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#YOUR100WORDSTORY: October 2019


#YOUR100WORDSTORY: October 2019

TOPIC: How to make our children more environment-conscious citizens? Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Contest Closes on 29th September 2019. ... more

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  • Oct 9, 2019


Team ParentCircle Dec 13, 2019

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Team ParentCircle Dec 17, 2019

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Congratulations Winners!

Team ParentCircle Dec 17, 2019

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Truly the winners deserve this!! Hearty congratulations and keep writing and posting!!

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Your write-up is indeed a good one . Keep writing and engaging in our circles.

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Congratulations to the winners !

Sakthi Shenbagavalli Oct 23, 2019

Environmental consciousness is directly proportional to the love for nature. Developing the feeling of gratitude and love towards the nature from the early childhood is vital. When a child observes and understand the mercy, blessings and kindness provided by the mother nature, will understand the environmental issues clearly. Age appropriate environmental education and conversations will be effective.
1. During the sensory motor stage ( 1-3), we can help kids to explore by making them to taste the rain, smell the earth, showing them how plants and animals grow, walking over the grasses and hear the sea waves.
2. During their preschool years( 3-6), conversations about the environmental awareness could be effective. Additionally Training them towards zero food wastage, minimal water wastage, zero plastics and garbage segregation is essential. Rewards can be given if they practice and make these happen in their routines
3. During their elementary school days(7-13), providing them books related to environmental awareness , visiting national parks and sanctuaries will improve their consciousness. Conversations about consumerism, waste management and sensible utility will help children to think twice before buying or throwing out a commodity.
4. During adolescent period ,children can be encouraged to participate in community services, volunteering in awareness camps, membership in nature club which will provide them more knowledge and ideas towards environmental protection. Reusability, recycling and sustainability topics could be discussed which will help them to come with innovative ideas.

It's our duty to model and make them realize that human being are a part of nature and not mere cconsumers of this planet.

Sakthi Shenbagavalli Dec 17, 2019

@Sakthi Shenbagavalli


Sakthi Shenbagavalli Dec 17, 2019

@Sakthi Shenbagavalli

Thank you so much :)

V.Poorna Kameswari Oct 10, 2019

Parents the first teachers and home being the first school, effective way of teaching children is practicing not preaching. Wastage of water by a mother in the kitchen sink and father while shaving, fail to emphasize the significance of water. Play-time activities include making toys with artificial clay which instead be replaced by encouraging kids to play with natural clay and engage in planting saplings, teaching them the germination processes that deepen their awareness on the cycle of harvest thus giving them the exhilarated feel of new life sprouting in their care. Outing may not be to malls and extravagant luxurious places but to farms and local wilderness thats not only economical but promotes physical activity. Promote kids to walk or cycle down the lane for short distance shopping by using self-made paper carry bags and cloth bags. As little drops make an ocean, starting with little things gives back a green environment.

V.Poorna Kameswari Oct 10, 2019

@V.Poorna Kameswari

@Poorna Kameswari, You have nicely brought out how we can make a beginning at home by being a role model for children. Stress on self made paper bags by children will also change their mindset so that they think of danger caused by plastic. Good ideas worth implementing.

V.Poorna Kameswari Dec 17, 2019

@V.Poorna Kameswari


barghavi Oct 22, 2019

Children are the future citizens of the country and hence it is essential that their mindset is moulded right from a young age. When we talk about environment , let's not start by telling them about green house gases and chloro floro carbons or the need for industries to install equipments. That would infact bore them. Might sound rude but its a fact. Let's start by instilling in our children a love for nature first. Tell them the name of the flower they saw in the park. Tell them what petrichor fragrance means. Tell them why birds chirp in the morning and how sadly some are going extinct. Make them smell the fragrance of soil and tell them to make their own diyas with it for diwali.(Don't kids love crafts anyway?) Tell them the story of a mermaid who changed oceans coz the marine ecosystem changed. Or the Polar bear whose fur turned black coz the temperature was messed up. Make them visualize Thor's hammer as the greenhouse gases striking the ozone layer and Captain America's shield as its protector. (Hey, a little imagination always works for kids!)Tell them those earthworms are their pets so they need to feed them well on the garden soil. Organic over artificial. Tell them these little things first......its these things that will make them love and take care of big things later. Big changes have small beginnings first. A love for small things will grow into care for an overall environment as children grow up. Remember, the universe is vast, but it starts with us. Within us.

barghavi Dec 17, 2019



Manish Saxena Oct 12, 2019

How to make our children more environment-conscious citizens

Environment is the nature where we all have grown up.
Children today are taught about various activities at school from competing with each other to score better ranks. As parents, they forget to teach children about the place where we breathe, where we play and have a livelihood. Children play and pluck leaves of plants and that is the time when a elder or someone must make him aware that the plant is the reason for us to breathe in clean air.
Children taught things at early age grasp things better..
By teaching them to sow a seed watering it and see it grow will push him closer to nature and environment.
When they throw things or dirty the place tell them to clean it themselves by saying that they will be rewarded if they always keep surroundings cleaner.
Teach them about behaving well with animals as well. Don't teach them to shoo them away.
These are some of the ways in which a child can be made environment conscious as he grows up.

Manish Saxena Oct 12, 2019

@Manish Saxena

A really inspiring article and the various tips to make children environment friendly . Our country needs future eco champs

Manish Saxena Nov 26, 2019

@Manish Saxena

Please refrain from copying what other writers and participants have written. ParentCircle is strictly against plagiarism.

barghavi Oct 29, 2019

As parents, we should show greater commitment and care to the nature. Parents are the first role models of children. So if we love and protect our environment and our fellow beings, the little ones in our home would love the rivers, the hills, the trees, the animals and the insects around them.

Let the children experience the importance of rivers, trees, etc. from an early age. Take your kids to a playing ground on a sunny day and speak to them how trees protect us from the scorching sun. We can mould our children into more environment concious by giving them such real life experiences.

Pooja Priyamvada Oct 29, 2019

Ria was looking out of their glass balconu at the neighbor's kids bursting crackers, they seemed to be having lots of fun. We didn't burst any crackers and in spite all that her teacher had told her about p-o-l-l-u-t-i-o-n her 6 years old heart was so tempted to play with those shiny, noisy things.
I realised she was becoming sad about it. I called her inside and asked her to see if Zeus had finished his meal yet. Ria half-heartedy went and came back all concerned-"Mumma the noises are making Zeus sick, dogs have sensitive ears na? Glad we don't do crackers, a little less noise for him!" Ria wasn't sad about herself now but concerned about Zeus, the festival had made her more compassionate, it was a success.

tejaswini medatwal Oct 29, 2019

1. The most important thing you can do to make your child aware of the environment is to spend time in it with them.
2.Your child spends most of their time at home, so talk to them about how you can save energy and resources on a day to day basis.
3.Encourage your child to choose loose fruit and veg rather than those in plastic packages. Look at the origins of food and talk about the effect of food miles.
4.Get them to help you wash, squash and recycle household rubbish and talk about where it goes and why its better than sending it to landfill.
5.Get in touch with local garden centres and environmental organisations, too, as these often run holiday activities for children.
6. Do your bit in the war on plastic by choosing no-waste packaging for your childs lunchbox. Use reusable bottles rather than disposable juice cartons. Use plastic boxes or beeswax wrapping for sandwiches and rolls.

