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6 common eating mistakes that make it hard for busy moms to eat well on a daily basis

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A woman juggles multiple roles in a single day. From cooking food, to dressing the children, to handling household chores, they toil hard. So, it is essential they take care of their health

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6 common eating mistakes that make it hard for busy moms to eat well on a daily basis

A woman has a large number of responsibilities and duties to attend to. For instance, a woman's role as a mother calls for a plethora of responsibilities. In the midst of rendering and carrying out several duties, they often neglect themselves. Therefore, it is essential that mothers go for a change in their lifestyle in terms of nutrition as well as fitness in the form of Yoga, Pilates, aerobics, etc. for themselves.

There are a number of eating mistakes busy moms make and this makes the role of nutrition in today's day and age even more important.

Why is nutrition important?

There is a famous saying, 'We are what we eat'. Nutrition contributes almost 80 per cent towards a healthy body. It is the fuel that gives us energy to work tirelessly day after day.

Thus, we should choose our diet carefully, keep a check on the portions to consume and watch out for excess calories. Proper nutrition should be complemented with proper physical activity and rest. Lack of sleep and irregular workout affects nutrition.

Good health is vital for all mothers:

Right after childbirth, a woman's body undergoes many changes both internal as well as external. It is a tough job and requires all mothers to be strong and healthy.

Luke Coutinho, India's leading expert in integrative and lifestyle medicine, is a firm believer in the importance of good health. "Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to coach and consult hundreds of moms across the world and this is a message I want to convey to every mom. Your "health is your wealth." Without good health, a mother cannot be the best mom she's striving to be. I always see mothers prioritizing their families before them as a result of which their health tends to deteriorate over the years taking the shape of diseases like PCOS, diabetes, anemia, obesity, thyroid, hypertension and even cancer. Put yourself first. This in no way means being selfish, this means taking out that me-time for yourself and your body, even if it's just 20 mins", says Luke.

Often, there is a belief that healthy eating is not possible in a hectic lifestyle. That's not true. All one needs is a change in mindset and a firm decision to be a healthy mom. Introspect at every point whether you are feeding your immunity or feeding a disease. You can be a super mom and meet your health goals at the same time.

Here are 6 eating mistakes moms might be unknowingly committing that might hamper their health.

Eating mistake 1: Dieting while breastfeeding

This is the worst mistake a new mom could make. This is due to two reasons: a desire to get back to shape quickly and making the most of their limited maternal leave. During this stage, a mother's body requires energy and nutrition for effective lactation. Putting the body on a calorie restriction diet is only going to backfire because this means going against hormones. Extreme dieting during that phase makes the body enter a famine mode which is stressful, as a result of which increased cortisol and estrogen levels contribute to fat gain and irritable moods. Respect your body and follow the natural process of childbirth and breastfeeding. Your pregnancy weight will shed off automatically post breastfeeding.

6 Eating Mistakes Busy Moms Make

Eating mistake 2: Stress eating

In today's age, work pressure and limited time make people reach out for foods rich in sugar, salt and fat, that give an instant high. However, this often leads to guilt, fear, more stress and overproduction of cortisol that leads to fat storage. So, what could be the solution? Women, by nature, love to share and express their challenges. A failure to express and speak out results in emotional internalization of things, which is one of the prime causes of stress eating. Make the right choice. Heal emotions with emotions and tools that work with your mind and soul like deep breathing, yoga, nature walks, positive affirmations, not with food.

Eating mistake 3: No eating schedule

Skipping breakfast due to the morning rush, eating snacks the entire afternoon and finally consuming a heavy dinner because of hunger is a sure recipe for disaster. No matter how far we have come in terms of evolution, our dinners still have to be the light. It's important to priorities daytime meals because that helps in regulating hunger hormones. At the most, it will require you to wake up an hour early to prepare your breakfast before kids get up. Do it. It's worth the effort.

Eating mistake 4: Excess consumption of tea/coffee

Constantly reaching out for stimulants such as tea or coffee mid-afternoon because of dropping energy levels is a wrong approach. A mid-afternoon slump is often due to lack of quality sleep the previous night. Caffeine is only going to stress out your adrenals, dehydrate, destroy gut health, hinder nutrient absorption and going to disturb your circadian rhythm even further. Fix your sleep pattern and follow this schedule. A quality sleep will make a world of difference with regards to your energy levels, moods, eating choices, appetite, cravings and productivity.

Eating mistake 5: Take-aways lunches at work

Convenience doesn't trump health. With outside meals, you have no control over the quantity and quality of oil, salt, tastemakers, additives, sugar, fat, etc. Meal prepping is key. Be proactive. It's better to invest a few hours in the kitchen over the weekend to plan your weekly lunches instead of ordering a cheap takeaway. Else, locate places that serve healthy options in your vicinity. If you have meetings all day long, pack an energy dense sandwich/veggie multigrain paratha that keeps you fuller for longer. Take it a step ahead, pack nuts and seeds for evening snacks as well.

Eating mistake 6: Multi-tasking while eating

Habits like checking emails while eating or eating when you are driving will not make you efficient. It will only make you sick. When it's time to eat, slow down, disconnect from technology, take a deep breath, and embrace the moment. Mindfulness while eating allows proper chewing, better digestion and absorption, portion control and satisfaction.

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Simi Ramesh May 29 2019

Luke is the latest fitness guru who has been promoting a lot of organic food and a great deal of natural products . I was really impressed by his videos and hoe s holistic approach to eating can cure a lot of diseases...More power to him and hope all busy mons take a cue from this article

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