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Screen-Free Activities For Fathers To Bond With Their Children

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Hey workaholic fathers, bond over these simple, yet adorable activities once you're back from work each day. Re-discover the toddler inside, as you cherish every moment spent with your little one!

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Screen-Free Activities For Fathers To Bond With Their Children

Work has a knack of stressing us out and overwhelming us. However, it's important to step away from it and spend time with your child. Here is how doing simple activities together can be both fulfilling and de-stressing for you. What's more, it can also be a great way to bond with your little one!

Activities for fathers to bond with toddlers

Knock knock, who's at the door

Back from work with a headache? No better healer than seeing your toddler waiting at the door. Hand over the pain balm to your little champ and ask him to gently massage your head. Thanks to the 'expert' massage, you're sure to be back on your feet soon.

Blow bubbles together

As you freshen up, get your toddler to join you for a fun game with bubbles. Spend time together blowing bubbles and see who blows the biggest one.


Now that your headache has disappeared, it is time to get back in action. Make funny faces together, pout and have a good laugh. Giggle together for no reason. Start off by laughing and watch your child laugh with you. After all, laughter is contagious

Dance like never before

Fully energised now, play music and start dancing together. Hold hands and dance or simply follow your toddler's lead. Either way, you are sure to spend some quality time together.

Scribble away

Tired after a super dance session? How about sticking some chart papers on the walls of a room or on the room doors? Explore your creative side by colouring on these chart papers with your child. Remember to stick the chart at a height your child can reach.


Still too tired to move an inch? Be the racing track for your child's toy cars. Lie down on the floor or on the bed and let your child drive his toy cars on your back.

Piggyback ride

Alright then, time to move again. Give your child a piggyback ride around the house. Let her have an eagle's eye view of what she sees all the time from high up there. If your child is scared of heights, give him an elephant ride instead. Blow the 'trumpet' and scare the mom away

What's for dinner?

Too much fun already. Time to fight the hunger pangs. How about dinner together? Certainly, a great 'recipe' for bonding. Make it even more exciting by trying to cook together.

Walkie Talkie

Dinner done and back down. Once your child brushes her teeth and puts on her night clothes, go out for a five-minute stroll together. This stroll promises a good night's sleep ahead. Sorry moms, you can be jealous.

Read stories together

Time to ease off for the day. Read bedtime stories together. It's not only fun, it also helps your toddler develop a love for reading. Hand actions and sounds are sure to bring the story to life.

And with that you and your little angel can fall into a relaxing and refreshing sleep. So, good night, dads! You are indeed your child's first hero.

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