It may seem small, but by doing just a little bit , your child will be helping to look after the planet that theyll be living on long after weve gone, .

Pratima Oct 28, 2019

Raising eco-conscious children requires more consciousness in adults who only preach and dont practice. If adults stop providing luxury to their children and are more mindful of - turning the lights and fans off while leaving the room, using A/C at a low during the nights, value time with nature more than electronic gadgets, involve in DIY projects along with their children to recycle products, encourage bicycles use more than vehicles, develop a love for animals and gardening; then we can surely hope for a major shift in conserving our environment. So, lets begin to be more conscious while raising children to be more eco-conscious.

Jayanti Majumdar Oct 28, 2019

Children's brain is just like an empty room. To them entire surrounding is like a shopping mall. whatever they get upto their choice they put those things into their vacant rooms. Thus it is our duty to provide them all essential informations in an attractive manner. If we want to make them more environment conscious we must be more equipped in this matter.We shouldn't make them stressed or compel them to follow us because it is their nature to follow us. So our appropriate steps and approaches can motivate them to be an environment conscious citizen.

Saranya Oct 27, 2019

Today's millennials are inclined towards gadgets and almost 95 percent of them are tech and media savvy. In this era of smartphones and internet, every parent and teacher must indulge their wards to shoulder responsibilities that are tied up with regards to protecting our mother Earth. The young minds are always more susceptible and influenced towards the positive happenings occurring around them and they genuinely practice them when nurtured in a right way and in an apt atmosphere. The best practical ways could be adapted as their habits right from their childhood. It includes maintaining an eco-friendly ambience by planting more trees, organic farming, using bio-degradable products, involving in support activities in voluntary self help groups to develop clean and smart cities. Also knowledge could be imparted through best practices books, group activities in schools and educative videos.
In a nutshell, the younger generation are the building blocks of a society and the future leaders of our nation. So the onus of every citizen should be in transforming them into successful Samaritans for yielding a better civilized and an intellectual nation.

Mayuresh Revankar Oct 26, 2019

The importance of conservation of environment is imparted to students in schools and colleges in the form of subjects. Practical exposure can by given by conducting annual events of seed sowing, in gardens and thus in the process we can introduce the students with the required knowledge of how to conserve the environment.

Chanchal Rockzz Oct 26, 2019

Children are similar things like a little sapling. Need to take very care for ahead his/her life to right way. Environment is a big factor for make good future of childrens. Firstly need listen to listen the biography of psychic as a story from parents or others people of house. It help to make kindness, truthful mind. Guardians always stay consciousness for children never seen or get interested in jealousy matter in real life of family or by Story or TV, always need to indicate moral things like help others without any expectations of return. Must Need self understanding of parents, because a child regularly see his parents activities and parent understanding is deciding children mind for future. everyone of house need respectful mind for older, because children imitating behaviour of Elders. So, my thoughts need take care not only children, need to learn and understanding parents and other elder guridian also for give a bright future to childrens with cultural mind.

Lahari Oct 26, 2019

Children are very innocent and creative in many ways. They do not learn everything we teach them. Children follow us and mimic us at most times. Today's children are tomorrow's children.
Yes, I agree.
It is in our hands to follow environmental friendly aspects so as children can learn from examples. One act of goodness creates ripples. Such as one way to teach them the best way to save our tomorrow is by following eco-friendly methods. Environmental consciousness enlightens only when seen and felt the difference with and without it.
Make your kids eco-friendly with the best example by you.

Amrita Mallik Oct 26, 2019

We should begin with Conserving energy to make children environment-conscious. We should focus on sprouting of positive energy. Instead of blasting of negative energy for sometime let the slow but steady growth of positivity overcome majority of problems around us. That will pave the way for environment friendliness.
Next, to become a friend to Nature we should live close to it. Perhaps the best way to do it is go for fresh natural foods. Involving them in cooking, and showing them the natural packaging will be fun. Besides, they can recycle and perform their deeds to help their friend Nature.

Rubi Basant Oct 23, 2019

Save Environment Save Life
There were two friends lived in a village.
They used to go to school everyday.
One day they were going on the way to school they felt smell around them .They followed the direction and found a died animal is found aside road . Then one friend asked him to call elder one who could call to Nagar Nigam Office and they will pick up the body of animal and environment would be safe to breath. Other replied YES, this is our duty to keep clean our environment. If we didn't do this than other were suffered with same polluted air.
As soon as a worker reached and picked up that dead animal and took out to the village.
Villagers saw activity done by two friends and they followed the same and protect their village from various pollution.
The lesson is First we should take a step other will follow the same.
If we give advice to other they won't follow.
If we do the thing they will sure follow.
Thank you

Akash Roy chowdhury Oct 23, 2019

I believe its by becoming an example, taking the time to explain to our kids the why and the how, and answering the many questions that come up in those conversations that we can help them grow up into open, conscious citizens. Children are like sponges. They are constantly soaking up information and processing it at an astounding rate. Of course, we all learn during the entire course of our lives, but think about it; the older we get, the more this process becomes complex. Children learn a lot by imitating and modeling behaviors. If you want to teach your children how to live a sustainable life, its essential that your actions match your words. Sometimes the most powerful way to impart your values isnt to lecture them about waste reduction. Instead, teach them how to compost, how to reuse, how to recycle. Involve them in your everyday actions, talk to them about the ways your family could reduce its environmental impact and ask for their input.Childrends can get excited about caring for the planet and learn that individual actions can be both big and small and can make a real difference.

Vijayalakshmi krishnan Oct 22, 2019

To inspire a child about our environment we should be a role model .we should explain the child how each and every organisms are dependent andhow the abiotic factors linked with us..first every one should realise that we are liable to our children and grandchildren because they are going to live here in the future.this goes like a cycle.so it is better to keep our environment clean and pass this to next generation.to start with now days i started carrying a cloth bag where ever i go.eeing this my daughter remained me and gave me the cloth bag which i forgot to take when went for shopping...even during Dasara as eco friendly return gift i gave cloth bags so these type of gestures can motivate our younger generation in the right direction.

