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#YOUR100WORDSTORY: June 2019


#YOUR100WORDSTORY: June 2019

TOPIC:- Cute things by your child that make you smile :). Share with us your experiences in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! ... more

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  • Jun 3, 2019


Jyotsna Pandey Jun 28, 2019

????? ??? ?? ??? ??, ???????? ?? ????????? ??... ???? ?? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ???..????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??.. ??? ???? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??.. ???? ???? ????? ???? ???? ??... ???? ???? ??... ?? ???? ??? ??? ??..(???? ????..???? ????..)...???? ????? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?????..???? ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ????... ?? ??.. ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????..?

Jyotsna Pandey Jun 26, 2019

5 sal ki meri beti bahut hi shararti hai..Uski baate etni pyaari rhti hai ki bas sunte hi rho...Ye kissa pichle sal ka hai....Main bartan dho rhi thi...Aur vo vhi slab pr aakr baith gyi...Aur bartano se khelne lg gyi...Tbhi achank se ek cup uski hathon se gir kr tut gya..Vo bahut dar gyi...maine kuch nhi kha....Mgr thodi der baad maine dekha ki usne ek sorry ka card ur jis cup ko usne thoda tha..Usme ek paudha lga kr mujhe diya..Jisme uske papa ne bhi sahyog kiya tha..Uski es pyaar bhari kartut ko dekh kr mera dil pyaar se bhr gya...

Anu Modi Jun 28, 2019

Its 15 Months Completed With My Angel And In These 15 Months There Is No Single Day Without Smile On My Face.Everyday She Wakes Up Before Me And When She Pull My Nose To Wake Me Up,That How My Morning Start With A Smile.Now She Started Walking And Also Started Understanding Things So When I Say Something To Her She Listen To Me,When I Ask Her To Bring Something For Me She Do That.She Plays With Me,She Takes Her Meal With Me And These Small Things Which She Does Makes Me Smile Everyday.

Sumana Jun 27, 2019

I am fortunate to have captured many adorable moments of my little ones.Kids not only copy us but also try their best to follow our legacy.Last Diwali we purchased almirah so kept tilak&Godly pic.I told to my curious son that if we buy any new thing we should thank God for it.My son drew picture on the newly painted wall without our notice,when asked he replied innocently that you forgot to put God's pic on new wall.After his explanation about drawing really laughed for innocence.Felt happy for kids in right track.

Sumana Jun 27, 2019

Miti Chelawat Jun 25, 2019

My nine year old daughter Shreyasi, my lifeline

Sumana Sarkar Jun 25, 2019

It's Saturday, my 10 year old Grihalaxmi's off day school.I am in a terrible hurry lest I fail to get the bus for my office. She is watching me getting ready and says suddenly ma, have you taken your mobile, your tiffin and your purse, you tend to forget them. I stop for a while and observe those eyes full of care and concern for me, those eyes full of love for me, the love I miss so much for the last 17 years since my mother died.I forget my rush and close my eyes to utter a prayer of gratitude to God for giving me the fortune of being the mother of a daughter.

Roopa M Jun 4, 2019

Waking up to see newborns innocent face to listening to childs giggles to enjoying all the growth stages brings lot of smiles. Some of the countless cute things are:-

*Seeing my pre-schoolers excitement after school to see her baby brother awake! It was sweet to watch her help in bathing and dressing the baby.
*The little one started speaking quite early and it was cute to hear him pronounce certain words. At two, he used to try to dress himself. It was cute to watch his effort to wear his shirt and pant and wear his shoes on the wrong feet:-)
*Imitating his sisters dance moves
*Look on his face when he finished his puzzles, building his Legos
*When he was barely three, one day, I had just finished bath and wanted to check on him. When I called him to find out what he was doing, in his own cute way he said mom I didnt open the fridge, I didnt drink rice milk :-). I was like Hmm...Tell me all that you didnt do when I was not here :-). All the naughtiness, innocence, proud moments, and affection bring plentiful smiles and fill the house with joy.

Roopa M Jun 7, 2019

@Roopa M

How cute it is to remember such little things and kids have that kiddish way or the innocence to really capture oud hearts away! So nice to read the write up dear!

