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What has been your best parenting experience in 2017?

In two months from now, we will leave 2017 behind and head into 2018, carrying with us many sweet memories, especially of our kids. What is your 'the' Parenting Moment? ... more


Devi Nov 8, 2017

Acceptance, without any conditions is the ahaha moment in my life this year. Treating them as individuals without the authoritarian view helps you be in their shoes and understand the perspective. There are times I go to rescue mode, but attempting to refrain myself and let the life experience teach them.

Mohan Oct 14, 2017

For me, it's the day when I and my wife were having a detailed chat with our 6 years old. We happened to know about quite a few things which she felt good and bad about. She let us know about the aspects what made her feel bad. Some of them really surprised us and made us think a lot. What we thought she used to like was is what turned out to be the one which she didn't like at all. That was an eye opener for us.

Arundhati Swamy Oct 10, 2017

One of my best moments with my children this year has been the times when we were all hanging out together, and they made fun of all the strict, angry and sill things I did when they were small. I realized in a flash, that they had no hard feelings about it. My guilt vanished, forever!

Arundhati Swamy Oct 10, 2017

Nice topic Mathari. Positive Psychology tells us that it's the many micro-moments of connection with people that make us feel genuinely happy. They are the tiny, fleeting moments - a warm glance, a smile, a helping hand, eye-contact, an understanding look etc. We usually look for the big, dramatic moments to make us feel happy. Your question brings our attention to the moments and their value.