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School Morning Routine: 10 Practical Tips To Get Your Pre-Schooler Ready

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Will my child wake up on time? Will getting his lunch ready be a stretch every morning? Parents of pre-schoolers face this dilemma every day. Here's how you can make school mornings a breeze

School Morning Routine: 10 Practical Tips To Get Your Pre-Schooler Ready

Getting your preschooler ready for school every morning can be a difficult and exhausting task. All your pleadings to him - from having his breakfast on time to putting on his uniform, usually fall on deaf ears. If your school morning routine follows the same pattern daily, leaving you frustrated, it's time to take control.

It helps to stay calm because fighting with your child makes it even harder to finish the work at hand. Getting your little one ready will not be stressful if handled in the right manner. With a little planning and proper execution, the seemingly hard task of getting your preschooler ready every morning for school can become a smooth affair.

Here are some helpful tips to get your preschooler ready for school every morning

Set a wake-up time

You should clearly establish a time for your children to wake up. This will not only enable them to get ready for school on time but they can also finish basic tasks like brushing their teeth, putting on their uniform and eating breakfast. Oversleeping will result in unnecessary hurry, and sometimes, can even lead to accidents.

Get everything ready the night before

Planning ahead helps, especially when children are involved.

1) Make sure your preschooler's bag includes everything he needs the next day at school such as homework, lunch and snacks and water bottle.

2) Plan breakfast ahead for the next morning to prevent last-minute hiccups.

3) Find out if there is a special event at school the next day so you have ample time to prepare for it.

Get the clothes ready in the evening

You do not want to search for your son's socks when the school bus has arrived. Ensure everything is in order and laid out the day before.

Ensure your preschooler sleeps on time

This is an important aspect of getting your preschooler ready on time for school. When children go to bed early, they wake up energised and less cranky. You have less trouble getting them ready.

Follow a fixed schedule

Try to make every day as predictable as you can. Set a fixed schedule that your preschooler must follow daily, before and after school. For instance, a simple morning plan for your child can involve the following:

School Morning Routine: 10 Practical Tips To Get Your Pre-Schooler Ready

A fixed schedule will train your child to do things herself.

Keep your home organised

Designate spots at your home for keeping different items such as school bag, lunch bag, sports gear and toys so that your child will always know where to look for the things he needs.

More tips:

Make wake-ups more pleasant for children

Loud and blaring alarms can make children grumpy and irritable. You can invest in an alarm clock with soothing tunes so that when children wake up, they will be in a good mood.

Keep breakfast simple

Boil some eggs the night before, get some fruit or have a bowl of cereal ready. Breakfast should not be a lengthy affair that might result in your preschooler getting delayed.

Cut down on distractions

Lay a rule on screen-time in the morning. Cut down distractions such as television, tablets and other devices.

Getting children ready for school can be chaotic for most parents. But, it need not always be so. Follow these tips to ensure that mornings with your preschooler are enjoyable.

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