Roopa M Jun 23, 2019

@Roopa M

That's so true! Thank you :)

Swathi Jun 13, 2019

Beign a mother is the best thing that happened to me and having a child like Sid(my son;6yrs) is really a blessing.I could not ask anything more to God as am already blessed with the best.Lately I have beign going through life's turmoil with an unsuccessful marriage.Had a really hard time coping with the things after getting parted.So one evening,after all the chores just a little before putting my son to bed,I was sitting on couch ideal.. nothing was going in my mind to be honest ..I was just sitting there quitely...And then my son came to me n the conversation went on as following:
SID:Maa...Am sorry
ME:Why darling??why r u sorry?
SID:Coz I was born to u n I am your son
I was so shocked on hearing this and asked him..
ME:Why Sid???what made u say so??
SID:Becoz ur working hard for me..If and all I am your Father I would have gone through all these hardships and you could be happy.Sorry maa..
Tears rolled down as soon as I heard these words(actually even now)..This is indeed cute n also inspired me a lot to be more strong.Am thankful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful son:)Love u Sid

Swathi Jun 17, 2019


A kid beyond his age .He will take care of you in future too. Touched by reading your write up!

Swathi Jun 23, 2019


@ Simi Ramesh..
Thank you

Shelly Gupta Jun 14, 2019

A mother is always smiling at the antiques played by her child. For her, sun rises and sets with her kid. I smile when my kiddos smile, on their silly banter, the way they quarrel with each other to finalise who will share school stories first, when my younger one gets angry and off to another room, when my elder one imitates her father perfectly,when both of them try to act big and most of all, I love when they mother me - I feel so cherished and blessed. I love being a mother .

Shelly Gupta Jun 17, 2019

@Shelly Gupta

You are indeed blessed for which mother isn't !!

Kavya Janani Jun 15, 2019

My daughter is 11 months old and she is the cutest human being I have ever seen. At the end of her daily bath, I'd give her a mug of water to play. She would dip her cute fingers in the water, then bring her hand out and gaze at the droplets dripping down. Then she would look at me and flash the cutest smile ever. If any new toy is given to her, she would pick another toy and hit them both excitedly. The cleverest thing that she does is that she identifies 25 objects given in the flash cards.

Jyoti Gupta Jun 11, 2019

My 8 years old daughter has been a very disciplined and obedient child. Last year, our family was blessed with one more baby girl. The baby was born preterm due to my high BP, at 35 weeks of pregnancy and was kept in NICU for around 2 weeks. We all were so much tensed for the baby. In such a crucial condition when I was feeling so much depressed, my elder daughter acted like a true friend and gave so much moral support to me. She used to be around me all the time in the hospital and would sing prayers to Lord Krishna and Narsimha (our deities) for me, giving me assurance that the newborn baby will be fine soon. When I was loosing all hopes that the new born baby might not survive (as she was not accepting the feed), my elder daughter's constant prayers and positive thoughts (and of course the efforts of medical care providers) did the magic and my new born baby got discharged from NICU. The 'Be positive' attitude even in the worst of the situations of my elder daughter made me smile with a feeling of pride that I am on the right track in bringing her up and she is emotionally more stronger than me at such a young age. I felt truly inspired and blessed to have her by my side as my moral booster. She is the reason of my smile.

Jyoti Gupta Jun 13, 2019

@Jyoti Gupta

Wowww that really sweet..As elders say.."Kids are equi to God'"...and this proves that...God bless ur little darlings:)

Poonam Jun 13, 2019

Motherhood is pertinent to unconditional love. It's really a blessing, greatest gift bestowed by God to each and every woman. As a mother it was unforgettable and exuberant moment of my life came step into my life when my daughter came into my life. I can't forget that amazing experience mix of pain, joy when I holder her in my arms cute, pure little bundle of joy.
That moment, experience can't be articulated in words. From then onwards my life got changed. My daughter is of 4yrs.Her small actions, exhibiting love by hugging and kissing gives immense pleasure. When she says "Maa" echoes deep into my heart.
I remember when I got hurt. She came and asked me what happened, she rubbed oil on my toes, hugged me. And just solace me, "Maa sab thik ho jyega aap strong girl ho". Tears fell down not because of pain but because of hercare and love. I smiled at her and hugged her tight.
Her manifestation of emotions, cute talks sometimes logical tooo makes me smile. And always grateful to God making me mother of such a wonderful girl.

