20 Baby Names Inspired By Lord Ganesh

If your little one has just come into the world, this is the best time to get inspired by the Elephant God. Here are some interesting suggestions for naming your newborn after him

By Team ParentCircle

20 Baby Names Inspired By Lord Ganesh

We call him by several names in different regions of the country and all auspicious occasions start with the invocation of his revered name. Lord Ganesh is one of the most loved deities in Indian culture and parents are often inspired to name their child after the God of all beginnings.

According to the scriptures, Ganesh has as many as 108 names and each one of them has a meaning based on his numerous virtues. This Ganesh Chaturthi, if you are looking for an ideal name for your baby, let us help you out. Here are some unique monikers of Lord Ganesh that we have chosen to make your work easier --

1. Ambikeya -- Lord Ganesh’s mother Parvati is also called Ambika, which means from the mountains. So the lord is named Ambikeya, which translates to ‘son of Ambika’ or ‘of Ambika’

2. Vikat -- This is a unique name for your baby. According to the holy scriptures, Ganesh is known as the one who offers moksha (salvation) to his devotees. That is why he is called Vikat, which means the one who creates waves and also gives salvation.

3. Aadideva -- The word aadi in Sanskrit means first among all and deva stands for lord or king. Lord Ganesh, who is supposed to have many virtues, is addressed as the ‘first among all Gods’ or ‘the first God we offer prayer to.’ This is a name that invokes tradition while also being offbeat.

4. Akhuga -- We all know that the elephant-headed God is depicted in Indian culture with the rat as his vehicle or charioteer. This name means ‘the one who rides on a rat.’ This is an unusual name and apt for those looking for something different and yet, divine.

5. Balesh -- This name means the one who heads or leads an army. It is one of the many names of Lord Ganesh and makes for a cute, traditional name for your baby.

6. Gaurinandan -- The elephant God’s mother Parvati is also called Gauri. So the son of Gauri is lovingly titled Gaurinandan. Another similar name, which has the same meaning is Gaurisuta.

7. Avighna -- In most Hindu households and temples, Lord Ganesh is the first one to be offered prayers because according to mythology, he has the power to remove any barriers or obstacles before anything important is started. Avigna means remover of obstacles and is a lovely name for your little one.

8. Garvik/Gaurik -- This is another name for Lord Ganesh that is connected to mother Parvati and means son of Gauri. This is a great one for parents who want a traditional name that sounds contemporary. Garvik also means one with a positive attitude.

9. Pragnesh/Pragnay -- Culturally, when the deity is captured in idols or other artistic representations, he is shown as someone with multiple qualities -- a scholar, a poet, warrior, a leader and so on. That is why, he is also named Pragnesh, which literally means a person with all the qualities of Ganesh. Another similar name is Pragnay.

10.Bhalachandra -- In Sanskrit, bhala stands for forehead and chandra is the moon. So the name translates to ‘the God with the crescent moon on his forehead.’ Lord Shiva is also referred by this name.

11. Gajakarna -- As children, we have all heard from our grandparents and parents, the story of how Lord Ganesh got the head of an elephant. Gaja means elephant in Sanskrit and karna stands for ears. So this name means the one with the ears of an elephant. It might be a slightly unusual name for the little one but definitely a beautiful one.

12. Eshanputra -- Another name for Lord Shiva is Eshan and therefore, the son of the blue-throated God is called Eshanputra. This is a lovely and culturally aesthetic name for a baby.

13. Khavish -- The word kavi means poet and Khavish stands for king of the poets. Since Ganesh is known to be the learned one, who is accomplished in all the arts, including poetry, he is also called Khavish.

14. Shubhan -- This means auspicious. This name is used to refer to the deity because he is invoked by his devotees on all auspicious occasions. A sweet and short name, which also sounds modern.

15. Avaneesh -- Lord Ganesh is believed to be the most superior god in the universe. Avaneesh means the Lord of the world and is a nice name for a baby boy.

16. Vignesh -- The ultimate remover of all obstacles is called Vignesh. Vigna stands for obstacles and distress and there are many stories in holy books that talk about Ganesh’s power to clear obstacles for those who pray to him. He is often invoked before the start of a religious ceremony. Another similar name is Vighnaharta.

17. Vinayak -  This might be a slightly common name but is still a beloved one. Nayak means leader and the lord is called Vinayak because he has all the qualities of a true leader.

18. Heramb -- This is a slightly offbeat name but if you want your child’s name to be unique, this is the one for you. It means calm and composed.

19. Gajanan -- This name translates to ‘the one with the face or visage of an elephant.’ Other similar names include Gajanand and Gajamukh.

20. Lambodar -- The literal meaning of this name is ‘the one with a large belly.’ But it also has a deeper meaning -- the one who carries the knowledge of the world within his belly or within himself. This refers to Lord Ganesh being a scholar. You can try this one for your bonny baby.

There are so many beautiful names for Lord Ganesh and each one is unique. Parents who are keen on honouring the deity can pick any of these names for their newborn and make this festival memorable