Vaghela Geeta l. Oct 22, 2019

Children are the future of our country. Bachche agar samaj jayenge ki yeh paryavaran hamare bhavishy ko kaise prabhavit kar sakta hai to future me hame awareness abhiyano me vakt Jaya nahi Karna padega... Bachcha agar kooda dustbin me hi dalta hai,gandagi nahi failata hai, hath mooh dhone ka karan aur tarika samaj Leta hai, plastic ka use nahi karta hai ya use karne par itarata hai to samaj lena ki hamara bachcha environment consius hai... Agar pani ka nal bina vajah chalu nahi rakhata hai aur is sal barish nahi aayi, kam aayi ki jyada aayi... Aisi bato me intrest Leta hai to samajiye ki Bharat ka bhavishy ujjaval hai... Iske liye bachcho me sirf aadat banayenge... JAY HIND

Stuti Jha Oct 22, 2019

This is true that children is future of our country.So it is necessary to build our children for creation of our country.And if we talking about requirements then I think education is the basic requirement to develop our children.I use to see in a regular basis many children sell toys and bollons or beging for fulfill their need then I realised they need education,basic education for seek of our country.Then after we talk about environment.If child beggar remove and each and every student should go school then it creates basic environment for responsible citizen.

Pooja Goyal Oct 22, 2019

The best way to make our kids conscious about our environment is to be a good role model ourself.By showing them that we care and respect the nature, definitely our kids will do the same.we can help our kids to plant a tree at least once in a month. Can encourage them to set up a bird feeder on roofs of our house.always use jute bags or other clothes bags rather than plastic bags.Remind kids to turn off lights when they are not in use,power down laptops or desktop,turn off T.V when nobody is not watching.Always buy rechargable batteries for electronics toys and teach them how to care for and recharge them.This reduce garbage and keeps toxic metals away.Reduce the amount of stuff your use.,reuse the stuff as you can. The garbage that can be recycled ,sell that at particular place.Start composting biodegradable waste.tell them how costly to pure water..and how can we save water.Always use bicycle if possible than bike or cars etc.Thus There are many ways but first we must include these ways in our routine then our kids surely will follow these ways and in result our environment will remain healthy and safe.

Rina Anilkumar Verma Oct 19, 2019

Children are lovely gift given by God. This is a gift wrapped in packet which you can't tear up but if you follow some simple principles you can guess it. First of all you shouldn't compare your child with your past and with anyon .Try to be a friend of your child instead of a parent. Friends what I think, things become complicated if we think too much about our child, let them grow naturally friends because I think it's the best thing to let them understand the environment aspar their capacity. I told my two children to burn anyone thing with Ravan dahan guess what they wrote on the page elder son wrote pollution and younger son wrote terrariums. We as a parent surprised because we never try to make them aware intentionally but still how? Simple friends we talk about it in simple way discuss with them in general but not as global issues. We can make them aware of everything as simple as we can. I have read a wonderful sentence in hindi and try to act always on it ??? ??? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ??, ?? ?? ?????? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ?

Rina Anilkumar Verma Oct 22, 2019

@Rina Anilkumar Verma

Waah, kya badhiya article hai! Sometimes we unknowingly instill good values in kids. Parents and adults have this responsibility to set an example for kids to follow! Good job dear

Parul Bhimani Oct 20, 2019

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Parul Bhimani Oct 22, 2019

@Parul Bhimani

Bilkul sahi ! Mata pita se hi toh bachchein seekhte hain .Bahut badhiya lekha lika hai.

Suprabha Chatterjee Oct 20, 2019

We are bless that we have beautiful earth,which is the only colourful planet.But if we don't protect it's glory it will one day become black and white.For this not only we but our next generation should carry this responsibility.mentioning below how we can make our children environment-conscious citizen:
1By removing use of plastic.when they will see we carry our own bags from home while shopping and avoid plastic bags.
2.planting more plants with them and time to time watering them.this will increase their physical activity and hence distract from world of mobile.
3.we can do task of preparing clay pots.Also increase use if clay material , wooden and tinned materials since they decompose.
4.sometimes in weekend ,we can take our kids in outing to handloom exhibition and tell them importance of paper and leaf plates.
5.we can play indoor games of making paper and leaf plates.Also sometime use leaf plates to eat at home.This will reduce domestic work and when decomposed become fertilizer for plants.
6.During Diwali we can light clay diyas and teacj them cons of burning crackers.It disturbs human beings ,animals,birds polluts water,land,air.spoils trees and also wastage of money.we can play games with balloons and pin them to have fun.purchase toys, sweets dance,song to have fun on Diwali Eve.

Suprabha Chatterjee Oct 22, 2019

@Suprabha Chatterjee

Do many lovely ideas to keep kids engaged and enhancing their knowledge about organic living and environment friendly way if life!!Cool write up

Mrs vallimurugan Oct 22, 2019

One challenge we face today is to ensure that we lead sustainable lives. It is imperative to bring kids into that space and teach them about making eco-friendly choices.
For children, anything that is presented as fun and games is always exciting. Start with creating a compost pit in our own house.It would register far better with children when they learn that it is somebody elses food.
With awareness, there has an emphasis on reducing and gradually stopping the use of one-time plastic, which includes plastic straws. Schools are also reiterating this time and again. Use the summer holidays to come up with innovative solutions to the usage of plastic straws. Experiment with various eco-friendly materials and make some straws at home.
Introduce them to organic foods early on. Ensure that you explain to them what organic means and why it is important for us to try and buy this whenever possible. If you have the option of growing your food, then do explore that.
Children need to be taught to tidy up after themselves; whether it is after playtime or mealtime. After a meal, ensure that your child rinses the plate before leaving it in the sink as tough stains require more water to rinse off.
We know that water is the elixir of life. Encourage kids to carry their bottle of water and what better than a clay bottle. It ensures that the water remains cool for a longer time.

You could also teach them to make lemon juice and carry it with them when they step out. It will ensure that you do not buy the aerated drinks that are sold in plastic bottles.

While it is essential to encourage children to plant saplings, do take them regularly to visit the site where it was sown and watch the tree grow.

Mrs vallimurugan Oct 22, 2019

@Mrs vallimurugan

It was indeed nice to read your write up. Compost pit and education about organic stuff will take kids knowledge a grade higher. Keep writing!