Poonam Jun 13, 2019


Wow! This is really heartwarming. You are indeed a very lucky Mommy! :)

Sayoni Mondal Jun 12, 2019

Motherhood , a feeling which cant be explained perhaps.. looking back on those 9 months , makes me wonder how far I have travelled through this journey... From a strong independent ambitous girl to a journey of compassionate mother wasnt easy though. But on 28 January when I held Saish on my arms , everything changed on a fraction of seconds. The unsaid struggle, the fear, the excruciating pain ... all seemed a tiny particle on the Land of dust... leaving nothing but a deep imprint of motherhood . Honestly , I never thought this would bring such unexplained joy which is beyond imagination , on the first go where it seemed I wasnt ready but that day it was all making me feel so powerful , so ready to hold this tiny little hands and walk through the journey of being a mother. I was neither afraid nor confused anymore rather I was more clear to where my life was heading me through. Yes indeed ,rightly said motherhood is a new phase in a womens life. All my worries ,struggles ,anxiety vanishes the moment I see that innocent smile,giggling around me... Those eyes that converses with me almost everyday keeps me growing and gives me the strength and energy to smile all throughout the day in spite of an eventful day..

Tania Jun 12, 2019

Motherhood is knowing joy, even while experiencing the hardest trials of life. I love being a mom because of the hugs, the giggles and the grins. He surprises me everyday with his new achievements and discoveries. He taught me to be more patient, more loving and more caring of every moment we have together as family. Especially I love the look in his eyes when he discovers something new or figures out something that has been trying to understand for long time. I love seeing little pieces of myself in my 6 years old son Rudraditya. I love that I get the privilege of shaping the mind of my child and providing a wonderful example for him. Motherhood is my life, my joy, my passion, my greatest achievement.

Amirtha Jun 12, 2019

Parenting is hard. Parenting a baby, a toddler or a pre-schooler is HARD. Parenting is a never-ending, thankless job with no escape. Every day is a sleep-deprived, roller-coaster of emotions. Yeah, I have felt all these as a new parent. And I am sure every parent especially moms have experienced this. But I want to tell you something. Everyday, every moment is feeling to cherish with unloading happiness. When I had my first daughter we tried all impossible activities like taking her for a movie, taking her for a long drive, having her in a flight, giving her icecreams, letting her drink different tastes of water and I have never felt any difficulty in these. When my friends were mentioning about their kids, the only thing that I told them was "Let us stop struggling with bad times and start relishing the good times even more". This was helping my little son to get along with these with ease. I remember my daughter's and son's first day of school, How they were happily waving bye but I was in tears. I came to know about child's psychology and their Early childhood developments through my school which helped me a lot to connect my learnings with my kids. The way my kids have groomed till now, and I would say it's only because of exploring with them. When my son was 2 years he had 2 stitches under the eyebrows where the doctor said " how come your kid did not even have an anesthesia to have stitches". That moment was just overwhelming to me. Still feels like cherishing. My friends and relatives have a big question everytime when they step in to my house that I have newly painted my house because my house did not have any scribbles around. My daughter is now 8 years young and son is 5 years young. Family time helped me in grooming them as they are.

Rajamani Revauthi Jun 12, 2019

#Contestalert #Kids #Smile #Moments #Contest #Win
Motherhood- a word of a fantastic world!. Babies give you surprises each and every moment. I have always wondered how beautiful it is to be a baby. When my baby started smiling at me, how I wondered of this moment being such a bliss. When he started walking, I loved him moving around.

One day, when I finished all the days work and I went to hit the bed, I checked on my baby if he had slept and made him comfortable with the pillows around. He called me MA, that in his beautiful voice for the very first time. I wanted to pinch myself and check if I was hearing the right thing. Oh my god! My baby called me MA My world of happiness, the word of bliss, and my heart skipped a beat. I realised that this is the power of the word MA. I still cherish that special moment . That first moment came to my mind and is ever fresh. There are more to go. That day the meaning of mother came into the picture. I'm a proud mom.

Pranjal Goyal Jun 11, 2019

I have a son who turned two years old. He is very dramatic. When he trying to say I LOVE YOU he said ILU this is the cutest word ever from his mouth. He watched me and do the same. He make cutest faces. I LOVE YOU MY BACHCHA

Pranjal Goyal Jun 12, 2019

@Pranjal Goyal

How cute!! Hearing it from a 2 year old is indeed adorable.

