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The 7 Things That Really Happy Families Do. Start With These Useful Tips

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Does your family fit the portrait of a “happy family”? A happy family is not a myth, and thankfully, you don’t need any magic formula to build one. Try these simple tips instead—they really work!

The 7 Things That Really Happy Families Do. Start With These Useful Tips

Today, life can be stressful for parents and children alike. Pressures arising due to work and school can, over a period, take a toll on family life, resulting in an “unhappy family.” How often have you found yourself snapping at your wife or children due to work pressure? Remember the time when you were upset because your children refused to come out of their rooms and join you for dinner? What about the day when you complained to your husband about the never-ending housework?

Despite such situations, we humans always have an underlying desire to be happy and nurture a happy family. Being part of a happy and united family is right there on the top of the wish list of each family member. But often, reality can be different, as family members find themselves disconnected from or dissatisfied with each other, sometimes for no particular reason.

It all ends here! We have compiled a list of seven super-effective and useful tips for having a HAPPY family.

Tip #1: Say YES to fun and laughter

The family that laughs together, stays together. Enjoying a moment filled with laughter with your family is precious. You can do a multitude of things as a family. And the best part—they do not necessarily need to be expensive. Watch together children’s films like Matilda, Taare Zameen Par and Stanley Ka Dabba, or enjoy together animation movies like Luca. Share hilarious real-life stories with your family, play board games like Scrabble or ludo, or organize a fun Saturday night of antakshari or karaoke. All the while, you will realize that it is much easier to bond as a family when these two key elements of fun and laughter are involved in the activities you do together.

Tip #2: Learn something NEW as a family

It is always exciting when one sets out to learn a new thing—a new recipe, a new craft, a new language, etc. But when you learn something with the whole family, the curiosity and excitement will double. Learning together not only strengthens family relationships but also provides an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with each other. Channel your inner artist by learning to draw, attend a cooking class, or put on your dancing shoes for a dance class—the opportunities are endless.

Tip #3: Surprise each other regularly

Who does not love a surprise? To build a happy and content family, now and then spring a pleasant surprise, no matter big or small. For example, you can ask your child to give their mom an unexpected handcrafted card. If you are living far from your family in a different city because of work, why not fly home to surprise your spouse and kids? Some more things you can do—surprise your little ones with tickets to the nearest amusement park or a box chocolates.

What are you waiting for? Plan a surprise. And get ready to be surprised by the results!

Tip #4: Engage kids without the help of the idiot box

This is a no-brainer for every parent. Nowadays, an increasing number of children are addicted to screens. Does your little one head straight toward the TV or the smartphone after school? Are you finding it difficult to choose alternatives to screens and to limit screen time? It is not that difficult if you try. Create your own after-school activities as a family. Take your kid to a swimming class, teach them cycling at the nearby park, or read aloud stories with moral values.

Tip #5: Have your meals together

Because of hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, it has become difficult for the entire family to be present during mealtimes. But eating together can promote happiness in your family. Although this does not mean you have to eat together all the time, you can try having lunch or dinner together at least once a day. During this time, you and your kids can always ask how everyone’s day was or discuss some current event or share some family news. If a daily lunch or dinner together is not possible, make it a ritual at least on weekends.

Tip #6: Plan family vacations

Solo trips and outings with your friends and colleagues may be great fun. However, if you want to be a happy family, make time for family vacations. The joy of exploring new cities or countries, spending time by the sea or in the mountains, and experiencing new cultures and food together as a family is priceless. Also, traveling together can help us create memories that will last a lifetime. Plan a big trip once a year, but if that is not possible, schedule regular weekend getaways. You can take a trip to a nearby wildlife sanctuary or fort, or visit your relatives or friends living in another city.

Tip #7: Take time for yourself

Spending time with the family is fun for sure, but don’t forget to take time for yourself, no matter how hectic life gets. Now, this does not mean you lock yourself in a room all by yourself. Book yourself a relaxing spa session, go shopping or walking, read the latest spy thriller, or watch cricket on TV. Don’t feel bad about spending some “alone time”—focusing on your needs is not going to make you a bad parent or spouse. Rather, alone time is great for your mental health. So, enjoy alone time while respecting your spouse’s need to have some time alone—happy, fulfilled people make a happy family.

Building a happy family is not easy—it requires commitment and dedication from all members of the family. When you communicate with each other and carve out time for your family, even if it is a few minutes every day, you create one of the best things in life—a happy family!

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