Urmila Oct 22, 2019

We are bless that we have beautiful earth,which is the only colourful planet.But if we don't protect it's glory it will one day become black and white.For this not only we but our next generation should carry this responsibility.mentioning below how we can make our children environment-conscious citizen:
1By removing use of plastic.when they will see we carry our own bags from home while shopping and avoid plastic bags.
2.planting more plants with them and time to time watering them.this will increase their physical activity and hence distract from world of mobile.
3.we can do task of preparing clay pots.Also increase use if clay material , wooden and tinned materials since they decompose.
4.sometimes in weekend ,we can take our kids in outing to handloom exhibition and tell them importance of paper and leaf plates.
5.we can play indoor games of making paper and leaf plates.Also sometime use leaf plates to eat at home.This will reduce domestic work and when decomposed become fertilizer for plants.
6.During Diwali we can light clay diyas and teacj them cons of burning crackers.It disturbs human beings ,animals,birds polluts water,land,air.spoils trees and also wastage of money.we can play games with balloons and pin them to have fun.purchase toys, sweets dance,song to have fun on Diwali Eve.

Urmila Oct 22, 2019


Such a thoughtful write up.Diwali is around and so this is more important to be environment conscious.Good article!

Amit parihar Oct 19, 2019

Before make our child environment conscious first we make bench mark for child.because mainly child is copy activity of parents, teachersand friends.we have to envolve them for gardening ,watering plants.explain the benefits of green environment also tell harm of deforestation .also give warning if they not care about trees then what is there future even no oxigen,no water how we can breathing in good atmosphere.bring one pot for gardening and give full responsibility to your child for watering and others.

Amit parihar Oct 22, 2019

@Amit parihar

You have correctly emphasised the need for responsible kids . The future lies in their hands after all

Neha Oct 17, 2019

Parents can play pivotal role in making their children environmentally conscious citizens by-
1.Setting An Example,Parents should preach as well as practice eco-friendly habits.Children will imitate and follow their most powerful role model(parents).
2.Making child spend more time in gardens,playgrounds and open spaces so that they experience ,appreciate nature's bounty and develop emotional affinity and hence a protective approach towards mother nature.
3.Making them aware about several critical environmental issues by showing them pictures, videos and documentaries from a young age.
4.Teaching them the art of carefully controlling waste and making best out of waste.Learning and practicing 3Rs- REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE.

Neha Oct 22, 2019


The 3 Rs ...A mantra for life! Keep writing and sharing .

Devi Oct 14, 2019

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher strom but to add colour to my sunset sky" Rabindranath Tagore.
When we look deep into Tagore's quote we merely enjoy the poet's belief in nature and the way he brings the beauty and understanding to life.
According to my opinion our children are more conscious of their surroundings
right from the mother's womb where they have been learning and observing the
environmental facts which inturn supports them to enter a new world.
It clearly picturizes their resiliency towards any situations.
Children always excel in observing every nuances in the nature. The elements present in nature facilitate the learning process to them unconsciously.
Their conscious of nature should be inherited instead of being taught.
Being an adorable citizen our activities should be a catalyst for the younger world to become an environment friendly.
To conclude
"Nature is not an engineer or a contractor. I myself am a part of nature"
as said by Albert Einstein. Our primary duty is to create asthetic sense and to appreciate nature. Embed the thought that they are the integeral part of nature also the guardian of nature.

Devi Oct 22, 2019


Kids are really very observant, and our duty is to create good example for them.nicely written!

Namrata Singh Oct 14, 2019

This is written by my daughter kavya Singh
Young author,young poet.
Please go through it.
Our earth is getting warmer. Changing of climate has been a challenge for us as well as animals. Can you think whats going to happen in next 50years.we won't be able to see all speices on Earth.
Yes! Its a big question as we see some of the animals are no longer.
Wildlife species are needing increasing protection due to changing ecosystem and habitat loss. Animals are experiencing loss due to human behavior like building factories, deforestation,increased greenhouse emissions.
Animals are ready to change their habitat but we humans are going somewhere selfish.unlesswe don't make some radical change Global temperature will, continue to rise, so lets take a pledge to make our earth and environment safe for all. If not now we will be Soon seeing a dramatic result in our life cycle.
Kavya Singh.
Grade 4

Namrata Singh Oct 22, 2019

@Namrata Singh

Kudos to your young champ. Beautiful poem

Sita Oct 15, 2019

"Mom why are you filling only half bucket?"Asked Rishi. "You are so small why do you need full bucket of water? We are using water wisely, so that you can always have water to take bath, not only today," Said Sneha who is an environment conscious mom. She knows very well that if she doesn't behave responsibly her son will never be responsibile towards environment. She uses the leftovers to form compost, stopped using polythene the day it was banned, uses the aquagaurd's unfiltered water for cleaning home and watering plants, she loves walking to nearby market and prefers can, her argument is - when so many are waiting with full tanks why waste more petrol! Her husband is also keen on trying new methods like using two dustbins at home, though it took a while for the whole family to get accustomed.
Until we as parents don't become responsible and practical about being eco friendly, we can't make our kids do anything for themselves. Rather we won't be leaving them anything at all, except for artificial habitats which might take in if this continues. So be the change and guide your kids who will eventually learn by watching you.

Sita Oct 22, 2019


Beautiful example to bring up kids. Well explained

Roopa M Oct 19, 2019

When people move to developed countries, they automatically throw trash in dust bins, dont spit, clean the table, push the chairs, hold the door for others, stand in lines, use the magic words-please,thank you, and sorry, dont pluck flowers and fruits from others gardens, and are respectful of nature and others property. Their entire demeanour - mannerisms and behaviour change dramatically. They adapt very easily. It shows its not difficult for ourselves to lead a certain kind of lifestyle that we want our children also to follow.
As the proverb goes-It takes an entire village to raise a child-parents are instrumental in shaping a childs personality, but we cannot deny the importance of a healthy community and clean environment. Teachers, siblings, friends, and all the people children interact with, have an impact on them. The govt. should provide citizens ways to dispose their garbage and also safe roads and sidewalks. Efforts are on everywhere as we can see and soon our future generation will be an environmentally conscious society as a whole.

Roopa M Oct 22, 2019

@Roopa M

Very well written with quotes and example to lead our kids!

Vibha Deshpande Oct 18, 2019

To make our children environment conscious is one of the important tasks of a parent. The child must first know what is environment and how it benefits us. Just educating theoretically won't help kids. Being practical and demonstrating environmental factors and resources is important. Like letting them play out in sunshine, in the muddy grounds, let them out in rain once in a while. All this makes them explore newer things.
Another important step is utilisation of our resources. This can start as a small step like turning off taps after use or using water whenever necessary without wastage, turning off lights amd electricity devices when not in use, not to waste food, plant as many plants. All these can lead to understanding of environment in a better way. Making activities curious and interesting like wouldn't a kid be interested see a plant grow from the time of seed planting until it grows big. All this depends on us parents as to how we portray our love for environment and also make it a habit rather than making an event out of environment management. Because habits are easily inculcated and wouldn't be hard to follow later on in life. So, it all depends on our creativity to make kids fall in love with environment and also protect and nourish it with love and care.