Swati Soni Jun 11, 2019

Everyone loves their kids.I love too. After a 7 yrs long periods I blessed with a baby boy now he turned 6 year old. I Love him so much.he always do many cute things.he noticed every little thing. When I am working he continuously watching me and after some time he do some action like "are mumma plz Lelo meko." Her little hands and facial expressions make me feel like how important I'm .This one thing make me smile whole day.
After job when I came to home , he is staying with her Nani & when I entered & he looked at me ,, I am littery happy & feel very tired less ,, this is our life & our kids ,,that I understand after my son born.

Swati Soni Jun 12, 2019

@Swati Soni

Some things in life we realise only after having kids . They have a way of entering our hearts and then staying there forev

Nasheeha Jun 12, 2019

His tiny feet,his clenched fists,his adorable gummy smile with his cute dimples,his loud burps,his many grunts ,his coos and gurgles,his playful antics..everything about my little one brings a smile to my face.I love how his eyes light up and he tries to reach me on hearing my voice.I laugh with mirth when he flexes his legs and lets out a loud wind in his sleep and smiles contentedly.Its amusing to watch him kick with one feet mimicking the start of a scooter.My little one is all of 3 months...and is a little bundle of joy.

Dr Radhika kulkarni Jun 12, 2019

I never knew motherhood can be equally challenging and a blissful experience. I grew with my daughter, she taught me more than I could teach her. She made me experience unconditional love which every mother has for her kids. The cutest experience with my little angel was when I was carrying for the second time, she being a little child of just 6 yrs. Once when I was feeling giddy with usual pregnancy symptoms, this little munchkin of mine climbed the kitchen platform and made lemon juice for me. This was a pleasant surprise for me. When I kissed her and thanked her for what she did, she immediately like a mother for me said " I only have to take care of u, who else will do" . This melted my heart and fell in love with myself for being a mother to such a lovely baby. Even today she is my best friend and we share a lovely bond.

Dr Radhika kulkarni Jun 12, 2019

@Dr Radhika kulkarni

Such a blessing of a child you have dear. Its so adorable when we realize that we are blessed to have kids and their cute ways which never fails to tug our heart!

Rekha Jun 12, 2019

A blessed angel to cherish my whole life.As an old saying mother grows with a daughter, myself too grows and learn many things from my daughter.The thing which made me smile is when she says no no with action in fingers for the dislike of some food, she requests me to keep food for ants and pigeons .Her facial expression before I start scolding .when I am down at times her gesture of hugging me and consoling me.Too many things to cherish my daughter antics and100 words are less to express it

Rekha Jun 12, 2019


Indeed so true....100 words don't suffice to truly express the little ones cute behaviour . Cherish them while it still stays

Smitha.R P Jun 12, 2019

Children talk are always sweet and mesmerising .This incident happend seven years ago when my elder daughter was in U.K G and younger daughter 2years old. My elder daughter came home after finishing her school ,holding her report card for which she got good marks. She wanted to show to her granny(my mother in law).My MIL was very happy and she said to my younger daughter "Ee la anchene edde kalpudu"(Even you have to learn like her). Suddenly my younger daughter started shouting loudly.Myself and my MIL was surprised.She mistook the word "kalpudu"(learn) as Kalkudu(shout) which sounded to her is (Even you have to shout like her )Realizing this and innocence of my younger daughter we all burst to laughter. Whenever I remember this incident it brings smiles:) to me.

Nasheeha Jun 12, 2019

Often quoted " The moment a child is born,the mother is also born". But i believe i became a mother the instant i felt life stirring inside me.Motherhood began when i anxiously waited for his daily kicks to count them.He made me smile then itself. Now, my 3 month old baby fills my heart with love when he gurgles at me and tries to jump towards me when i stand in his line of vision..the kicking motion he makes with one feet as if starting a scooter,the boxing gesture with his tiny hands,makes me smile every single time

Anju longwani Jun 12, 2019


Jalpa pandit Jun 12, 2019

Being a mom is really a difficult task bcoz I have to look on my childrens happiness,care,study,need and good Manners as well..
I have 5 years daughter and 6 month old son...
I m working woman and living in joint family so its difficult sometimes to manage all the things..
Even I get frustrated sometimes bcoz of this busy schedule...
But here I want to share something that my daughter do for me...its really heart melting thing..
My daughter understands me better than my family members and even more than my husband..
When I feel tired she always helps me in my work..

