

Numerology total 15

There are so many beautiful names for Lord Ganesh and each one is unique. Parents who are keen on honoring the deity can pick any of these names for their newborns.

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