Ash Oct 17, 2019

A child born must have the right to touch its bare feet on earth then only they can hear the voice of the earth. He should be free to explore its surroundings. Their external environment along with human inference can teach him what they should do with nature.They should be taught to not to throw stones at street dogs, not to kill ants,not to make dragonflies take stones, not even to pluck a leaf. They must be aware about what is right and what is wrong. Children learn things from elders so it is better to make a change among us than forcing them to change.

Padma Yuvaraj Oct 17, 2019

Well, children always emulate elders and that's were our parenting is put to task of taking care of our mother Earth. There seems to be paradoxical avenues , when it comes to do soulful acts of big and small towards nature and that's exactly my hubby did of keeping water in a bowl for thirsty birds. Especially during summers , he keeps him busy along with my daughter to quench the thirst of colourful birdies. My daughter too understands the balance of nature in a nut shell of her father's spontaneous act of loving environment do wonders in its entirety of nature.....

Rashmi Ranga Oct 17, 2019

"Love" is the only feeling which can transform the world and if the love towards mother nature is developed among the kids, they will become environment conscious automatically, parents can inspire theirs children in following ways:-
1. Out of sight, is out of mind so there is need to provide environment friendly atmosphere, there can be visits of places where the is nature at its best, children will understand that trees, grass, birds, butterflies, lakes, rivers, oceans farms, mountains all these things are the real and precious gifts to mankind and to keep this beauty immortal preservation of natural resources is must.
2: Children follow their parents so they need to be careful, plastic begs, cans, must be avoided , there should be kitchen garden in each house so the child get familiar with plants and understand their value.
3: Pets can play an important role to make them sensitive towards animals, so they will understand that humans shouldn't be a threat to the animals, wildlife must be protected from human interference.
4: Knowledge will open up their mind and will provide them a path on which they can experience environment friendly technology, rainwater harvesting plant in the house will tell them that every drop of water is important, use of ecofriendly products will inspire little mind to be alert .
5: Inspire them to get involved in community services to serve mother nature.

Jefeena Faizal Oct 13, 2019

Children there the citizens of tomorrow.INorder to grow them environment conscious do it in their childhood itself. Because kids are like clay.We can mould them as the way we want .Inspire of giving wide lectures bring them to our nature.Demonstration and experiences are far better than just giving them talks.The beauty of our nature can't replace any other artificial things in this world.Tell them the importance of water and not to waste any single drop as it is one of the precious thing in our life.Give awareness to them about deforestation and try to plant new plants to encourage afforestation.TAKE them to ecofriendly hills stations and if possible let them play in rain.Then tell them without plants we can't play like this or even we can't breathe.Donot allow them to litter waste materials in to nature and let them to clean their surroundings by them itself. Its our duty to keep our nature green and to give our nature to our future generations. We can teach them about the recy cling of materials to avoid exploitatuin of our environment.So develop the feeling of environment conscious to our kids and keep our nature green.We are living in such a world full of pollution and it's our duty to retain our nature for future usee.

Jefeena Faizal Oct 14, 2019

@Jefeena Faizal

Nicely written and explained ! If children are made aware of all the harm we create to our environment , they will try to be more concerned citizen tomorrow.

Jefeena Faizal Oct 15, 2019

@Jefeena Faizal

thank u...

Ruchika Maudgal Oct 14, 2019

In today's tecno-advanced and short-lived material-happy world, I feel its Empathy, Compassion, Gratitude and a 'Connect' that is fast slipping away. The disconnect is starting to seem very apparent in 'real' family and friends, with animals, our land and natural resources. We need to bring back/ inculcate all these in ourselves and our kids so future generations can live a more genuine, sustainable lives in harmony with nature. Starting small from one's home is a first step. Few examples: (1) Name and understand all plants and trees and animals in a few houses around with their USPs( Unique Special Personalities) Do one good deed for them everyday (2) Detox every day for 20 minutes in evening - cut off power, waterworks, mobile and all appliances - connect as a family and feel the time slow down. And feel gratitude when it's all turned back on and be motivated to conserve! (3) Take small trips to hills or jungles or lakes or beaches - make them see and appreciate nature in all its glory (4) Have kids take initiative on how they can make lives more sustainable - let all at home follow the kids ideas - this will empower and encourage them to take more small steps.
At some point hopefully these activities will all turn into a habit , strengthening the core - empathy, compassion, gratitude and connect.

Bhanumati.nukala Oct 13, 2019

As parents we are having the most important role in the total behavior of our children.Kids are like white papers.Whatever you write on the paper it will have a great impact on their overall growth in all aspects.Don't suppress their originality in any age.Children learn not by teaching but by observing. What you do they follow.If you throw apiece of paper on the road ,next time they do the same.Take them to historical places or to parks or to beach and ask them to observe the environment and surroundings.Let them plant sapling and ask them to water it ,observe it's growth.Name it as if it it is one of their family member.See how they take interest and deffinetly they take interest.Explain the importance of water and be an example of how to save water.Show them the importance of clean environment through our spectacles.Make the lenses dirty and ask them to see and ask them how they feel.Then clean the glasses and ask them to see and ask them the difference.By this simple steps we can make our children environment friend.

Bhanumati.nukala Oct 14, 2019


Very correctly said! Parents are the role model of any kid and if we put up good examples they will follow suit. Environment friendly practices are the need of the hour.

Nidhi agrawal Oct 13, 2019

Every child should grow this habit of reduce, reuse and recycle. In fact, parents should set examples for the little ones to follow. For example, when a child sees his father reuse the same article (cups, bottles or dishes) multiple times, he too would be inspired to do the same. A child can be taught to harvest rain water or recycle water using simple tips (for example, the water used to swipe the floor can be used to water the plants.)
Parents should ensure that the articles such as bottles, tiffin boxes, pencil case etc. used by children should be made of environmental friendly material.
Encourage them to watch movies on environmental awareness or conduct small experiments at home to help them understand the importance of natural resources, which would prevent them from wasting the same.
every time you plan a vacation with your kids, take the seeds and leave them in a place where they can grow into a tree.

Nidhi agrawal Oct 14, 2019

@Nidhi agrawal

Well said! Reduce, recycle, and reuse are the 3 mantras to be always followed. A good write up .

Parul Nigam Oct 12, 2019

For every child it must be necessary that it should know why environment is important for them. So to make them feel that these are not only trees and plants but also a lifetime oxygen supply for them. Keeping this in mind we should teach our children to plant as much trees as possible. Should keep the nearby area very clean and tidy. Should teach not to use plastic materials. Children should be taught to plant oxygen giving plants.

Parul Nigam Oct 14, 2019

@Parul Nigam

A clear instructive article. Children should indeed be taught about environment and friendly practices.