One day I had a headache and no one was at home..I had to take care of my little son..
At that time my daughter told me that Mom please take care..U just go to sleep I will take care of bro and please take Medicine...
Isnt it great??
No one was there and she did care for me...
It was heart melting moment for me...
My 5 year old daughter who havent any more knowledge about d life is taking care of me..
Now m mentally free that my daughter has been grew up and now my burden is less..

Being a working woman m trying my best to take good care of my children but when we have children who can understand us than it becomes easy for us to Live life Happily..
Love my children..
Thanks team for this Amazing contest..

Dimple soni Jun 11, 2019

Hello, I have two kids elder is 5 years old and second is 6 month old. There are many cute things they both do. But I share my elder kid whenever I was expecting I told him his old clothes and shoes was not wear by him cause he grow up now, he says mumma rakh do Inko chote baby k kaam aa jaeng.

Deepika Mishra Jun 11, 2019

Whenever I feel low or start taking less for whatever reasons, my 2 and the half years old little boy comes to me and says, " Mumma Kissu, Mumma Kissu" Kya hua? Kya hua? repetitively he asks and doesn't go at all.

This gesture of my little tiny soul filled my heart with so much love and affection. I start smiling & he judges now mumma is fine then only he stops asking and ready to do some other things.

I pray to God that he always blessed with this gesture of care and concern.

Nandini aggarwal Jun 11, 2019

#100worldstory cute things of my child is when my baby give me close hug and say mummy i love you .coming school left over water from bottle not waste put on a pot. Care of plants and if i feel not happy bought a glass of water.these little things make me happy.

Urvashi Mahato Jun 8, 2019

Once, suddenly My 2 year old who has just started speaking broken sentences hurriedly wore his bag, looked towards me and said- Mamma bye, and started going towards to main door.
I said bye..
And asked him where are you going?
He said- Papa pas
I - Papa office main hai, what are you going to give him?
He- Give him Aupolil. (Aupolil here means Aeroplane).
And I burst into laughter.
I feel This phase of parenthood is most the amazing and memorable one as your kids have just started speaking broken funny sentences. His every little movement makes me smile.

Urvashi Mahato Jun 8, 2019

@Urvashi Mahato

Only a child can make us laugh . How cute

Urvashi Mahato Jun 11, 2019

@Urvashi Mahato

@Simi Ramesh: Yes true.. Thanx.

Aneet Matwankar Jun 11, 2019

"I wish I could buy those diamond earrings but I guess we can't afford it right now"...me thinking aloud. My 15 year old boy looks at me and says, "well...if you want it, why don't you do something about it? You know you are an adult mom, if you want it, work for it and make it happen. Stop complaining!" We sure don't mince words in this house. I am totally zapped, stumped and still smiling...

Sabari Dhar Jun 10, 2019

A few days back, my five-year old just came running and hugged me. I thought he may have been scared, but he was just playful. We talked for some time, I tickled him and saw him roll and laugh like he always does while asking for more tickles, and then he sat on my lap, chatting up. Suddenly, he said, Mamma, I love you.

I was pleasantly surprised and hugged him. I said I love you too my baby! But tell me, why do you love Mamma?

His innocent answer was Because you do so many things! You take care of me, you cook , you make me laugh.

I had tears in my eyes. I could not believe that a kid of 5 years could be so caring and watchful of what all I do. That was the best compliment I got from him....

Sayoni Mondal Jun 7, 2019

My baby said mom why I got hiccups when I go to school hearing this I told her you got hiccups because it's a sign that I am missing you when you goes to school hearing this she felt so happy and me too

Sayoni Mondal Jun 11, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

So lovely beta.

Shilpa Arora Jun 8, 2019

Greetings to all!
My daughter is quite curious to learn new things whether its related to her studies or any other activity. If she thought to do it she will complete that task even before stipulated time. Once she planned to go for bicycle learning and I was quite scared as i had lot of injuries when i had that bicycle learning experience. Personally i tried my best to give her a comfort and safe training. But as per her nature she go for bicycle riding without me and she slip on road and then she had a small injury on her knee. I was scared and afraid but she was showing me courage through her smile and made me happy by telling that actually she ride a bicycle today without anyone help. That experience made me extremely happy.

