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4 crafts to keep little hands busy

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Arts and crafts are fun ways to keep children engaged. Here are four crafts that will help you keep your little one busy.

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4 crafts to keep little hands busy

Here are some fun-filled activities to keep your child engaged this vacation.

Tiger Tale

Show off this cute little tiger as your new (pup)pet!

You'll need: Paper bag, glue, scissors, a pair of googly eyes, orange colour sheet for hands and tail, black chart paper(cut into stripes), white chart paper (shaped into eyes and teeth)

  1. Start with the face. Stick the eyes, ears and tail.
  2. Stick the nose and teeth.
  3. Stick the black stripes and the paws.

Fishing Around

Time to go fishing in your own mini aquarium at home.

You'll need: Thermocol plates, white paper, pencil, glue, coloured stones, crayons, coloured or glossy green paper, blue and green glitter tubes, scissors

  1. Take one thermocol plate and colour it blue as shown in the picture.
  2. Take the other thermocol plate and cut it inside to form a ring
  3. Draw seaweeds on green paper, and fishes on white paper and cut.
  4. Paste the fishes, coloured stones, seaweeds on the plate. Use the glitter tubes to draw water bubbles.
  5. Decorate the ringed paper plate and stick it to the coloured thermocol plate. Voila! You have your own little fish tank.

Style It

Style up your own pair of shoes and add glamour to your wardrobe.

You'll need: Old pair of shoes, sticker- type fancy stones and sequins, glue

  1. Decide a pattern for your design. Start with the toe region.
  2. Continue decorating along the sides to add bling.
  3. Ensure that both the shoes have the same pattern.

Ring Toss

Bring in the carnival spirit by creating this simple loop game and invite your friends over.

You'll need: Foil roll, 4-5 paper plates, scissors, paints and paint brush

  1. Fold the paper plate into half and cut along the inner circle diameter.
  2. Paint the rings with your favourite colours.
  3. Take either a foil roll or any plastic bottle and place in the centre of the room. Start aiming.

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