Sunanda Banerjee Oct 12, 2019

Environment is the surrounding, the mother nature which encloses us and keep us safe just as we, the mothers do.A child feels the safest when he/she is with the parents. Even they know that if their parents are not there they will feel blindfolded in this huge world.Hence it should be the parents sole duty to educate them about the values and importance of our environment,the living beings and make them understand how and why should they be so much concerned and conscious about the environment.Once my child caught a butterfly and was playing with its colourful wings and wanted to preserve it without feeling that she was hurting it.Seeing this I told her a story of a child without hands and the difficulties he faced due to that . At once she herself related the story to her act and kept herself reluctant from her intention and let it go.Children are very sensitive. If we want them to be understood we can think of different methods rather than lecturing. We, as parents should first follow the basic duties and pave the way for our children. They are like 'clay'. We can mould them as we want.

Sunanda Banerjee Oct 14, 2019

@Sunanda Banerjee

Beautifully written....Children are sensitive and if we can rightly mould them, we need not worry about their future.

Mansi Chaturvedi Oct 9, 2019

In order to make our kids environment conscious we need to create the right environment for them. Children learn and pick up things which they see around them. So the effort has to be made by us as parents. We need to show them their responsibilities by doing our duties. In order to make them conscious we have to see that we follow the basic steps to make it a greener, peaceful and breathable environment for all. We need to teach them to stop material wastage and learn to use and appreciate what they have and take care of it.

Mansi Chaturvedi Oct 10, 2019

@Mansi Chaturvedi

We as adults are the role models as rightly said by you. If every adult takes up this responsibility , we need not worry about our future and our environment. Nicely expressed write up@

Mansi Chaturvedi Oct 13, 2019

@Mansi Chaturvedi

Thank you so much


How to make our children more environment-conscious citizens?
Madan Mohan Kalawati Sarraf
Saraswati Vidya Mandir
Baldev Road, Mathura

In the month of April,2019, when I read a report of W.H.O. in a news paper-

More than three million children under five die each year from environment-related causes and conditions. This makes the environment one of the most critical contributors to the global toll of more than ten million child deaths annuallyas well as a very important factor in the health and well-being of their mothers."

I decided to contribute as a Teacher-Parent in making eco friendly environment.For this, first of all I composed a poem keeping in view the word 'ENVIRONMENT'.

*Eco friendly , become in your life
*Natural resources should be rife
*Value Nature & the world everyday
*Instill this good habit with full gay
*Reduce , reuse and recycle
*Obviously, follow for your survival
*Never use plastic, all my dear
*Mend your ways without fear
*Ensure plantation with full care
*Nice environment,find everywhere
*Thus , this planning , all will share.

Then, I motivated my students to realize the message of ENVIRONMENT through this poem.I inspired them by saying that children are the promising pioneers of the nation.The whole future of the world rests on their shoulders.That's why it's our great responsibility to inculcate good habits in children particularly towards environment.According to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), environment plays an important factor in the health and well-being of children.

I made them promise to plant a tree on their respective happy birthday under the campaign"HAPPY BIRTHDAY~PLANT A TREE".
Being impressed by my motivation, the students took a pledge to plant a tree on their birthday.To make it true, they started planting trees in school and their nearby surroundings.Now a days, there is a lot of positive change in making eco friendly environment.Thus, children are becoming more environment-conscious citizens.



Poem is really inspiring. Keep motivating and inspiring students to be more eco champions.



Thanks a lot for appreciation

Prateek Kothari Oct 12, 2019

Environment Consciousness among

In my view we need to make children understand about major issues which we all may face in upcoming decades viz. polluted Air , no or less drinking water , nature imbalances which may lead to climatic conditions and most important effects of cutting off of trees.
Damage that had been done in last 50 years is still recoverable. But the conditions will not be same after a decade. We need to realize this to ourselves as well as our children.There should be some promotional ways to make them actively involve in saving environment. Schools or government can help in this context to a greater extent. A reward system can be made by which children may get willingly involved to save nature. Some extra benefits like giving additional marks in their weaker subjects or any such thing which can motivate them. Our inolvement as parent in saving nature wil also promote them as they learn a lot of things by observing parents.

Prateek Kothari Oct 12, 2019

@Prateek Kothari

Your idea about reward system looks really workable because children do everything for it. A good way to teach them too.

Divya Shukla Oct 11, 2019

How to make our children more environment-conscious citizens

Environment is the nature where we all have grown up.
Children today are taught about various activities at school from competing with each other to score better ranks. As parents, they forget to teach children about the place where we breathe, where we play and have a livelihood. Children play and pluck leaves of plants and that is the time when a elder or someone must make him aware that the plant is the reason for us to breathe in clean air.
Children taught things at early age grasp things better..
By teaching them to sow a seed watering it and see it grow will push him closer to nature and environment.
When they throw things or dirty the place tell them to clean it themselves by saying that they will be rewarded if they always keep surroundings cleaner.
Teach them about behaving well with animals as well. Don't teach them to shoo them away.
These are some of the ways in which a child can be made environment conscious as he grows up.

Divya Shukla Oct 12, 2019

@Divya Shukla

A well thought out write up. If we all can make such changes in our life future looks bright

Selvabhavani Oct 11, 2019

*How to make child more enviroment conscious citizen*

Every child's, childhood is right time to teach about environment conscious. Today's our efforts will grow as tomorrow tree. In this fast moving life parents are like to teach their child a skills which helps to serve in this world. If we like to give bright future to our child means the best way is teach them about environment conscious for their lives. We give important to many things, but for environment it a big question mark only. To make this question mark (?) as excrementery mark (!) Start teach about environment to our child.
For example
? First we need to train our kids on simple things like plan to plant on terrace. If they start this at their childhood at their adult stage it will becomes a lifestyle for them & they love and care of environment.
? Recycling the waste especially non-biodegradable waste make recycling habit in your home & teach them to separate trash and have different bins for each type of waste.
? Have to teach them to avoid lack of water. To control wasting a water at the time of brushing, washing hands, showering etc., knowledge them about to conserve water using low flow tapes.
?Teach them that plant takes time to grow so we don't waste food.
? Teach the child not to use car offen. By walk or ride a bike to a place they need to go which is not far away from home. It's a great way to save fuel and also minimize air pollution.
? Taught them that keep their sourrending clean than only they know that littering is wrong.
? Use your child's TV time, make them to watch video which preserving the environment.
Above are the some ways to teach about environment conscious to our kids. If we started the above things to do today, soon at future we will see a Green India.

SelvaBhavani. R

Selvabhavani Oct 12, 2019


Such good suggestions from you and your writing. Hope all of us follow suit.

