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50 ways parents embarrass their children—listen to them spill the beans

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Almost all kids face the annoying experience of their parents embarrassing them by doing or saying things that leave them red-faced. Here's a list of ways parents embarrass their kids

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50 ways parents embarrass their children—listen to them spill the beans

Parenting is no walk in the park, and we all try to do the best we can. However, sometimes even the best intentions fall short of garnering our children’s appreciation. What’s more, sometimes even the most well-meaning parent might tick off the apple of her eye. Here, we have a few youngsters spill the beans on the most annoying things their parents do! 

But before that let’s try to understand some reasons why parents tend to embarrass their children.

Why do parents embarrass their kids?

1. Being overprotective or overbearing

It can be difficult for parents to realize that their children have grown up and can take care of themselves in most situations. They tend to display affection towards their kids, scold them or say awkward things in front of their friends which can be a humiliating experience. Some parents may even be a bit insensitive and fail to realize that their actions and words are causing discomfort to the child.

2. Socioeconomic differences

Sometimes a child may feel embarrassed when his parents are not able to match the polished behavior or expensive lifestyle of his or her well-to-do classmates and their parents. Although it’s not the fault of the parents themselves, the child may only realize this later in life.

3. Intentional humiliation

Some parents may be inherently abusive and deliberately demean or embarrass their children to keep them submissive or disciplined. This problem is predominantly seen in narcissistic parents who tend to neglect their child’s ‘independent sense of self'.

50 ways parents embarrass their child

1. "My mother asks me to sing and dance in front of my relatives. It is so embarrassing!"

2. "I would like to grow my hair a little bit but my mom nags me till I get a haircut done. Even at the saloon, she nags the stylist into cutting it as short as possible."

3. "She praises my friends and puts me down in front of them. It is so humiliating!"

4. "She does not believe anything I say about my schoolwork. She has to cross-check every little thing with my friend or his mother. Around exam time, she even calls up other parents and asks how their child is studying!"

5. "As if her advising me all the time isn’t bad enough, my mother sometimes dishes out advice to my friends too. I have a friend who is a little overweight and every time she meets him, she asks him to get on a diet."

6. "I really hate it when they call me by my pet name in public. I feel like hiding somewhere."

7. "My mom kisses me and hugs me in front of my relatives and friends; the problem is I am not 6 years old anymore, I am 14!"

8. "I like the mess in my cupboard, but my mom just cannot leave it alone. She has to tidy it. It is so irritating when I have to keep searching for my stuff."

9. "They show my baby pictures to whoever comes home and some of them are really embarrassing!"

10. "My mummy and daddy sometimes ask me to lie to our relatives for them. But when I lie to my parents, they really yell at me, I don’t know why."

11. "When my friends come home my mother keeps on interfering; she just does not leave us alone."

12. "My papa smokes a lot; I really don’t like that."

13. "I come home hungry from school but my mother is usually talking on the phone. She goes on and on and I have to wait for a long time."

14. "My mom and dad insist on commenting and wishing me on Facebook. They do this very often, sometimes even on an embarrassing photo of mine."

15. "They make fun of me, in front of my friends. Not just that, they also ask my friends to ‘guide’ me to make the right decisions."

16. "My mom still feeds me when we go out and people keep staring at me; I am 12 and I can eat on my own, but she force-feeds me."

17. "I don’t like going shopping with my mother. When I try out clothes, she comes into the trial room with me. I can see that people find it really weird!"  

18. "My mom comes to pick me up from school. Sometimes, she wears clothes that really do not suit her and my friends keep staring at her. I really hate that."

19. "Whenever I go out, even to the nearby shop, my parents ask a hundred questions. That really irritates me."

20. "I do not like going to family functions but my parents drag me along. On top of that, they force me to wear pattu pavadai and bindi. I really don’t like being dolled up against my wishes."

21. "They compare me with my cousins who study better than me. That just makes me hate my cousins too!"

22. "I hate the way my parents emotionally blackmail me to do things."

23. "They give examples of their childhood. They start comparing the way they were brought up to how we are pampered now. That is so annoying."

24. "Whenever I talk to my friends over the phone, they are always lingering around to listen."

25. "They take me to functions and introduce me to some aunty who I have never seen in my life and ask if I recognize her."

26. "They question all the guy friends I have; they look at them suspiciously. All my guy friends steer clear of my parents now."

27. "They always nag me to eat more and sometimes overfeed me."

28. "Sometimes when I am online, I find them sneaking up behind me to check on what I am doing."

29. "My mother keeps criticizing me and complaining to other parents about me."

30. "They talk so loudly over the phone, I am sure my neighbors can hear what they are saying!"

31. "When I watch TV with the volume cranked up, they come running to scold me. However, often they do the same thing themselves!"

32. "They never let me go to my friends’ house for sleepovers."

33. "My dad is dead set against me learning how to ride a bike. He says, ‘Wait till you are 18!’"

34. "When I don’t answer my phone, they call up my friends to ask where I am."

35. "When it suits them they call me a grown-up, at other times they say I am ‘just a child’. They just can’t make up their minds."

36. "Whenever I ask questions, they always say they will tell me later, but they never do."

37. "Whenever we go out on a family vacation with relatives, they ask me in front of everyone if I went to the bathroom. It is so embarrassing."

38. "They combine my birthday party with my cousin’s as it is on the same day. I want my own party but they don’t understand."

39. "I hate it when my parents praise me in front of others; they sometimes exaggerate things!"

40. "My mother regularly brings lunch to school and insists on feeding me. My friends always laugh at me for that." 

41. "Mom keeps me calling me constantly when I go out to the movies with my friends."

42. "She watches all those melodramatic serials and starts crying in earnest! I get really annoyed sometimes."

43. "She does not let me sleep in even during the holidays. She wakes me up by 10:00 a.m.!"

44. "Whenever I ask her to buy me a pizza or a burger, she starts lecturing me about how bad junk food is for health."

45. "Sometimes, my parents hold hands in front of my friends. I find it quite embarrassing."

46. "They make me study so much. It is really irritating."

47. "Sometimes, during the PTA meetings, they start complaining to my teacher about me. I feel so bad!"

48. "Since I am the younger one, they make me wear my sister’s old dresses. I hardly get to buy new ones."

49. "My mother insists on washing my hair herself, even though I am 15."

50. "She makes me say ‘I Love You’ to her when my friends are around."  

So, parents, you heard what these children have to say? Pleaaaase... stop embarrassing them!

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13 days ago

Very relatable. I’m 14 and my parents still never leave me alone, they always ask a ridiculous amount of questions every day, they yell at me every time I do something slightly not to their liking, the usual. It’s very irritating.

Sharadha Sanjeev 279 days ago

I am spellbound after reading this.....you have taken so much effort in bringing the right way of part of parenting too

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