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    Birthday party ideas for two-year-olds

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    Your two-year-old may be too young to understand the idea of parties. However, you can ensure that her birthday party is full of fun and serves as bonding time for the family.

    Birthday party ideas for two-year-olds

    At two years, your toddler may not understand much about the concept of birthday parties. The main purpose of a birthday party for a two-year-old is just family bonding and some fun. So, keep your ideas and planning for a birthday party simple.

    Here is a template for planning a birthday party for a two-year-old.

    Planning time: 2 weeks

    Timing: Evening is always the best time to host a party, as people would like to retire for the day after the excitement. Restrict the duration to two hours at the most as your toddler will find it difficult to stay up longer.

    Guest list: Determine the number of guests based on how your child reacts to groups of people. Toddlers may not enjoy having too many people around. Your guest list can include grandparents, relatives and close family friends.

    Invitation card ideas: Involve your toddler in simple artwork such as making vegetable prints, block prints, sponge painting, etc., to create simple invitation cards. Give them out to invitees a week ahead of the party.

    Party decoration: At this age, your child will be fascinated by colours and shapes, and you can use this to engage her imagination. Use colourful balloons and other decoration material that will catch her attention.

    Music: Play soft music in the background. Download popular birthday songs. Make a loop of other popular songs and let the music run. Have a few popular dance numbers which the guests will enjoy.

    Party menu: Make miniature-size food items of different shapes and colours. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Mini sandwiches
    • Small transparent pots of colourful jellies
    • Fruit tikkas on small-sized toothpicks

    Party games and activities: After food, exciting games and activities form the main attraction of any party. So, here are a few ideas:

    • Ball-bucket game: In this game, you need to throw the ball and make it fall inside a bucket kept at a distance. This is a game your toddler will enjoy, and so will other children.
    • Dance bash: Who does not enjoy an energetic dance session? Your toddler will love it, too. Have a good choice of songs, and make sure that they are appropriate for children.

    Goody bag contents: Give out a goody bag with party favours to each family. Here's what can go into a goody bag:

    • A small memento
    • A personal gift for each member of the family

    More tips:

    • Be mindful of your child's mood and attend to her. You do not want any temper tantrums to spoil the fun.
    • Ask people for their preferences for food and music before you make the party arrangements.
    • Do not forget to give out prizes to winners of each game.
    • Be careful while handling candles and knives.

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