Aruna jyothi Oct 10, 2019

Respect nature...
Children are like a sponge ready to imbibe water and habits are easy to form when their minds are fresh.From little things like switching off lights and fans when not in use and not wasting water to reducing the use of plastic and carrying their own bottle of water make it a habit to love animals and plants.When you instill this knowledge in your children at an early age, it will help them to grow up to be responsible citizens. Make objects or use toys made from recycled materials such as cardboard boxes and bottles to teach the importance of recycling.Ask your kids to help you gather toys and books which they get bored with so easily and outgrown clothing to help the needy.Talk about ways to solve some of the big issues, like trash in the ocean, packaging, air pollution. You may be surprised at your kids creativity.The future is in their hands...

Aruna jyothi Oct 10, 2019

@Aruna jyothi

I agree with your suggestions .This will help bring up a generation of eco friendly and responsible kids.

sumijalan Oct 10, 2019

It has been scientifically proven that children learn things faster than adults. But it is both a boon and a bane. Since it is the responsibility of parents to feed only good input to the vulnerable brain of the child. Now , the biggest problem of this generation is not economy , not even population but pollution !! And a change will be visible if we alert our children about it. We have to constantly educate them about the various environmental problems and their solution. We should develop a habit in them to throw waste only in the dustbin and nowhere else. And if a dustbin is not available on the road then we should carry the wrapper home and dispose it only inside the dustbin. We should organize fun activities for them like DIY pots , plants. So that they enjoy planting trees. BE THE CHANGE , YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD ?

sumijalan Oct 10, 2019


Thoughtful piece of article .

Abhishek chauhan Oct 10, 2019

Start early. Show young children how small differences can add up so that they understand that we can all have a hand in creating change.
Make it easy. Sustainable choices will be natural choices when you have recycling bins in areas where your children can see and use them.
Make it fun. You can create all kinds of games and challenges around collecting, recycling or reusing items, or around saving energy and water in your home.
Do the research. The science and technology of recycling is dynamic. Explore the latest advances. This helps your kids to know that lots of people are thinking about these issues.
Encourage innovation. Talk about ways to solve some of the big issues, like trash in the ocean, packaging, air pollution. You may be surprised at your kids creativity.
Get involved. Most communities have clean up projects, and you can often tour a recycling center to learn more.

Abhishek chauhan Oct 10, 2019

@Abhishek chauhan

Point wise and very well written .It was nice reading the different aspects from your point of view!

barghavi Oct 10, 2019

Everyone knows that mother is first educator of their child's.It is on her hand that what to be seen in their child a good person or a bad.so it is essential for every parents that loves their child but not expose them too much otherwise the child becomes a spoiled child .Secondly , I think mobiles is too dangerous in modern era,for children and parents both.It is necessary to every parents that give up mobile and some time spend with their childrens.And also not give mobiles to children's too much

Kavita Oct 9, 2019

We need to make sure that we ourselves practice what we preach to our kids. Hence right from their toddlerhood age, our kids have to see us doing things that save the environment, and they will automatically learn to do the same.
They will understand and learn that nature is very precious and so are its resources eg water . They have to know that we need to conserve our trees, animals, birds, aquatic life, water etc., so that nature remains beautiful and resources dont become scarce for our future generations.
Our kids have to be taught to use water judiciously for daily use and avoid wastage of water. Excess water in their school water bottles can be used by them to water plants. This way they are not just avoiding water wastage, but helping in growth of trees and plants too.
Children should throw garbage in its proper DRY or WET bins. We can teach them to throw seeds of fruits in the garden, instead of dustbin, so that we get new trees. They shouldnbe encouraged to plant trees and take care of them.

Paper and pencils are other items they have to use judiciously, so that less trees will be cut for making these things.
We should discourage the use of plastic for storing food at home. Kids can carry food and water in steel containers and explain to.them the harmful effects of plastic. We have to teach them that small pieces of plastic, if thrown carelessly, can be harmful for our animals on land as well as aquatic life.
They should know that all birds and animals are an important part of nature, and should not be harmed. The flora and fauna make our earth beautiful and make the air fresh for us to breathe. These should not be destroyed.
They should.learn to.keep.the environment clean and pick up dirt wherever they see it on roads or in malls and theatres. We should also encourage them to stop their friends or elders from littering and ruining the beauty of mother nature. Kids should be stopped from using open places for defacation. We can do this by explaining the harmful effects of doing this.
During festivals.like diwali, we should discourage our children from bursting crackers and use environment friendly clay diyas. We should tell them the harmful effect of smoke on the environment.

We can teach our teenage kids to use public transport or bicycles to go to school. Lesser the vehicular traffic on roads, lower the pollution.
Middle and high school kids should be encouraged to.do whatever they can, to save the environment. They can use their creativity or skills to do this. By making posters, writing poems and essays on this topic, taking part in street plays etc.
These days kids find it difficult to survive without an air conditioner. Again we parents, teachers and elders at home, have to teach them the ill effects of using an AC, on the environment.
Similarly using electrcity with care and only as much as essential. Lights and fans should be switched off when not in use.
Teenage girls.should know the proper way of using and throwing sanitary pads, so that it is not harmful for the environment. These teenagers when they grow up to be mothers themselves will automatically know how to dispose off used diapers of their babies.. and here we will have another generation of mothers, teaching their kids how to save the environment.
The cycle of teaching and learning will continue and we will have all.citizens keen on saving nature and environment.

Kavita Oct 10, 2019


A very education and inspiring write up. Every child should really need to know the method of garage disposal from a young age .It will create a eco friendly future for all of them@

Kavita Oct 10, 2019


Thank you for reading and appreciating

barghavi Oct 10, 2019

I would grab this opportunity in describing two perspectives. 1. Developed countries citizens follows the system of cleanliness, traffic rules, enivornment friendly. They are in fear to break the system due to excessive charges. No single individual can break the rule as their actions are recorded under CCTV camera. As being children of that citizen, they mandatory follow the rules and regulations and develop a healthy habit. 2. Developing countries citizens, on the other hand, started taking actions on building healthy, clean, safeguarding environment. A child may learn from their surroundings to be self-conscious and aware inorder to protect our planet. From this two perspective, child once grown develops a pratical habit to go green and spread happiness in their surroundings. Happy citizens will be equal to peaceful planet.

Shannon Almeida Oct 9, 2019

As parents, I want my children to grow up to be responsible citizens and good people. We all want our children to learn to feel, think and act with respect for themselves and for other people. We want them to pursue their own well-being, while also being considerate of the needs and feelings of others. We want them to recognize and honour the democratic principles upon which our country was founded.
If they do not learn proper values and behaviour when they are very young, they may have problems as they grow up into responsible citizens of the future.