Olivia Fernandes Jun 9, 2019

The happiness of my kid when she raids my stationary and empties my box makes me smile. When she screws up her face and sticks out her tongue in a really cute way. When she knows she s doing something we said 'No' to or that she isn't supposed to get into, she will do something cute. Shake her head a little and dance, clap her hands, or wave. She knows it is cute and we like it, she will do it, then try to quick turn around and go after what we said 'no' to

Olivia Fernandes Jun 11, 2019

@Olivia Fernandes

Heheh soon cute.

Ambika g Jun 9, 2019

I don't how to express my feelings about my little 3month old princess she always do amaze things by her cute things, she is awesome smile now she started to turn on her stomach it is more lovely to watch her eyes n eye brows expressions she is best gift I ever got I love my daughter

Ambika g Jun 11, 2019

@Ambika g

How sweet. God bless her.

Ankita Jun 9, 2019

Navyaa..... My daughter is Ultimate gift of Almighty. I just love the small things she does for me specially and waits for my reactions on seeing her completed tasks. Recently it was my birthday and in morning she took her father to room and requested him to help her in making a birthday card for me. I was busy in kitchen completing my morning chores and totally unaware with what was happening out. She took out a page from her Diary and then put on stickers of her choice at desired place. She picked a star and a bow with ribbon for me as I'm a Girl. As she doesn't know writing so for that took her father's help and forced him to write the exact words which she told him. "Happy birthday Janu Mumma from your Jaanu Priya" (I call her with this name when we are playing and naughtying around :) ) Then She came rushing to me from the room with card in her hand and asked me to close my eyes and then wished me Happy birthday. It is the best gift for me till date and will keep wetting my eyes always in happiness and contention. It is the most cutest thing which happened recently. The Super Happy Mumma was dancing in delight somewhere inside me.

Sheetal Nale Jun 10, 2019

I have a daughter who has turned 4year this April.There are many things that make me smile but I share the one which makes me smile the most.
We are the family of three people . Me and my husband are busy for whole day.But some time due to excess work load I get frustrated.I get angry on my daughter for her silly mistake.But my daughter instead of crying comes to me and say that Mamma I understand you work for whole day . This mature behaviour of her makes me smile.And also make me realise my own mistake. I really love my daughter and her cute things.

Gary payal Jun 10, 2019

Everyone loves their kids.I love too. After a very long time I blessed with a baby girl now she turned one year old. She Loves me so much.she do many cute things.she noticed every little thing. When I am working she continuously following me and after some time she do some action like "are mumma plz Lelo meko." Her little hands and facial expressions make me feel like how important I'm .This one thing make me smile whole day.

Sookannya Dasgupta Jun 9, 2019

Anuprava...my 6 years old daughter,my angel in disguise.Words fall short for her Ever since her birth ,she has made each day of mine memorable,sometimes with her activities ,sometimes with her achievements.Whatever she does ,she does it ,so that it can bring a big smile in my face.She never fails to make me laugh ,whether it's before getting up from bed or going before going to the bed.She creates silly stories ,that are not only hilarious,but sometimes I find that through those stories or those activities,she had made me realise that life is all about happiness,laughter ,joy and I am proud that Anuprava is an eternal part of my life.

Dr. Tripat Jun 8, 2019

Almost all kids try to understand things according to their own unique way. Being a boy, he has that typical boyish mind and his own perceptions. When my darling son was 2.5 years old, one day while pooping on commode he called me furiously. I rushed to him and asked the reason of his calling. He said "mama I have just realised that I have a potty launcher in my bummy."I burst out laughing.
That was the best moment.

Dr. Tripat Jun 8, 2019

@Dr. Tripat

Potty launcher...Really a wonder kid !! Its hilarious to us but then the child must have said it quite seriously. Indeed a nice post!

