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    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 26 July 2021.

    Parenting involves a lot of responsibilities, but children can also create some very funny and memorable moments. We share with you the top 10 hilarious parenting moments.

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    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments
    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    After spending a fun Sunday evening at the beach, we decided to call it a day. As we strolled towards our car, my three-year-old son Aadhithya suddenly yelled, "Amma, you just stepped on me. It hurts." For a moment, I froze. My husband laughed at me and pointed to my son's shadow that I had 'accidentally' stepped on.

    - Rajalakshmi, Chennai

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    My daughter Namratha loves instant noodles. I try my best to avoid giving her packaged food. So, I come up with an excuse every time she asks for noodles. One evening, she came into the kitchen with a straight face and said, "Ma, Kacha and Mana need noodles. They are hungry." Perplexed, I asked her who they were. "My friends. We are having a dinner party," she said, pointing to the room where she was playing. I realised she was having a 'pretend' party with her imaginary friends. I couldn't say no to her guests! I decided to give in and make noodles as a treat for her.

    - Devi, Chennai

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    It was the weekend, and my 13-year-old daughter Anu was busy chatting on WhatsApp (she uses my phone to communicate with her friends) and taking selfies. I was at my wit's end, as Anu had been on the phone for a long time. I snatched the phone from her hands and told her in a loud voice that I was already cooking, cleaning and taking care of my younger brother and sister, at her age. With anger flashing in her eyes, Anu retorted: "You had nothing better to do - it was a stone age without any gadgets!" And, I thought, 'Welcome to Teen Age!'

    - Meenakshi K, Vellore

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    My daughter Naina is in class three. She loves her class teacher and praises her every day. Her teacher keeps the children engaged and happy. On Teacher's Day, the children were asked to write two things they love about their teacher. Naina wrote, "My teacher is the best 'joker' ever and I love her." Her loving teacher, however, had the cutest reply. She wrote back, "Thank you Naina, I love you too. I'm honoured." Lucky Naina!

    - Kanchan, Hyderabad

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    One day, my five-year-old son and I were running around and playing with a ball in our front yard. I was feeling exhausted but he was still full of energy. So, I asked him, "My dear son, how come you still have so much energy while I am so tired?" Without wasting a moment, he turned to me and replied, "Ma, if only you stopped shouting at me so much, you too will have lots of energy." I was dumbstruck!

    - V Pavitra, Chennai

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    My three-year-old son is a picky eater. There have been numerous occasions when I had to literally run after him to ensure he eats his food. While I would get tired, he would still be running. Little did I realise that running away from food would make him a runner. During the school sports day, he emerged the winner in the running race competition. So, all credit to me!

    - Swarna Shree, Bangalore

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    Our home is surrounded by a green patch, and we have visitors from the animal and avian world all through the year. So, my 3-year-old daughter Kriya has developed a love for them. Whenever she spots a stray kitten or a puppy, she demands that we bring it home. My father-in-law recently asked her if she'd like to own a pet. Without batting an eye, she said, "Yes, a frog!"

    - Shreeja Kumar, Delhi

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    My husband has recently joined a dance class. Our 2.7-year-old daughter Keyura loves to participate in his practice sessions at home. One day, after my husband left for his class, Keyura and I decided to take a walk. We have a habit of saying "Hi" and "Bye" to everything in sight, and if we find something in threes, we name them 'Mom, Dad and Keyura'. For example, if we see three cats, we name them 'Mommy cat, Daddy cat and Keyu cat'. While walking, we saw three lizards on a tree trunk and Keyura labelled them 'Mommy, Daddy and Keyu'. She called the smallest lizard 'Daddy' while the two larger ones were 'Mom' and 'Keyu'. I asked her why it was so. She replied, "Because, the smaller one is dancing!" I noticed the lizard's tail wag and couldn't stop laughing until we reached home. You could imagine my husband's expression when I told him what happened, later that night.

    - Mithra, Coimbatore

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    Recently, we took our 3.5-year-old daughter Vinanthi for school admission. After a teacher observed her for some time, and asked her a few questions about colours and names of objects, we were asked to go to the Principal's room. The Principal had a chat with us. She then pointed to the tube light in her room and asked my daughter, "What is it, Vinanthi?" My bright child replied, "Light!" The Principal smiled and asked, "What light?" My daughter casually said, "White light." The Principal did not ask anything further. She said, "Well, that's right too!"

    My wife and I had a good laugh afterwards at home while recounting the incident.

    - Sathish, Hyderabad

    Top 10 Hilarious Parenting Moments

    My 1.5-year-old is always buzzing with energy, running around and flashing a grin at us as he whizzes past now and then. Only recently have I figured out what that grin is supposed to mean. I was going through my cleaning routine one Sunday when I noticed my son flashing that mischievous grin, picking up something and going near the TV. Feeling curious, I moved the TV away from the wall. There they lay, a hidden treasure of secretly collected objects that were small enough for my son to slide through the gap between the TV and the wall. It ranged from a medicine dropper to my motor cycle's spare keys! Our family had a hearty laugh, while we resolved to keep our little one under closer watch (and that I clean out these gaps and crevices more often!).

    - Jayanth, Chennai

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