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    Birthday party ideas for four-year-olds

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    Make your preschooler's fourth birthday party memorable by involving her in the preparations. Here's how you can go about it.

    Birthday party ideas for four-year-olds

    Plan for your child's fourth birthday celebrations on a grand scale. You can make it a special one by involving your preschooler in all the preparations, right from making the birthday decorations to helping you with preparing the birthday dishes. This will give him the chance to pick up multiple skills and have fun along the way. Remember, this one might need elaborate planning. So, start early.

    Planning time: 5-7 weeks

    Timing: Start the party at 3 p.m. and end it by 9 p.m. Include a lot of fun-filled activities for the children in these six hours.

    Guest list: All the children you know.

    Invitation ideas: Make hand-made invitation cards. You can use calligraphy pens to write them out.

    Party decoration ideas: Since the specialty of this party is that all things will be hand-made, you can involve your child in making all the decoration material - paper garlands, kites and so on.

    Start planning and creating decorations a month in advance, so that you have enough time to complete everything and are not caught up in last minute rushes. Make sure the decorations you plan to make turn out well. Take the help of an expert or refer to tutorials online to make them look top-notch and not amateurish.

    Dress code: Ask the children to wear casual and comfortable clothes. Such dresses will help them feel at ease throughout the day, as they have to take part in games and activities.

    Party menu: Make some of the snacks at home and involve your preschooler in the cooking. Bake a cake at home with nutritious ingredients.

    Music: Your music track for the day can include some popular birthday songs from films of different languages. Choose songs that will appeal to children.

    Party games and activities: Have a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities and make sure the children have:

    1. Painting items: Give items such as pots, umbrellas, t-shirts, plastic plates, etc., to each child. Provide them with all the material, including poster colours and paint brushes. Give them a theme to paint on.
    2. Treasure hunt: Children of this age will enjoy hunting for treasures, provided you keep the clues age-appropriate and the trail exciting.

    Goody bag contents: Give one goody bag with hand-made party favours to each child. Here are some ideas for party favours you can pack into the goody bags:

    • A 'thank you' card
    • Paper-quilled jewellery and bracelets
    • Pen or mobile stands
    • Clay-modelled toys

    Even if the preparations for the party are elaborate, it will be worth all the time you've spent on it just to see the children enjoying themselves. The bonus is the time you get to spend with your preschooler, getting things ready for the big day!

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