Shannon Almeida Oct 10, 2019

@Shannon Almeida

Very good thoughts indeed! Values regarding environment should be taught from very early in life . It sets a chain of environment friendly citizens for future

Trupti Dharmadhikari Oct 9, 2019

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,,
All things wise and wonderful,
The' Lord God' made them all.."

We all live in a beautiful world ,
and i am sure you also had tried creatures like bees snd butterfly to hold in your tiny hands when you were small.
Today, when my daughter returned home from playing she had a small butterfly in her hand i explained her to relieve it but, no she was not ready to do so.
She asked me to give one box to keep it in , when i refused her she was like" it will leave me and go , i want to play with it daily and we are freinds i agreed with her statement. But to hold and keep it home was not safe because its a tiny creature which can even die. I asked her to keep in balcony and when she left her she realised the butterfly couldn' t fly. I told her its a delicate creature and because you caught it , its hurt ..
She felt very sad and asked me if she can give water to drink or something to eat.
Now frequently she was going in the balcony to see whether its able to fly or not and when it flew away she was very happy.
The creatures and aimals are very useful and even harmful in nature.Kids should have a general awareness about the surrounding they live in.
They has a habit of plucking flowers and leaves as they are so beautiful which attract them very easily
But , we need to tell them they are living things and we should not harm them.Kids may go in any bushes to pluck the flowers or catch the butterfly, many creatures live in this and may harm our kids.
One can feel God , around when one loves the nature and take care of it
Teasing animals , creatures like insects can even bite which are dangerous for us.
Trees give us fresh air and bear sweet fruits..
Tell kids and show them nests which birds build on trees ,, i have seen kids throwing stones on the nest
which was very beautiful but those kids were unaware of the bird and its eggs inside the nest when i told them they stopped it and ask me why..i explained them..but they were very much curious to take the nest at home.
I just asked them will you like if you will be locked in big cage like other animals. As we like to live with our parents in our beautiful house how can we expect the birds and creatures to leave their home and stay with us??
We will be happy but , their home is nature and we have no right to destroy their homes.
Taking care of nature not only means to plant trees its to take responsibility of saving it too , watering them..Saving animals, Saving earth from pollution.
We see people spitting on roads,throwing garbages around so kids do..tell them the importance of keeping it clean ,
Whenever kids go in parks ask kids to put the wrappers in the dustbin it s said to make others do we need to do it first..practise it first.. to keep our home neat and tidy doesn' t help, the surrounding also matters and we all know if its not clean various diseases are spread .
Have you ever seen why kids love to be in park , beaches, mountains not only they but even when we plan for outing we choose to go on such places.
Because we feel good, the environment is clean, beautiful air is fresh and it gives us joy..
The clean and beautiful environment gives us a positive energy.
Kids in the classroom are very smart and intelligent, i don' t have to tell them throw the chocolate wrapper in the dustbin they themselves do it because its a dicscipline, its a classroom rule but it should not be a limit ....like home , school and classroom, but also in the society they need to follow this rule...
For the betterment of their future and to protect the beautiful nature created by, God".
Trupti Dharmadhikari.

Trupti Dharmadhikari Oct 10, 2019

@Trupti Dharmadhikari

More power to you mam. Such a great prep talk and inspirational write up

Kathija yasmin.S Oct 9, 2019

My first 'Story Board' step towards raising an Eco-Friendly girl

At the time my daughter Haniah turned 6 , I decided to make her eco friendly . To ignite a spark, I sat down with her to create a story board titling 'Eco-niah ' . Here I share the story in short . 'Eco'niah , a six-year-old girl, loves saving the banana peels , egg shells and plastics that people throw , baths from a tiny bucket of water to save for her fish tank , consoles her drooping plants , collects the leftovers and feeds the needy . One day , U . N approves Niah's bicycle model that she made from waste and awards her for being caring towards her environment and living being . Niah's friends bow their heads in shame looking at the live telecast in BBC channel .

Much love
Yasmin - Green mom & an Educator

Kathija yasmin.S Oct 10, 2019

@Kathija yasmin.S

Good to know a green mom and kudos to you for an innovative story board method to teach your daughter. Hopefully many mons will be inspired to do the same.

Mudita Mohota Oct 10, 2019

Children learn the best by seeing. Let's start making small efforts in our everyday life and taking them to zoo's and showing them that the planet Earth is home to a wide variety of living species, developing a love for nature. We need to leave our smart phones and spend maximum time with children to be able to impart anything to them. And it is our duty to leave a loveable and beautiful Earth for them and ofcourse , livable. Children will learn - make them live the environment friendly life we want them to learn.

Mudita Mohota Oct 10, 2019

@Mudita Mohota

A great advice to all. Be the change we want to see in this world.

Jyoti Gupta Oct 10, 2019

This year we celebrated the festival of Navratri, with GO GREEN theme. Our main aim behind this was to make my 9 years old daughter, more aware towards the environment and to be able to differentiate between 'Biodegradable' and 'Nonbiodegradable' materials, about which she is studying in her school books. Children read and see many articles and posters about 'Say No to Plastics' etc. But don't find such practices being followed at their homes.
As we welcomed our second child, our little angel, last year, as a mother, I took the decision of cloth diapering her, instead of using disposable diapers. I apologised to my elder daughter for not using the same, when she was born. I explained to her how disposable diapers take long time to decompose and hence create environmental pollution.
We pledged that 'Going Green' should be our motto now onwards and we must try to minimise the use of all the substances which pollute the environment,like plastics, poly bags etc.
So, we did our shopping for the festival of Navratri, carrying with us our cloth bags to the market. We asked the shopkeepers to provide all the pooja items like Kumkum, betel leaf, betel nut and coconut in paper bags only.
We used eco-friendly cutlery made from palm or leaf made plates to serve Prasad, beverages were served in terracotta mugs. Alternatively Stainless Steel tumblers and plates were also used.
When we visited the temple, we make sure that we travel either by local buses or prefer car pooling with friends and relatives. We also carry our own steel bottles and paper plates to reduce the use of plastics bottles and containers.
Eco-friendly idols of Goddess Durga were purchased. Diyas or lamps were purchased from local potters.
We gifted earthen pots with a plant to girls at the end of Navratri to encouraging plantation.
This was my little efforts towards making our lives Go Green and to set an example, in the tender mind of my growing child, follow the same practices.

Jyoti Gupta Oct 10, 2019

@Jyoti Gupta

What a nice way of celebrating navarathri and also simultaneously educating your kid. If everyone of us could do that it will bring a positive change in society and will be a blessing for our planet.

Priyanka Chakrabarty Oct 10, 2019

The season of festival. Puja, Deepawali,Mishti,Shondesh, oh the Gol Guppa,The Dosa, the chaat and the Kharcha..Full of plan and virtue and of clan, makes the earth an eden.