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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's to count our blessings says Manu Saxena, COVID-19 survivor

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As the world is reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, here is a mother’s account of how she and her family fought off the virus successfully

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's to count our blessings says Manu Saxena, COVID-19 survivor

"COVID-19 hit our household when we least expected it and our world turned upside down.

It all began when my 5-year-old kid came up to me saying her throat is paining. My husband too had a mild fever with a throat infection. My only symptom was a loss of smell. The same morning, we went for rapid testing and my worst nightmare came true when we tested positive. We returned home and isolated ourselves. To be 100% certain about the severity of the disease, we went for RT-PCR the very next day along with the rest of the family. My whole world came crashing down when my entire family, including my aging parents, tested positive.

I was completely shattered and felt helpless. But the only thing I was sure of was that I would not let the virus destroy what we had. I was not going to give up. Instead, I decided to gather whatever little strength that was there in me and fight back so that things didn’t turn from bad to worse. Taking care of my father who had a severe lung infection at home was the biggest challenge.

We were under home quarantine for almost 21 days. Those were perhaps the toughest days of my life – mentally and emotionally more than physically. However, despite the challenges, all of us recovered and tested negative in due course.

All I can be is THANKFUL – to God, to doctors, to people who went out their way to help us. I am also thankful to a few friends who had been infected earlier and helped me ease my anxiety.

Manu's daughter experimenting with cooking during the quarantine

Here are a few things my experience has taught me:

  • Please do not treat this virus like a joke! Social distance and always wear your mask.  If you feel sick, even with the slightest symptoms, get yourself checked immediately.
  • Isolate yourself immediately if you are feeling sick. Do whatever it takes to stop the spread. We are proud to say we didn’t infect anyone else outside our home bubble
  • Know where you can get your medicines and consult a doctor. Don’t wait for the disease to strike you before you start your research.
  • I was blessed to have family and friends who were very supportive. Be that support to others around you. It can be such a mental boost during dreary quarantine.
  • Once you start feeling better, do one or two things a day that gives you a sense of purpose. We did some gardening, cleaned up our old closets and learned to cook a few new dishes.
Quarantine harvest at the Saxena home 
  • Find shows that the entire family can enjoy together. A little TV time can be a big relief during quarantine. But stay away from negative news.
  • Get vaccinated and take medical advice seriously.

Always remember that during every adversity you will find an inner strength that will shine through you. It’s not about the storm but about how we conquer it. Staying positive has never been more important than now.

While our journey was difficult, it’s nothing compared to what many are going through. It’s been heartbreaking to see others around us not making it. I'm sending a lot of love to those who are infected by the virus, praying for those who are fighting for their lives and sending comfort to those who are facing long-term hardships due to the pandemic.

It’s true that the tough times in your life actually make you stronger, wiser and humble. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to count our blessings. It has definitely helped me change my mindset from ‘I have to...’ to ‘I am blessed that I get to/am able to…”

So, today, focus on what matters, be grateful, call someone to check in on them, and smile (under your mask of course) because we need to stick together in a world that tests our strength."

- Manu Saxena

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