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7 Habits of Successful Mom Bloggers

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How do mothers who are bloggers, enjoy a cult following? What do they do to manage children and work smoothly? Read on to know what makes these superwomen tick

7 Habits of Successful Mom Bloggers

Successful bloggers and successful mom bloggers are two very different things. While most of the blogging advice out there applies to mom blogs too, the challenges faced by mom bloggers are in a league of their own. So what is it that successful mom bloggers do differently, to gain a cult following and influence their followers?

Doing It All

"How do you manage to do it all?" is a question I am often asked by other moms. Nobody can do it all. But with a lot of practice and clear goal setting, you can prioritise and complete your blogging tasks efficiently. It has become very easy to start a blog with user-friendly scripts such as Wordpress, Blogger and so on. To turn that blog into a meaningful and effective resource for mothers, requires a lot of thought and even more action.

When other bloggers are busy creating content and promoting it, mom bloggers are juggling their unending chores, dealing with a sick child and getting homework completed. So how do successful mom bloggers do it all? By making changes to their lifestyle and incorporating strict work habits into their daily routines. If you do not see my blogging go haywire when my kids fall sick or my Instagram go inactive when I have guests in the house, it's because I have learned from experience to be prepared for such situations.

Of the many habits that makes bloggers excel in their chosen niche, here are seven habits of dedicated mom bloggers that make them successful:

1. Planning Ahead

Moms plan ahead for monthly budgets, big expenses and even kids exams. In the same way, successful mom bloggers plan their content ahead. You never know what the next morning might bring. It is important that your blogging frequency remains consistent. The only way you can ensure this is by planning and creating content ahead of time. Always have content ready to publish for unforeseen days and situations. Take time to learn about scheduling and schedule blog and media posts.

2. Being Themselves

The key to successful blogging is being true to your personality when communicating with your readers. That is what sets your blog apart from others and gives it that personal feel that bigger websites lack. TMom bloggers, with their packed schedules and the need to balance it all, have no time to fake being someone else. Words and ideas flow when you are being yourself. Always remember that moms follow mom bloggers and influencers because they share their personal lives and experiences. It is YOU they follow. So, just be YOU and your blog will soon have an identity as unique as yourself.

3. Managing Time

Unlike other bloggers, mom bloggers do not have many hours to spend on creating and promoting content. We work during nap times and kids' school hours. It is important to make every minute count. I have been blogging from before I became a mom and know the difference from personal experience. Cutting down on activities that waste time such as mindless browsing and chatting, gives you an extra couple of hours for serious work. Try to be quick and efficient in your everyday tasks at home and as a blogger to quickly go through your 'to do' list for the day. More about it in the next habit.

4. Being Organised

Being organised comes very naturally to mothers. We organise anything and everything around our homes and our children to make life easy. But somehow, I notice it takes a back seat when it comes to our own work. Mothers who blog and those who work from home, tend to downplay the importance of their own work by adopting a casual attitude towards it. Changing this attitude will change the way you blog. My morning begins by waking up a little before my kids and making a 'to do' list of the day's tasks. I immediately write down important dates, deadlines and tasks to be completed. Checking them off, one by one throughout the day, gives me a sense of fulfilment and a drive to achieve more.

5. Love Technology

Women, especially mothers, do not adapt very well to changing technology. Often, this leads to the downfall of a blog. Take it from someone who had it all and lost it all because she did not embrace technology. And then, gained it back when she made technology her friend. I am a proud 'techie mom' now but this wasn't always the case. I hated coming out of my comfort zone and refused to change according to the pace of the world. As a result, my blogs lagged behind and I learned the hard way that hating technology is simply not an option. Whether you hate the new operating system on your phone or can't seem to understand the purpose of the new social media network everyone is talking about, just sit down and make an effort to get well-versed with it.

Learn about new and time saving apps, try effective plugins for your blog, buy an efficient phone, allot time for social media interaction every single day, learn to take better pictures and edit them. Repeat to yourself five times a day - 'I Love Technology'. You will end up loving it and wonder how you did without it!

6. Balance Content Creation and Promotion

The word blogging immediately brings to mind writing down your endless thoughts. That is what blogging is. If you love to talk, you can blog. Talk to your readers like you are sharing ideas with them or advising a friend. If moms want to get expert advice, they will visit expert websites. If they choose to come to you, they are looking for a friendly advice from a fellow mom. Always write for the reader and not for the search engines!

Creating easy-to-read content is not enough. It is only half the job done. For your content to reach whom it is intended for, you need to promote it. Promoting your posts should be a daily habit. Always be on the lookout for places to promote your content subtly. Create content promotion strategies that are a mix of social media platforms and search engine rankings. Include both free and paid ways to bring your content to your target audience. A big mistake that mom bloggers make, is to not invest in their business. Treat your work with the respect it deserves, so you can gain from it.

7. Unite with Other Mom Bloggers

While having a supportive family is great, there is nothing like the support of fellow mom bloggers. Never underestimate the importance of community. I am a proud member of #MomBloggersUnited - a group formed for the mutual benefit of all mom bloggers in India. From blogging world rants to technical help, moms bloggers are forever ready to help each other. Looking beyond the technical and business help you receive from fellow bloggers, the company of enlightened mothers from all over the country is incentive enough. Positive and fruitful discussions on various aspects of parenting, with mothers who are leading the parent blogging niche keeps me feeling positive and motivated about both my work and my Fabulous Mom Life.

Being a successful mom blogger is about not making excuses. It is about working with the time and resources you have, and making the most of it. Constantly trying to come up with creative ideas for your blog and acting on them in the most efficient ways possible, is the key to successful mom blogging.

The author is a mother of three and Mom Blogger at http://www.FabulousMomLife.com

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