Abhishek chauhan Jun 8, 2019

Thank You Poem for Parents Mom & Dad I can't repay the lessons That you taught when I was small. Or give you gift for gift The daily treasures I recall... I can't return encouragement And loving words of praise. In quite the way you did for me Through all my childhood days. But there is one gift that I can give, It's all the love you've earned. For love is what you always taught... And love is what I learned. Thank You to My Parents Thank you for always being there and knowing just what to do Thank you for knowing the words to say when I'm feeling way beyond blue Thank you for patiently listening to all my worries and stresses Thank you for caring enough to get me out of all my messes Thank you for being a phone call away or around the corner to run to Thank you for your door always being open and knowing just what to do Thank you for being my constant support when i didn't think I could cope Thank you for lifing my spirits and letting me know there IS hope

Oindrila Kundu Jun 8, 2019

Whenever I suspect my baby to have put something unwanted in her mouth I immediately ask her to open her mouth and show. It's the typical Johny Johny yes papa situation. One of these days I sneaked a chocolate in my mouth and then came the boomerang. Mamma what are you having? Nothing! Open your mouth! I had swallowed by then. Seeing nothing she said ok, very seriously. :-D

Reny D'cruz Jun 8, 2019

My young son always surprised me with his little deeds. One notable incident that he had done three years back was that one noon while I was sleeping, he found himself all alone. He turned his boring hours creativity. He took some utensils and made a cake out of mud. Beautifully decorated with flowers

Arpita Goel Jun 7, 2019

My kiddo keeps me inspired to be nice to others always. My 5 year daughter has given us many precious and cute moments. I remember once it was raining and we were going in a car. She asked for umbrella. I asked why you need an umbrella in car. She told me " look mom that cow is getting wet and i want to give her my umbrella". I couldnt stop smiling

venkatesh Jun 7, 2019

Here are few cute things that my daughter does :
i) She imitates her mom while my wife falls asleep on sofa watching TV
ii) She tries to do somersaults on bed but never did a successful one though:-)
iii) She attends calls(landline phone) and says only "hello" repeatedly
iv) My daughter plays with dogs tail trying to catch it but my dog never gives her a chance
v)she tries to sing songs while watching TV
vi) Sometimes she eats the way my dog eats

Sayoni Mondal Jun 3, 2019

Child, itself, is the biggest asset in our lives. Responsible parent observes their child with awareness. A child reciprocate smile in a healthy environment. Cute things that are found in child that makes us smile are: 1. Their innocent, genuine expressions. 2. Act of Kindness 3. They cry and smile at the same time. That moment brings Joy as it's a lesson to be learned that stop holding on to grudges for long time. 4. Countless fearless pranks 5. Curiously learning new activities by never give up attitude brings a big smile. I hope that cute, innocent child be alive throughout everyone's life journey so that we can reach our happy destination with peaceful soul and mind.

Sayoni Mondal Jun 7, 2019

@Sayoni Mondal

A happy home makes a happy child.so true that!!

Rashmi Jun 5, 2019

Parenting is the most beautiful and joyful experience. One cute look of a baby sets our mood right. Children put a smile on our face if we are in a dismay. Their attractive smile makes the world brighter. Being a mother is overwhelming!! The first kick of my baby was inexplicable. Delivery pain seemed sweet when I saw my little angel for the first time. A chubby baby born with 3.75 kgs gave a royal look when she played swing. At age of 4 she used to cutely apply my lipstick and play. When she was wheaning, it was cute to see her more interested in our food. When she joined bharatnatyam it was a delight to watch her expressions and little feet dancing .After some years I got blessed with a naughty baby boy. Once his elder cousin (16 yrs) tripped in the balcony while cutting his nails but my son 's first question was"Did he find the nailcutter? When he joined cricket the bat seemed longer than him. There are many such cute cherishable moments

Rashmi Jun 7, 2019


A beautiful experience indeed. And the way you put it ,was really so nice to ho through that phase.

Sindhu Vinod Narayan Jun 7, 2019

My toddler is two year old. I do give her a minimal screen time so that I could finish my others works and get back to her. I once happened to play mighty little bheem on Netflix where Bheem goes on an adventure to get back the flower he picked for his mom. It was very cute. I was very surprised when my daughter did the same when we went to a nearby temple. I was overwhelmed with happy tears. This shows what kids in this generation are capable of expressing love.

Sindhu Vinod Narayan Jun 7, 2019

@Sindhu Vinod Narayan

It was such a heart touching incidence sindhu ! Sometimes our kids do surprise us with such little acts of love and it fills our heart with joy. Its more so when we remember these cute incidents years later and that moment too, it brings a smile on our face. Only kids are capable of such selfless love and every parent has it!!