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    10 Things to Avoid Doing at a New Year Party with Children

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 17 July 2021.

    As parents, we have to be conscious about behaving appropriately and avoiding certain silly mistakes while attending a New Year's Party with children. Here's what you should avoid doing

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    10 Things to Avoid Doing at a New Year Party with Children

    Here is a typical scenario that may play out at the end of the year: the Kumar family is anticipating having a fabulous time at their friend's exclusive New Year's party, which he has organised at his farmhouse. There's going to be dancing and Karaoke, games and of course, lots of food and drinks, and mother, father and the two children aged six and eleven years, are all quite excited about attending.

    On the day of the party, everyone dresses their best and are geared up to have a good time. The conversations keep flowing and as evening turns to night, the party scene is quite animated. The Kumars are so engrossed that they have totally lost track of what the kids are up to. Bored with the adult's banter, the younger one has eaten too many appetisers and is now feeling sick. The older child is embarrassed because her father is dancing away and making a fool of himself. She ventures out, only to trip and hurt herself. By the time they get back home, everyone regrets such a bad start to the new year.

    Sounds familiar to you? Then read on to ensure that you don't make these mistakes when going to a New Year party or if you are hosting one at home:

    1. Don't leave your child unattended for long ? Many parents get so involved in the high-spirited and upbeat atmosphere of the New Year party, that they may lose track of where their kids are and what they are doing. A child left to his own devices might either do something naughty or get bored and cranky. Check with the host if there would be a designated play space for children, and even then, keep checking on your kids once in a while.

    2. Don't make obscene jokes and try to avoid adult conversation ? It is not appropriate to do that in front of children, because they easily absorb these things and may either get scandalised or innocently repeat what they heard. You do not want to cause embarrassment to yourself or your host.

    3. If it is a pool party, don't let your children venture towards the pool ? Any area with a few feet of water is dangerous for children. Ask the host beforehand about safety barriers for the pool area, so that accidents can be avoided.

    4. Don't play deafeningly loud music ? This can make small children extremely cranky and prone to throwing tantrums. Your little ones also have very sensitive eardrums and sudden, loud music can make them disoriented and affect their hearing.

    5. Don't take very small children to a New Year party ? Babies and toddlers need constant attention, so it may not be a good idea to take them along. While it may not leave you much time to have fun, others at the party could get annoyed if the baby starts bawling. Also check with the host the appropriate age of children, who can attend the celebrations.

    6. Avoid drinking and smoking ? New Year parties meant for families with children should ideally not serve alcohol or allow smoking. There are lot of other activities and ways in which both adults and children can have fun together without the presence of any hazardous substances. If necessary, have a designated area earmarked as the smoking zone, away from the children, so that they are not exposed to the fumes.

    7. Don't lose track of time ? Some adults get so drawn into the hustle and bustle of the party that they lose track of time, and ignore the fact that their little ones might want to call it a day and go home. Children get tired and throw tantrums if their limit is tested, so parents need to be aware of their sleep and feed times.

    8. Keep children away from crowded spaces ? Designated spaces such as the dancing area or refreshments bay can get quite crowded, and children may find this claustrophobic. Check that your child is not caught between adults who are dancing away because there are chances they will get hurt. Also if your child want to get refreshments, make sure you accompany her at all times, otherwise she might get scared of the crowd and panic.

    9. Don't forget to check if there are enough kid-friendly activities and food ?You have to make sure that the children have some interesting activities at the party to keep them occupied and don't get bored at an adult's party. If you are not sure of the food that is being served, it would be a good idea to pack some snacks for children.

    10. Don't ignore the safety aspect ? Year-end parties can be a crowded affair, so do not lose track of the safety and well-being of your children at any cost. Attend a celebration with your children only if you are doubly sure that the space and atmosphere is not unsafe for them. It is also advisable to ensure that there will be other children around.

    Activities to ensure children enjoy at a New Year party:

    • Treasure Hunt
    • Musical Chairs
    • Karaoke
    • Dancing to Children's songs
    • Parent and child games
    • Potluck Dinner

    New Year celebration should be enjoyable for both children and adults, so avoid these glitches and have loads of fun, so that you have a great start in the coming year.

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